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Corporate Advertisers Jump Ship as Tucker Carlson Vows to Defend Xenophobic, Racist Attacks 'Until the Last Day'


Corporate Advertisers Jump Ship as Tucker Carlson Vows to Defend Xenophobic, Racist Attacks 'Until the Last Day'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Corporate advertisers are jumping ship from Tucker Carlson Tonight, the Fox News show hosted by the right-wing xenophobe, but Carlson appears to welcome the controversy sparked by recent comments that immigrants make the United States a "poorer and dirtier" country.

While the number of sponsors who have been pressured to suspend their campaigns on the show grows, Carlson on Monday night vowed not to be intimidated and declared his intention "to say what's true until the last day."


The Fox network makes the US a “poorer, dirtier place,” but it’s also made a fortunate few USans much richer. I’m glad that somebody else watches this sludge so I don’t have to.


Just a market test, to see what they can get away with.
They’ll move this up and down the scale until they see what level of hate can be endured, then the crap will continue at that level.


Those “dirty people” work hard for a living while F. Carlson has probably never had dirt under his manicured fingernails. He probably has dirty people clean his toilet and house and mow his lawn. He’s disgusting in a well-dressed, squeaky clean, better than you sort of way. I can’t stand him.


Dozens of faux news employees and their bosses should be put on trial for war crimes. They have been a very effective tool for war criminals since their inception.


Hate’s not selling as well these days, is it Tucker?


Is he related to kavannah? He looks like a waxwork.


How can we help make it Tucker Carlson’s “Last Day?”


As I’ve said before, racism is a learned skill, we’re not born with it. People can overcome this skill with education and the integration of all races in our everyday lives, I’ve seen it first hand. Most racism is taught by family members, but unfortunately there are platforms in our world that help teach people these ugly skills also, Fox News is one of these platforms.
The article brings up a valid point, “How can anyone advertise on a show which spouts hate?”. Advertisers must do a better job of vetting which platform they want to run their ads on to appeal to all members of their customers, if not, it’s our job to do it for them, and bankrupt their corporation.


That will not do any good because fascist news will just replace Tucker with another xenophobic, white, nationalist. No my question is: HOW CAN WE MAKE IT F…NEWS LAST DAY!


He needs to look around him–there are at least tens of millions of people who might be classified as “other.” What does he want t do? test everyone’s DNA and deport those who aren’t sufficiently "Aryan.? This never was an all-white country…


“ad boycott, including producer Judd Apatow and Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.)”

I thought boycotts were illegal? I read on the Intercept that something like 26 states have already banned boycotts, and 13 more have pending legislation to do the same. Have you checked your state to see if this legal, 1st amendment right, has been criminalized in your state or whether you might have to sign an oath not to participate or even advocate for a boycott in order to get a government job or contract or other benefits?

But, what’s that you say? It’s only if you want to boycott Israel that it’s a crime.

Oh well, never mind.


So which immigrants are Carlson trashing, The Irish, the Italians, the Germans or the English?


Tucker Carlson another of those born into wealth and fortune (Daddy a US Ambassador step mom a Swanson family heiress) who pretends he a self made man and all those brown skinned people poor because they lazy.

He the poster boy for White Privilege.


Here is an illustrative bit from the play, South Pacific



Everybody knows that the united states is among the world’s top ten fastest growing countries. The other nine are underdeveloped and backward countries.

Natural births in the united states are slightly below replacement.

In other words, natural home born US population is gradually declining, as it is in most other developed countries.

This business of protecting the border is an obvious Orwellian lie.


I haven’t listened to Tucker Carlson since he was a little right wing twit in a bowtie not taken seriously by the right wing. I would not have attributed such ogre-like traits to his personality back then.