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Corporate America Denounced for 'Shameless' Pandering by Issuing Paltry Worker Perks After Winning Permanent Tax Cuts Worth Countless Billions


Corporate America Denounced for 'Shameless' Pandering by Issuing Paltry Worker Perks After Winning Permanent Tax Cuts Worth Countless Billions

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Critics say attempt by major companies to attribute worker wage boosts to a tax bill that hasn't even been signed into law is clear effort to "flatter" Trump


Greed Capitalism would die if “We the People” stopped feeding it! 'nuff said…


Flatter Trump? I would rather flatten Trump, flatten his big fat ego. He is the most horrific president I have witnessed in my entire life. And I remember Tricky Dick Nixon. In comparison, Trump is the trickiest dick. He is a shameless narcissistic sociopath practicing the mantra “I-Me-Mine.” I just hope America is ready for the 2018 congressional elections and removing the Republican idiots that wrote this legislation to kiss the butts of their rich donors. Then there is the 2020 presidential elections when Trump runs for re-election. .

But WE the people will have to get up off of our dead butts and show up at the ballot boxes to actually vote. That did not really happen in 2014 and 2016. Which means as much as we can blame Trump and the Republicans WE were the ones that were too lazy to get to the ballot boxes and actually vote in those two elections. 2016 had the lowest voter turn out in 70 years. We need to take back our government from the rich billionaires like Trump and the rich corporations.


US corporate law has always required corporations be fiduciaries for their stockholders, meaning that stock value trumps all else.

That is why Ford, Texaco and other US corporations were supplying Hitler until FDR put an end to US corporations supplying Hitler.

Ironic how so many Murkins and allies were maimed or killed fighting against fascism in WWII only to have fascism take over the US from within.




"“If the workers of the world want to win, all they have to do is recognize their own solidarity. They have nothing to do but fold their arms and the world will stop. The workers are more powerful with their hands in their pockets than all the property of the capitalists. As long as the workers keep their hands in their pockets, the capitalists cannot put theirs there.”
—IWW strike leader Joseph Ettor, Lawrence MA 1912


Going to the voting booths in mass will not make a bit of difference if the majority keeps voting to support the MIC, i.e. through the support of the parties of the Duopoly.

Want to make a difference?

Read the Green Party’s, Green New Deal, and after you’ve finished, tell me what you read in there that the Democratic Party will ever agree to support.


There should be a country wide work strike where everyone who is underpaid walks off their jobs. And consumers should also stop patronizing these corporations until something is done. That could be tens of millions of people shutting down the system.


Crumbs that take the cake


Duopoly? Democrats are as bad as Republicans? No. This is the problem I have with this term “duopoly.” Both parties are at the equal place of evil against the American people. So forget about voting for Democrats or Republicans, vote third, fourth, or fifth party. THAT DOES NOT WORK! Ask Bernie about that. We the people are going to have to support one of the two main parties to get started. Republicans just showed us they are for the rich and richer white folks. THE REST OF US MUST SHOW UP AT THE BALLOT BOXES TO CHANGE THAT!!! DEMOCRATS WOULD BE SMART TO UNDERSTAND THAT. Voting Green Party will not change that balance of power between the two major parties.


Good that someone has stated the obvious. ATT IS SUCKING UP. BECAUSE THEY WANT tW. Sorry about the caps.


If Brand D wants my vote, it will have to earn it. Maybe you should try your pitch on the 60% who don’t bother to vote at all.


What I am talking about are people like Elizabeth Warren run for president. That would be a nice switch, from a male chauvinist pig Trump to the first woman president ever. I would call both Elizabeth and Bernie progressives.


First black president? Meh.
First woman president? Meh.

Identity politics is s-o-o-o 20th century. Brand D will have to do MUCH more to distinguish itself from the other brand.


Not just identity politics. Sounds like you are trivializing it. On the other hand I want the Democratic Party to become the go to party for DIVERSITY. In stark contrast to obviously sexist, racist Republicans. Especially with Trump and his White Supremacist supporters.