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Corporate Democrats Are to Blame for Congressional Losses—So Naturally They’re Blaming Progressives

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/16/corporate-democrats-are-blame-congressional-losses-so-naturally-theyre-blaming


You won’t hear this viewpoint from the Corporate Owned Media.
I wonder why?


The decades of consistent propaganda against Progressive initiatives have frightened most voters to the center, hence Biden and no coattails. Yes, self-sabotage by corporate Democrats.


This Norman is what happens when you give up any leverage you may have by voting for lesser evil and enabling the extreme centrists, with no concessions at all. You should have thought of this before sheep herding the gullible to vote for the utterly useless Biden. This is why the Democratic Party is a lost cause and should be burned to the ground, not be further enabled. Centrists are enemies of the people, not allies and definitely not friends. They are just another face of the fascistic forces that we have to fight against.


If Obama’s November 2008 - January 2009 appointee nomination announcements are any indication, progressives will probably want to avoid the news during the next two months or keep a family size container of Maalox on their kitchen table as Biden announces his military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) and other Wall Street sanctioned nominess.


This guy was imploring progressives to vote Democrat no matter what and now complains that the Corporate democrats are blaming progressives for their failures.

You see how this works Mr Solomon? They were always going to do this even as you claimed you and yours would vote for them and then “hold their feet to the fire”.

The Democrats have been pulling this same stunt for decades and people still fall for it. There a sucker born every minute.

I suspect that in 4 years time Solomon will be advocating progressives vote Democrat again. In between elections he will express his outrage as to how bad the Democrats are when it comes to progressive politics.


This is just insulting, as it comes from the guy trying to terrify us into voting for Biden. Get yourself some fire and try to get near Biden’s feet. I’m not interested in your regrets.


Political writing for the likes of the liberal commentators like Norman Solomon’s of the world, is very much a kin to sports writing.

None of their families will be murdered by police, or have to worry about being kicked out of their house/apt. They do not have to worry about how they’re going to pay for their student loans. They are not trying to live on minimum wage or no wage. Or how they can go to the doctor when they don’t have health insurance. Nor do they ever even think to put themselves in the lives of those that do.

No, these liberal commentators just sit in the press box over looking the grid iron while instructing their liberal listeners to vote for the “Lesser Evil” again and again and again. Meanwhile that lesser evil party is killing and attacking the 99% and the planet, and has been for the past 4 decades.

Liberal elites like so many affluent writers and commentators lives do not hang in the balance and are not daily threatened by the Duopoly. No, these affluent liberal writers and commentators make a very good living off being sport casters in the dark game that is the ongoing slaughter of the 99% and the planet by the duopoly. They win favor and approval by the duopoly media machine by telling their readers not to abandon the “lesser evil strategy” for third parties or even more reasonable, a revolution.

Why would they? These type of commentators make very good money and prestige telling the masses to stay on the Two Party Plantation all to vote for the new and improved lesser evil master and then make more money complaining about and covering for the new and improved Democratic Party master and Duopoly.

Why do we listen. Why do we care what these soulless broken and betraying compasses have to say?

When will WE see these types are just an extension of the duopoly media machine that is killing us all and the planet as well?


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Are you saying Tlaib has regrets or that Solomon does? I’m sure the latter is false but I don’t know Tlaib well enough to say. Solomon has been consistent on voting left in primary and Democrat no matter what. He isn’t changing.

I’m not going to fault anyone at this point - I mostly want to move forward. I want actual criminal behavior prosecuted so I don’t mean Obama’s perverted notion of moving forward.

There is plenty of time between now and spring 2022 to try to understand what voters were saying this time around and it won’t be easy. If anything, things are worse because exit polling is now going to be using a smaller and I would say biased pool of respondents.

We can make a lot of guesses about why people voted for Trump (anti abortion, less immigration, racism, wanting US industry to become competitive, less taxes, …) or Biden (wanting to not be bothered by scandals, wanting professionals to head agencies, wanting abortion rights, wanting better environmental policies, …) but don’t believe anyone left or right that says they really know because they don’t.

Why doesn’t this bother more people? Why don’t we vote on non binding policy questions on a national ballot so we’d at least get people talking and get an accurate read on what the policy preferred by the average person actually is? Are we a nation of war mongers who doesn’t give a damn about lives of foreigners or people who see the armed forces as one of their only options out of poverty? Are we actually significantly pro M4A as you hear in some polls or about 50-50 as other polls show? Do we want a change in policing? What kind of in immigration policy do we want? Are we willing to invest greatly in renewable energy? We could easily have dozens of such questions on a much more interesting ballot.

On this and many more questions, I’d rather be voting than depending on someone I’ve never met to answer a poll that I have no idea is accurate. Maybe we could even get higher turnout if we got to vote on non binding policy. If an actual vote was staring a politician in the face and it was significant one way as they tried to go the other way, I believe there would be pause even if we never get binding national referendums (which I also support).


While this does not exactly bear on what you are discussing, I really think progressives who want to litigate policy differences may be missing what political science literature intimates about the situation we are in. Namely, that the Republican Party is mostly the white ultra-nationalist party, something akin to what we see in Europe, and policy is largely a sideshow. To that end, I thought this editorial was revealing:


Could be a reasonable addition to the messed up electoral and political systems we have. But absent deeper changes it seems like papering over bigger problems.

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ALL democrats are corporate democrats.

The party relies on privatizing corporate money and when you participate in any of its functions

you are participating in a corporate sponsored function.

So-called progressive democrats are being deliberately self-deceiving and saying they can be

in two places at once.

Exposing the party for the corporate pretense which it is can only be genuine when you are not

a member.

You surrender your chances for leverage power when you make the party look better than it is.


To get politicians to listen to the demos instead of to their bribers, we need a trained armed populace. There are few if any school or mass shootings in such countries as Switzerland, Israel, Scandinavia, Canada, in the military or police where the majority are familiar with or trained in the use of guns. And they enjoy good governance.
“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” Mao

Yet again, THANK YOU! I’d noticed, since “everything’s back to NORMAL,” there’s even LESS coverage of COVID’s recent spread, sacreficial essential workers being fed to the virus, evicted, further indentured. Too bad, that stomping out the POPULAR agenda that would’ve helped was the sole priority of our duopoly & their complicit media? Trolls in 5… 4… 3…





PS: I liked MrTuttle’s post as well. Liberal blog-aggregators are by, for and about folks who’ve NO idea what Yuppies did to our ~90% (& have NO incentive towards ever finding out).


I read the article and it doesn’t make any quantitative statements. Can you remind me what number you are thinking of when you say mostly? Republicans make up 29% of voters (~https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2020/10/26/what-the-2020-electorate-looks-like-by-party-race-and-ethnicity-age-education-and-religion/). So more than half of those are primarily motivated by racism is your claim? I only know well enough to make a judgement about racism 5 or 10 Trump voters. One is black, one is single issue anti-abortion, a few are low taxes high military spending types. Nobody I would say is racist (I’ve certainly come across such people but nobody I work with and no close family thankfully and nobody I know currently though I’m sure most were Trump voters.

As I’m sure you are not surprised, I still stick with the populist lens of Thomas Frank on this general topic of how to peel a big enough fraction of Trump voters to be willing to vote for a progressive economic vision. Other issues (especially abortion) are going to be harder. If we get the low hanging fruit first maybe that will be enough and racists and pro lifers won’t have enough of a coalition to mess us up as badly as they have.


Seems there is no escape from this Duopoly.

Between the openly criminal Republicans, and the “Little Miss can’t be wrong” Democrats, there’s no representation anywhere.

The mindless majority refuse to look outside of the two-party system of corruption, so what’s that leave us with?

No future, that’s what.

Perhaps when we’re all dead and buried, and the oceans rise enough to force 350 million people to live together in the middle of the country, this resultant civilization might resemble something akin to “Lord of the Flies.”

Or worse.


i read today that increasing numbers of doctors and nurses, totally overwhelmed, endlessly stressed, and at risk of illness and death in the intentionally amplified pandemic, are opting out of the professions, taking early retirement or changing careers, or at least getting off of the front lines as they are able. Can’t blame them! But it bodes ill for the USA. What a clusterf**k.


It must forever be known as, the "GOP/TRUMP CURSE."

The gift that just keeps on giving, because the people are too f#€king stupid to stop it.

The Trump Virus, or at least the Trump Pandemic.

I’m thinking of what some of us in NYC were posting, back in March; when we’d ONLY learn what was going on from desperate, terrified social media posts from infected local nurses, physicians, first responders, corpse-truck drivers! I started posting some of the tweets here; before the hastily pulled viral drone footage, nurses in plastic garbage bags, respiratory specialists in 2nd hand nylon team-hoodies & a chubby brain-surgeon even older than me (related to Yasha Levine) had a Zabar’s take-out food plastic lid & duct tape, as a face mask trying to save a stroke victim. I’m guessing, if WSWS, ProPublica, InTheseTimes, CounterPunch hadn’t covered: nurses, specialists, teachers, transit drivers, meat cutters, delivery, clerk, warehouse, caregivers… TRUTH won’t last long; once Google, Twitter, FaceBook, etc pull the plug? We’d only seen NYT admit eye-coverings were necessitated in confined spaces/ conveyances due to aerosol spread, 8 MONTHS after that heroic Chinese physicians death? China never fessed up. Nor did Cuomo, Trump, de Blasio, etc, etc…