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Corporate Co-option? Meet the Climate Criminals Sponsoring COP21


Corporate Co-option? Meet the Climate Criminals Sponsoring COP21

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

From financial giant BNP Paribas to fossil fuels company Engie, the same corporations that deny science and drive carbon pollution are now sponsoring, co-opting, and interfering with the upcoming United Nations climate talks in Paris, a new exposé reveals.

Fueling the Fire: The corporate sponsors bankrolling COP21 was published by Corporate Accountability International on Monday—a week ahead of the opening of the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) summit in Paris.


You see this paradigm at every level of decision making these days. The Corp. criminals that are causing the problems the ones that need to be regulating are asked to pay what amounts to protection money by the corrupt people that organize and run these dog and pony shows. This is also the way most Gov'ts are organized and run these days. The term "public /Private Partnership" is put out there as if its a good thing and most people don't even understand the simple fact that it's not Gov't's place to enter partnerships with private companies it's also tasked to regulate. The whole mess has become corrupted from top to bottom because of this dynamic. Add to this the so called revolving door that exists between large Corp. Enterprises and Gov't and its a done deal. Having COAL, OIL and Nat. Gas Corps. funding a Climate conference beggars the imagination on it's face, but if you ask the organizers they'll tell you these companies need to be included in the process or nothing will get done. The problem is what gets done is they destroy the opportunity of there being any meaningful progress on this vital issue because it's not in their interest. Or worse yet, they shape the outcome to let them pollute even more and even longer and then claim they have the environmental movements approval! It's way past time to boot these people out of the process and into a holding cell.


Yes, and they will starve our public services until they beg for corporate money and then we are given the excuse you speak of, "If we don't privatize, who will pay for these shiny new services we are providing?" When all along, most of us will gladly pay for true, public services instead of for spying on ourselves and shiny new bombs.

The later seasons of Continuum exposed this quite well when the police department became corporatized to the point that it took the name of the sponsoring corporation. (The anti-corporate "terrorists" were too violent to be believable and caused their own environmental messes, but at least the show took on global corporatism front and center. I'll miss it.)


All of the much touted tax-cuts have benefitted corporations and the uber-wealthy over average people to criminal degree. Their evasion of taxation has filled their coffers to obscene levels and empoverished our nation's ability to serve the people - increased wealth has gifted the already wealthy and corporate pirates the ability to buy governments, other coporations, and our future. For every dollar the wealthy and corporate "inversion" merger deals evade, a dollar comes out of the pockets of average people in many various ways.

"a person in the top 0.001 percent income bracket -- who would have an adjusted gross income of at least $62,000,000 -- pays the nearly same effective tax rate as somebody in the top 20 percent bracket who makes $85,000 in adjusted gross income". It gets more obscene and corrupted from there! https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2015/06/04/as-the-rich-become-super-rich-they-pay-lower-taxes-for-real/




Aren't the polluters sponsoring Paris also the sponsors of the GOP and Democratic Party nominating conventions every four years ?


Corrupted government and politicians no longer hold many truths to be self-evident - only profit (for the few) is extolled as virtue and wealth worshipped as Mammon.




I had the pleasure of working on Continuum as a technician. Several times I pointed out Common Dreams articles to the show's writers and saw information from this site find its way into the scripts. Sad to see it come to an end.


Oh, man, kudos to you both for the job and for pointing them towards CD! I always hope that some outfit will revive shows like Continuum (Fringe, 4400, etc.). Hope they know how many fans they had, even with the psycho "terrorists" that did, at least, evolve. Condolences. :O) The FX were awesome. Sounds like a fun job.