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Coronavirus Rent Freezes Are Ending—and A Wave of Evictions Will Sweep America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/22/coronavirus-rent-freezes-are-ending-and-wave-evictions-will-sweep-america

The Definition of Brinkmanship- the art or practice, especially in politics, of pursuing a dangerous course of action right up to the point where undue, and unnecessary, stress emerges widely in the general population.
The Definition of Stress- the irresistible urge to kick the living shxt out of somebody who desperately needs it.
The Definition of Congress- a stress inducing elitist entity that frequently practices brinkmanship at the expense of the general population.


Evicting empathy

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If Trump and the establishment are scared at the current protests then once these evictions hit they will soon be terrified. If anything is going to lead to a general strike it is this.


The evictions will reveal the dire economic woe inflicted by a castrated govt that willingly abandoned citizens while they lost their livelihoods with no real economic relief allocated by both legislative bodies (with their own tax dollars, no less). Whatever will it take?

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Gotta get this straight. Hanging onto my job by the skin of my teeth. Then the Russia/Saudi oil deal knocks gas prices to the sidewalk. I can afford cheap gas easier than expensive gas. Then studies show that the oil industry is doomed to suffer a $25 trillion loss over the next 10-years. Have to wipe away the tears and blow my nose on that one. So then came the Covid and everyone is out of work, I mean everyone. 40 million people or so. Then congress cuts a deal for THE BAILOUT. Trillions to the rich and a $1,200 one time shot for the other 40 million. Okay so the rich “invest” funds into the stock market and get insanely richer and the rest of us pay a bill or two and stare starvation and the wolf in the eye.
I think that the wrong guys got the bail out because as this story turns we are told we will have to go back to work because the economy is collapsing and only if the workers return to work and produce something of value and then go out and spend spend spend the economy will be saved.
So I can deduce from some of this that it’s not the big filthy corporations that are too big to fail…It’s the working class that’s too big to fail and we better get bailed out to the tune of trillions of dollars while we sit at home – like the rich – and wait for the Covid to go away and life will return to normal. They (the rich and their minions in congress) didn’t understand. Now millions and millions and millions of folks will be evicted and hit the streets. And the sidewalks will fill with feces again and the stink will rise to heaven. All because the congress failed to understand that we, the working class really are too big too fail.


Just understand --the federal gov is not functioning----State gov in Calif is not functioning----I am told that the DMV is one year behind-----This is “working at home”???

Poor people are too busy trying to prevent their lives from falling apart to demonstrate. These peoples every worldly posession will be put in a storage locker or out on the curbside, think about that for a minute. If they have no home, their children will be taken away.

Where is this time to demonstrate?

The current protests over George Flyod are proving that everyone has a breaking point. Never underestimate someone who has nothing left to lose.

Because we cant build new public housing, because of a trade agreement, we’ll spend four times as much paying other countries to warehouse poor people on some desert island in the middle of the ocean.