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"Corporate Cabal's" Control of Food Supply Continues as Chemical Giants Eye Monsanto Takeover


"Corporate Cabal's" Control of Food Supply Continues as Chemical Giants Eye Monsanto Takeover

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

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German chemical giants Bayer AG and BASF SE are both considering takeovers of U.S. seed behemoth Monsanto, according to news reports on Thursday.

Of the potential Bayer takeveover of Monsanto, valued at roughly $40 billion, Bloomberg noted that it "would create the world’s largest supplier of seeds and farm chemicals."


Corporate control/domination over US and world-wide food supply has been the goal for decades. From proprietary seeds, GMO seeds, inorganic fertilizers, pecticides of many descriptions the Big-Ag giant Monsatan has been at the fore.
Many open pollinated varieties of vegetables and much more have been caused to go extinct, only saved by seed-savers exchanges and seed banks. If people can save seed from one year to another they don’t have to buy - eliminating that has been one Monsatan et al goal to ensure a steady stream of profits from food. Seed companies were bought-up to limit and reduce availability of seeds that can be saved. Water is fast becoming another valuable commodity after corporate greed poisons our public waters!



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Mindless pursuit of profits…no matter the cost to all lives and the entire planet. Sick!


Independence from corporatists with victory gardens.


Think of Brattleboro, Vermont. Citizens of Brattleboro chased Home Depot Corp. out of town by refusing to shop there.


"The idea of “feeling what the plants feel” sounds like so much new age nonsense.
However, the concept of, “let’s figure out what this plant wants (translate: needs) and provide it.” does conform to the idea that pestilence primarily attacks the weak and deficient plants and that the solution to such attack is to create an environment that is conducive to growing healthy plants instead of trying to kill what is attacking the weakness is a sound concept.

That’s why crop rotation instead of horizon to horizon monoculture year after year is a superior way to grow healthy food that is requirement #1 for having healthy bodies in humans.

That is also why smaller family farms and gardens where the growers know which sections of land need which supplementation is also necessary.

Finally, that is why perennial seeds, though they may not have the yield per plant of certain hybrids or GMO varieties, are superior to their engineered competition. They have the capacity to survive instead of all being killed off at once.

In Florida where I live, citrus greening has caused not only the destruction of vast numbers of citrus trees, it has also rendered as useless vast swaths of land previously used to raise citrus. The industry is literally running out of space within the state to replant their susceptible varieties (which will also be eventually consumed by that or some other pestilence).


Big Box Stores— Use the Law of Supply & Demand to drive them out.
Drop the demand for the big box stores and the supply of them will disappear.
This is one way to get local merchants back in play.


This is total corporate greed on their account. Our food will be seriously poisoned while those big companies will be raking in significant profits-at the expense of all of us!!


Corporatists want free speech for money? OK. Remove advertising as a business expense and make it free speech. Spend freely on free speech advertising for business and politics.

Bernie’s contributions average $27 and he has more money than any candidate.

Local businesses have word of mouth and local newspaper advertising — Corporatistas have plenty of money to buy their free speech.


Thank you for introducing this company. Found their website and I enjoyed browsing through it for an hour: www.advancingecoag.com/

The news item by Zen Honeycutt talking about her visit to the Borlaug Dialogue--GMO Industry is Motivated by Deception, was a good assessment of what’s happening in the world of industrial agriculture and what’s happening is horrible. That World Food Prize they give in Des Moines every year needs to be called out for the sham it is.

Industrial agriculture is a huge disastrous experiment that has failed miserably. The produce this evil industry spews out is nutritionally poor, tasteless, tainted with poison, depletes the soil, exacerbates global warming, and perhaps worst of all devastates local food systems all over the world.

Industrial agriculture is like the cigarette addiction of farming. It creates a dependency on chemical fertilizers and pesticides that just gets worse and more expensive year after year and it ends up killing you. But it just makes so much money that the industry can buy half the politicians in Washington as well as the state level, university agriculture departments, the media thru ad buys. Every aspect of our society is someone’s racket, isn’t it?


exactly!! for too long we have been hanging on to a victim mentality when staring into corporate faces. enough hand wringing and helplessly hoping ‘they’ will magically become compassionate humans. NO they are NOT people my friend. we have the way to starve these beasts, what we need is the will to do it. the key is found in our wallets. tried of eating poison? then stop buying their crap.

if you live in a city, find a community garden. if you live in the burbs dig up your lawn. if you live in the country offer up acreage to those who do not. cook like your grandmother. learn to preserve food. choose to buy local. research independent seed companies. and above all put down the remote, get off your butt and realize no one will take care of you but YOU. I for one do not want to be know historically as the lost civilization raptured by the dancing stars on tv rather than the stars in the heavens.


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While i appreciate the sentiment.
This statement requires clarification.“Advancing Eco Agriculture, a new way of farming developed by an 18 year old Amish farmer from Ohio”
This is a for profit company. And a bit of a suspicious one at that.

Eco agriculture the term, is hugely important way humans have grown plants WITH THE EARTH’S Natural systems. We have done so for 10’s of thousands of years, if not throughout the last 100,000 years or even our entire existence as a species 200,000 years.

Eco agriculture is about re-indigenizeing ourselves to a level of intimacy with nature and its plant and animal and fungi and microbe communities that all our ancestors had before our particular culture was civilized.
It requires no products, nothing to buy.
Only deep intamacy with Earth.

For a tiny peak into this understanding that created and sustained all our cultures until civilization check out Buffalo Bird Womens Garden


Grew up on a farm in Michigan. My father did not believe in pesticides or commercial fertilizers. We pulled weeds by hand and cultivated crops (with old farming device-a cultivator) and used cow dung to fertilize. I vaguely remember what whole, unpasteurized milk tasted like; what real tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, leaf lettuce, melons, etc., tasted like (like nothing available in supermarkets today), grew our own feeds and alfalfa on un-strayed land. Sadly, kids will never know how real food tastes; will never experience the satisfaction of sowing, raising, preserving our crops; making our own cheese and butter; and eating real eggs and poultry (now a vegetarian). My wise father told me I would look back on the days on the farm as the best in my life (I doubted at the time), but he was so right.


Not to forget the well water (before all the pesticides of our neighboring farms) that was the purest I have never tasted since.


Wow, this type of rhetoric is a very dangerous for the uninformed. I would like to make a couple of key points here.

First of all, all major agriculture companies both in the USA and around the world have been using GMO technology for more than seventy years.

Second of all, you cannot save corn seed for the following year GMO or not. It simply does not perform at any level of seed you can purchase in a bag. The average boost to farmers that use HYBRID seed corn has jumped to over 50 bushels per acre in the last 15 years.

Do you even understand hybrid seed corn?

Do you understand the increased safety to our farmers that had to use deadly insecticides in the past? Do you have any clue on the history of Furadan in farming? When I was a kid, I remember coming back on the next swath and seeing dead birds. A reality of a bird being dead in the less than three minutes.

Do you suggest we go back to using these deadly toxins?

Farmers have the right to save back soybean seed from the Roundup Ready 1 trait. 99% of farmers do not do this and why would that be? The technology in newer genetics and traits is an absolute must for our farmers to stay in business.

It’s so easy to always lay blame on someone or something. I’m a fourth generation farmer and no one takes care of the land better than a farmer and his family.


For your very first post on CD you might have done something other than make charges that are not accurate (to be generous) and not provide any back-up links.

First there is a world of difference between selecting for genetic traits and introducing non-species genes into another entity, especially when that new creation can destroy wild genetic diversity.

second - open pollinated seed corn has been the mainstay for South American native populations for millenia; that ability is being threatened by big-ag GMO varieties that exists to create profits, NOT sustainability for poor people around the world! http://ecowatch.com/2016/01/15/corn-monsanto-mexico/

No, you cannot save and replant GMO corn or anything else year to year. GMO corn may look pretty, but does not have anywhere near the same nutritive value as open-pollinated and hybrid naturally selected varieties. What good are more bushels when the nutrition is missing? Oh, right - corporate profits!

“Do I even understand hybridization” - I will not answer that BS the way I would like…
Your history as a chemical poison farmer (if you really are, and not just some chemical/Monsatan shill) has clearly tilted your understanding and viewpoint on toxic chemicals - deadly chemicals are not in the interests of any person, animal or wider environment, except the chemical conglomerate and their profits at any cost. New chemical “miracles” are still poisonous like “roundup” and many many others.

Save the “farmers know best” crap and “care for the earth” line of rubbish, that is self-serving and ignores many destructive practices, animal exterminations, and chemical uses destroying among other things our critical pollinators! Go peddle your phony rubbish elsewhere…