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Corporate Bedfellows: Parks Service and Budweiser Team Up in Dubious 'Co-Branding' Scheme


Corporate Bedfellows: Parks Service and Budweiser Team Up in Dubious 'Co-Branding' Scheme

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

What do the National Park Service (NPS) and Anheuser-Busch—the largest beer brewing corporation on the planet—have in common? They are both desperate to attract young people and bring in large amounts of cash.

That is the basis of a new $2.5 million "co-branding" partnership between the two entities—in what critics warn signals the ever-creeping "corporatization" of national parks.


If they want the young people they might consider branding with another mind altering substance.


I hope all the other beer makers sue. Bud is p water. What next? Corporate advertizing on Arlington tombstones? The Dictatorship of The Coportariat will not end until we rise up and end it.


(Sec. of the Interior) Sally Jewell strikes another blow for her and Obama’s joint retirement accounts. Good old Sally isn’t content with selling mineral rights on Federal and Indian reservations lands cheep, like a good ex-banker, she’s going to squeeze every drop of goodness from the land for the benefit of her buddies and ultimately herself.


Note that in states where marijuana is legal, it is illegal within National Parks in those states.


The shit just never ends.

Now people with absolutely no good taste in beer are going to be mucking up the parks with their discarded shit beer cans.

I’m going to make it my own personal policy that whenever I explore our national parks and come upon discarded Budwieser shit beer cans, I will collect such cans and put them in a box and send them to AB corporate headquarters with a kindly note to “shove it”.


I’ll have to make sure to pack an extra joint in my next California National Parks adventure.


Making it illegal and using the American treasury and militarized police has not stopped and will not stop it’s use just as prohibition failed to stop drinking, although it did create gangsters.


The Lady, Liberty, is a tramp…


The Washington Monument and Trojan Condoms would make for some great co-branding.