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Corporate Crime Running Rampant Thanks to 'Rigged' System: Elizabeth Warren



In the same way that the State uses the War on Terrorism to justify its mistakes, misconduct, and piss poor priorities, big banks have fallen back on the idea that citizens must bail THEM out regardless of how they behave.

Not that long ago, the "Savings and Loan Crisis" resulted in people going to jail.

Oil drilling operations do lethal damage to irreplaceable ecosystems and are permitted to keep on drilling.

Newspapers and TV media lie about things as serious as causes for war and go on repeating new lies.

Pharmaceutical companies now given the pass to essentially assert the safety of their own products (without enough peer-review studies done by OUTSIDERS) typically take new generations of pills off the market once enough people report serious side effects.

A city like Detroit has its Democratic processes usurped by a governor-appointed city manager whose reckless disregard for human life results in long-term brain damage to countless children and so far... nothing substantive is done.

Police who not just beat upon, but KILL young Black men and women get a slap on the wrist and continue working using their uniforms to continue to intimidate those whose lives are far more challenging than their own.

Those who report the crimes usually face stiffer penalties than the actual perpetrators!

The list goes on and on.

My point is that the climate of deregulation and its "cousin," privatization has led to this bankrupt ethos where no longer is the mantra: "First do no harm" operational. Instead, it's do as much harm as you can--if it's profitable--and if caught, pay a fine or get a good lawyer to make a case for your innocence.

In short, it's disgusting. Mostly predators and sociopaths thrive in such a climate. But these slick cons sold these metrics by arguing that they represent "freedom," and every card-carrying Libertarian still argues this nonsense in the face of so much collapse.


Go Elizabeth!!! Go! Go! Go! Keep on with your advocacy for enforcing the law on the 1%. As a child of working class parents, she went on to teach bankruptcy law at some great universities, to consult with, but not let off the hook, Congress on economic issues, and create the reform now known as the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Now, as a Senator, she shows us what true leadership is, on what needs to get done for the 99% concerning the rigged economy. Senator Warren is a woman to be reckoned with! Stay safe and feisty, and keep on it, for us.


Someone should tell Sen. Warren that it isn't like having to pick whom you like more - mommy or daddy!
She could choose whom she would like based on her own stated positions. Nevertheless, she continues to raise valuable issues in the debate.

However, her hanging back is starting to make a statement even if it isn't really what she might want for herself.


Although government and media call it "deregulation", much of the financial industry deregulation of the past four decades is more accurately characterized as decriminalization when the number of people negatively impacted is considered.

More than 1,000 bankers served jail time for their participation in the 1980s Savings and Loan Scandal that negatively impacted hundreds of thousands of Murkins.

After two decades of decriminalization of New Deal financial regulations the government had no grounds for indicting let alone convicting any bankers for their participation in causing the 2008 meltdown that negatively impacted billions of people on every continent, an event that made the S&L Scandal look boutique by comparison.


Murkins who are familiar with Warren's work and philosophy are already supporting Bernie, so her endorsement is not likely to draw in additional support at this stage.


Recently, some here received a settlement payment, as a result of a class-action suit against Microsoft, Intel, HP, and other high-tech corporations.

As early as 2005, these corporations conspired to prevent workers from staying employed in the industry. They "agreed" to not hire workers from each other.

The settlement payments to the victims were paltry.

No CEO went to jail for their crimes.

Ruining the careers and livelihoods of thousands meant nothing to the sociopaths that run these these corporations. It was just business, not personal.

Today, one of the criminal players, Microsoft, is a big-time contributor to both political parties as well as the software provider-of-choice to Iowa 2016...all for "free", wink wink. Sanders has rightly called out both parties over this.

I doubt that the average American is even aware of how insidious these corporations are to--what's the phrase?--the pursuit of happiness in this country.


While many on the left see Clinton with clearer eyes, the rest of the country are not so well informed. Here on CD political types are constantly updating their info stream about the issues. Contrast that with some small town in hinter America somewhere who hears only Clearchannel news feeds and AM radio rants and watches Fox News and so forth. Someone who would vote for Trump or Cruz sees voting for Clinton's moderate positions as a stretch. By contrast we see voting for Clinton as being a stretch.

The fact that Warren doesn't come out for Bernie despite their mutual positions is starting to create a statement even if Warren is trying not to make one. The question is fast becoming (given Warren's and Sanders similarities vis a vis Wall St. and Citizen's United etc) ... just why isn't Warren giving her support to Sanders since they share so many of the same positions and sponsor legislation together?


All quite true but Bernie would nominate less eerie Supreme Court justices and hopefully balance the court with more sanely human justices rather than with more of these 'strange-human' ultra conservatives. Fed judgeships too. Bernie as president does have power and with the public mandate behind him, we would get change where we need it most.


I do not know who were the evil people that murdered 3,000 of our fellow citizens on 9/11, but the fairy tale of the Governments explanation is to say the least, is laughable! The cabal of criminals that do these horrible acts always have the same scenario, loan nut, patsies.

Who are the people of the Fourth Reich that have so much control over the mendacious, narrative of 9/11and the assassinations of JFK,MLK,RFK and Wellstone to name a few? I do not know that answer, but until they are eliminated nothing will ever change.


Yes, and the movie by the same name is fantastic.


I think Sen. Warren is refusing immense pressure from the establishment Democratic Party to endorse Hillary. For the time being, I'm satisfied that she has chosen to remain neutral, unlike supposedly progressive Sen. Sherrod Brown, who deeply disappointed me in coming out for Hillary. I really think there are extreme threats and intimidation going on behind the scenes for political progressives to toe the line for Hillary, or risk losing their offices and careers. Wasserman-Schultz and her ilk are ruthless attack dogs who have shown their true colors in recent weeks in trying every underhanded thing possible to torpedo Bernie's candidacy. I'm sure they are not done yet, and may yet succeed. If they do, they will permanently lose the support of millions of us who have staked our last hopes for democracy on Bernie's candidacy.


That tells me that after 15 years they have succeeded in brainwashing the majority of Americans.


Yeah let's mess with brain chemistry, for profit. "What could possibly go wrong?"


True that, and so huge props to those who DO stand against the intense pressure tactics.


Brilliant analysis, Siouxrose1 and I have tweeted it, along with Elizabeth's article to: @House Democrats @SenateDems and USProgressives They must hear our voices!


True that and I have tweeted your reply along with the article to the Dems in the House, the Senate and @USProgressives


Sanders/Warren is my goal. Sanders Walks His Talk.

There are two other crimes so large they almost become un-scaleable to the mind.

Goldman Sachs via Mr Paulson threw open the US Treasury coffers to steal at will
($800 Billion in TARP funds) after they had just crashed the entire banking system through the bumbling mumbling little criminal Mr Greenspan who professed at the end, "We missed identifying that there are economic bubbles and that they burst"

With the quintessential thievery of the value of the US Dollar via the Federal Reserve Loan of the Month Club for Elites courtesy of Mr "Coup de Grace" Bernake.

It was in this light that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) amended the Wall Street Reform law to audit the Fed, pushing the GAO to step in.

As Forbes put it "It is the first audit of the Fed in United States history since its beginnings in 1913. The findings verify that over $16 trillion was allocated to corporations and banks internationally, purportedly for “financial assistance” during and after the 2008 fiscal crisis. (And NO you weren't included)

Sanders press release, dated July 21st, stated:
“No agency of the United States government should be allowed to bailout a foreign bank or corporation without the direct approval of Congress and the president.”


Warren is too valuable in a Senate dominated by the Murkin Taliban Party and Blue Dog Obama rubber stamps to pull her out and put here in the VP slot.

I do hope Bernie selects one of the many other highly qualified women out there to be the VP candidate.


You might be right about that pressure but I think I am right about her holding back starting to look like she is making a statement. It is hard to know what is her motivation for holding back. I suppose that Clinton supporters are complaining about it too...lol.

Anyway you make a good point.