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Corporate Courts, Secret Talks Fuel Growing Opposition to 'Dead End' TTIP


Corporate Courts, Secret Talks Fuel Growing Opposition to 'Dead End' TTIP

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As European Union and U.S. negotiators arrived for the latest round of controversial trade talks in Brussels on Monday, opponents of the mammoth TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) made their resistance known by blockading access to the negotiating site for hours.


TTIP or TPP, those and previous "free trade" deals are Trojan Horses for corporate domination of nations. Through the "Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions written into these deals by the perpetrators with collusion of the politicians pushing/supporting them will subvert and undermine national sovereignty! The "bi-partisan" cabal of Obama and RepubliCons should tell people the truth of who is serving who.......

Dead-End ALL the corporate give-aways, support the Real Deal, Bernie Sanders!



Business types are akin to politicians, you can tell when they are lying, their lips are moving!


More interference, more resistance!

Look for folks in your own community who are talking about these monstrous "trade" deals (actually "global corporate rule / anti-democracy" deals), and see about getting involved.


So, essentially, we the people will have to pay corporations to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Sounds like black mail. Resist, resist, resist!

Here in the US HRC may very well sign onto the XL pipeline because she is a tad prone to trickery. Here are what radical feminists look like:



Here is a supportive link: http://stoptpp.org


Veterans For Peace Golden Rule Project

thanks our Greenpeace friends !!

You rock !!


Always remember, the Toilet Paper Plan is designed to wipe us all out!
* My solution would be to take a roll to every one of the Corporate CEOs, crooked politicians and jurists that support it and shove it where the sun don't shine!


"Paying corporations to keep fossil fuels in the ground" is almost as bad as paying banks to hold your deposits rather than getting paid interest. Its happening in Europe and the US Federal Reserve Chairwomen said that the Fed has not ruled this out for the US.


An Undeclared war on Europe with greatest implications than wwI and wwII combined. This deal undefeated will conquer all of Europe without a single shot fired. I think we Americans, Canadians and Europeans have to oppose this deal with all of our might and send their negotiators back with rotten eggs on their faces to go look for an honest job.


We have to do all of the above and never back down.


So this is in addition to bail ins? Strikes me that it is high time to heed Chris Hedges on overthrowing the corporate state.


Not only will HRC likely approve the KeystoneXL, she will support the TPP if elected.

"In an interview from Davos with Bloomberg TV on January 20, Chamber of
Commerce President Tom Donohue - a top lobbyist for the
pro-corporate-power Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement - assured
viewers that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential election, she will support the TPP, even though she opposes it now."
LINK: http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/34629-chamber-of-commerce-lobbyist-tom-donohue-clinton-will-support-tpp-after-election


We know these 'trade deals' are poisonous to representative government. They have had profound negative impact on working Americans. Unions have perished while multi nationals have learned the expertise of 'divide and conquer', leaving a shell shocked middle class obsequious to corporate demands - for fear of losing a job. How can anyone with a rational thought process not view the details within these documents with horror and disbelief? Do the people behind these so called agreements assume that since American politics have become farcical, 'now is the time for capitalism to usher in their own sordid brand of Commerce Security?' If a state or local government says "no" to the risk of pollutants for example - 'the poor put upon CEO's and holders of stock', will by secret agreement, enjoy forcing citizens to pay up, unmercifully and with unprecedented clout behind them. So much for all that free market magic crap.
We have every right to be angry and distrusting of trade masochists willing to risk the future of humanity, to where they're not required to act with any standard of integrity to protect the planet or mankind. I feel they know a paradigm shift is in play, where people all over the globe have had enough of this blistering, indefatigable greed, so they've determined to attempt these despicable power plays for profits. In truth, they're only massive assaults on so many forms of basic decency, ninety nine percent of us ascribe to.


The western hemisphere counterpart of your thesis of sinking Europe from within is the fact that the six too-big-to-fail US banks controlled 25% of US bank assets when they caused the 2008 crash that negatively impacted nearly 300 million Murkins. Those banks will control 50% of US bank assets when Obama moves out of the White House in January 2017 which will result in even worse impacts on 300 million Murkins when those banks cause the next crash. While corporations and the media want us to believe that terrorism is such a huge threat to Murkins, fewer than 100 Murkins have been killed by terrorists since September 12, 2001. 300 million verses less than 100 tells me that the threat to Murkins of too big to fail banks existing is millions of times greater than terrorism. Beware of red herrings.


HRC's telling us that "TPP is no longer a gold standard trade deal" as her rationale for suddenly not supporting it when Bernie forced her hand, is simply cover for POTUS Hillary Clinton to make an inconsequential tweak on January 21, 2017 that miraculously pushes TPP back into gold standard territory and results in her signature being her first official act as POTUS.


It's a lot like when MONSANTO sues organic farmers for cross pollinating their GMO crops and winning in courts. This deal defies logic, it's naked aggression by those who can afford to hires thousands of immoral crooked lawyers, bribe the corrupt politicians to become the world government.


One group is called, "Trade Justice."


Yup, not just a "haircut" but negative interest.


The transfer of power from national governments to corporations, and consequent reductions in rights to ordinary people is clearly fascistic. This is a not so Kovert Korporate Koup attempt.