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Coronavirus Pandemic Has Led to a Record-Breaking Spike in Weekly Unemployment Insurance Claims

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/24/coronavirus-pandemic-has-led-record-breaking-spike-weekly-unemployment-insurance

Trouble is unemployment insurance is a percentage of normal wages, usually not enough to pay bills and buy food. Then what about all the workers not covered by the insurance, tipped workers, drivers of all stripes, the gig workers whose lives come to a screeching halt due to no business? We need an injection of capital into individuals hands, not corporate bailouts as in '09 and such as Obama did while screwing over average workers as job evaporated. If capital flows into the hands of people themselves Trump will most assuredly be reelected. We are teetering on the brink; who will be sunk by one of the smallest things known to exist, a virus. BTW I’m NOT a Trump fan but it’s in his hands now. Choose wisely I say.

Note also that during previous periods of high unemployment during the past four decades many red states’ unemployment insurance funds were so underfunded that the US gubmit had to infuse billions of taxpayers’ money into those state systems.

2020 will see the biggest US gubmit infusion to red states’ unemployment insurance funds ever.

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I’m not big in all these politics but I do know we need financial help if trump or the government is going to quarantine us. There has to be more to this virus that we’re not being told about. They have the money to make sure everybody gets their fair share of food. People are panicking and buying everything in sight not caring if the person next to them will have any food or just the basics to survive. Buy only what you need and maybe a little bit more than usual so there’s enough for everyone. All this hoarding of food and toilet paper is ridiculous. It’s not going to save your life. We have senior citizens and babies that are at a higher risk of catching this virus yet there’s nothing left on the shelves for them to buy. The government needs to give out food vouchers for everyone regardless. These stimulus checks should be for everyone according to your take home pay. It’s going to affect everyone. All you can do is pray that whoever’s is in charge has a heart, a brain and common sense to do right by all of us.