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Coronavirus Outbreak Proves There Is No Public Health System in the US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/17/coronavirus-outbreak-proves-there-no-public-health-system-us

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FDR did his best to sew the public together after the “roaring” twenties tore it apart. WWII, of course, helped, in a sickening and all too often swept under the rug fashion, but that is a matter for another day. Post-war prosperity coupled with being untouched at home by the war led to decades of the New Deal consolidating the Public (mainly the middle class, but it was at least a start). Then the Reagan Revolution (which actually started before he took office, but he is the poster child of the movement). Until Progressivism takes root again in this country it shall be Bananas for the Bonzo Republic as it has been for the past four decades. Only one candidate has the vision:
BERNIE 2020!


Canada has 1/10 the population of the USA yet has tested 35000 for Coronavirus compared to 23000 in the USA. The private model is vastly inferior.


Munitions and rockets before the lives of the citizens—every single time. Workers unite-fight back.


Why on earth does he think “national defense” is keeping us safe?

It’s almost like that malware bot in the White House saying, "No one saw this coming.

Oh, some people saw this coming, but they were ignored purposely.

He has never read science books or publications; many people warned of this.
Ever hear of the book named, “The Coming Plague,” by Laurie Garrett? I read it 20 years ago. Lots of epidemiologists have been warning about these things for a long time.

Another book by Laurie Garrett is called, “Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health,” copyright 2000.

From the book page 380: “The public health impacts of the Reagan administration’ s budget and tax cuts of 1981, 1982, and 1983 were far-reaching and profound. Every conceivable aspect of public health in the United States felt the pinch.”

From page 381: “Shut down entirely were the Public Health Service Hospitals, the Public Health Service Corps (physicians deployed to rural and inner city areas) . . .”

From page 384: “Reagan was not interested in the complexities of regulatory reform and he drew no distinctions between regulation restraining economic competition and regulations designed to enforce laws protecting the environment and safety of Americans.”

From page 388: “Thus, during the Reagan years three critical public health themes developed in parallel: emergence of new contagious threats to health; skyrocketing numbers of uninsured Americans; and a heightened sense of individual, rather than community responsibility for disease.”

Page 422: “That ‘inferior position’ of public health, as compared to medicine, Weiss continued, 'has kept public health in a condition of anarchy–balkanized among the states and scattered about a number of federal agencies. Today, the nation’s public health apparatus is barely able to respond to the epidemics of the late twentieth century, such as tuberculosis, AIDS, and measles, much less play a leadership role in health care planning and reform.”

Emerging diseases and possible pandemics were also discussed in both books.

“No one saw this coming,” said the stable genius. Yeah, when you were visiting Studio 54, (defunct exclusive New York City disco) someone saw it coming.


I’m doubtful, but maybe this time some corporatists will wake up that privatization of the public sphere is detrimental to our health.

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It also show that we have no leadership.
Why hasn’t the National Guard been called out to set up *TEMP hospitals and triage locations? Stuff like that
What are the plans?

At big Orange today we were told that if a co-worker or customer test positive that the company won’t tell us or provide a heads up of any kind - it will have to wait for the CDC to tell us in what ever time frame that becomes. The Stores will be on reduced hours - to the public - but will will be there, apparently doing cleaning among other things. That last part wasn’t made clear yet. BTW Big Orange, like grocery stores hardware stores, pharmacies must stay open.

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And Biden’s plan fro America:

imho “Surge” the military… provide military cots for the uninsured, poor and undocumented immigrants… then surveil and police. Use the 45 00 intensive care beds for the insured…

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Looks like America will be surging into fifth place in the Coronavirus numbers sweepstakes in the next couple days… pretty much right behind Iran…MAGA!! ttps://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries


In case you haven’t seen it, this site Amy Goodman shared this morning is the dope:

Coronavirus Dashboard

Worldwide, we’re very close to 200,000 cases, 8,000 deceased (4% so-far mortality) at this writing.

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The big banks and wall streeters have zero actual reserves and last week could not borrow from each other. This set up first Powell give-a-way of cash (liquidity) to banks and wall street. We can demand that Federal Reserve step away from supporting wall street - as it was before 2008. Janice even reached out to bring large insurance companies under her power. I do not know if she was successful.

There is a question published today regarding annuities having available cash, reserves, optioned coverage or hedge funds interwined.

The county public health department is our key, fundamental for this pandemic. They should be charged with communication, education, quarantine enforcement, AND

Free testing
Free vaccinations as soon as they become available.

We had free polio vaccines with Salk and Saban both. I think Saban was in 1961.

There is a cancer cluster 2 hours drive south of Chicago and I read that county’s public health dept. annual report to learn the status. Not one word. While half of the 90 page annual report was about 11 or 12 teen pregnancies. And the report mentioned being two employees short of normal staffing needs.
This verifies Bob’s comment about declining number of public health employees.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all.
A few prayers for all the terrific people out there assisting citizens.


Hey, Robert Reich: Guess what? Lots of us, millions of Americans, have known for decades about the complete failure of the for-profit “health care” system in this wretchedly, criminally capitalistic nation. People have overwhelmingly favored a single-payer health care system in place of the for-profit system. We have no one else to blame for this crime against humanity than the for-profiteers of public misery and their willing accomplices in finance, corporations, politics, and their abettors in the corporate media. These abject sociopaths deserve to be tried for their capital (so fitting) crimes and sentenced to live under the conditions they’ve relegated the majority of U. S. citizens to living: let them eat each other.
As for U. S. Defense protecting us? Nothing could be more absurd and pathetically delusional. We have no public health care system precisely because our esteemed psychopaths of power and privilege, right up through Trump the past few days, have seen fit to bestow trillions of dollars instead on the means to kill others, annihilate the earth’s environment, and decimate cultures, all for the profits of a few million sociopaths and to their god-almighty capitalism – that’s always been true of the U.S. military – doing the bidding of their corporate masters through killing and destruction. I’ve never been in favor of the death penalty, but I have no qualms about recommending that ultimate justice for the colossal crimes committed by the oligarchs and their fawning political toadies. These aliens in human form have demonstrated their intentions, and now is the time to turn the tables.


Personally I prefer worldometers which includes reported new cases - .info/coronavirus.

Regardless, it is important that you/we all stay inside and take care of each other.

I am covered, I have a slash of blood on my front door.

The headline hints that we should be raising hell about the lack of universal, full coverage, healthcare.


Woah! I forgot to do that. Where can I purchase a virgin sheep to sacrifice for god just like they do in the bible? I’m sure Pence would know.


the richest nation in the world has no capacity to protect the public as a whole, apart from national defense.

I would add that it is only by the skin of our teeth that we have escaped a nuclear war or apocalypse over the past 70 years. Daniel Ellsberg’s The Doomsday Machine estimates that to date the chances of a nuclear conflict were 95%. So, without blind luck, the Cuba Crisis or some other event would have ended human civilization as we know it. Read The Brink to see how close we came in 1983 under Reagan. So to state that our national defence “protects” us is a misstatement, the Pentagon will sooner or later either cause or be part of a nuclear conflict that will solve all our other problems (climate change, over population, etc.).

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This is the America the Koch Brothers et al have worked for. To name few others, DeVos, Prince, Paul Singer, Jeff Bezos even Warren Buffett. Buffet is heavily invested in fossil fuels, remember. He’s not the benevolent billionaire that he tries to project. The DeVos family made its money from Amway, a pyramid scheme, Bezos from literally the blood, sweat and tears of his unfortunate employees. They are the robbers barons of the present. They don’t mind that our infrastructure is in a horrible state. They don’t mind that there are a half million men, women and children on the streets. They don’t care if poverty is increasing. And they sure as hell don’t care if people die for lack of healthcare. In fact, they probably would prefer it as they talk about “culling the herd.” These last 40 years are equivalent to the Roaring 20’s before the Depression, when the conditions were dire for most Americans. De-regulation, children working in factories, slave wages, high unemployment, unsafe working conditions…
We need an FDR–now. We need work programs to fix our crumbling infrastructure–now. We need to restore the Middle Class–now. Robust economies have a healthy middle class. That’s how we boost the economy. Henry Ford figured that out over a hundred years ago. And above all, America needs to join the rest of the developed world, 58 countries, to expand Medicare to ALL of its citizens.


Those abject sociopaths, Robert Reich, reside on BOTH sides of the aisle.

The Russians carefully planned this crash in crude prices and the stock market to occur during an election year. They know that no incumbent President has been re-elected after a stock market crash, a recession, or crude panic/gas price upheaval. Now the USA is going to get all three, plus a COVID-19 slaughter of the elderly.

As a bonus, the born-again Yankees in Alberta, Canada will watch as the Tar Sands is revealed as bankrupt, and a giant fraud. Government stats show accumulated losses to 2018 are more than $122 billion. Current price for Western Canada Select is $5.43/barrel on OilPrice website. These prices won’t even keep the lights on, or pay for the pipelines transporting the diluent to Fort MacMurray, Alberta. As an Albertan, I’m overjoyed with the prospect of another corrupt, born-again Yankee, oil company whore government, going bankrupt before they commit any more crimes against humanity and the world.

Robert Reich.
I wish you had told Barack Obama not to choose a REPUBLICAN HEALTHCARE PLAN. It was Romneycare.
The Affordable" Care Act was hatched right out of the Heritage Foundation and written
NOT to be affordable, but to benefit Big Pharma and the For-Profit Corporate Medical Industry. It was never affordable with its high premiums and un-affordable co-pays.
The Democrats controlled both Houses, could have taken advantage of that and finally have passed Medicare For All.
And why didn’t they do that?
Because the Democrats are almost lockstep with Republicans. Our greedy, corporate Duopoly puts profit over all else.

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