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Corporate Education Nominee DeVos Faces Pushback from Dem Senators


Corporate Education Nominee DeVos Faces Pushback from Dem Senators

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As one U.S. senator denounces Betsy DeVos' record in Michigan, six others are demanding President-elect Donald Trump's pick for Education Secretary untangle the "complicated web of political and not-for-profit organizations" she has spun over her career pushing a corporate education agenda nationwide.


Of all of the Twit-in-Chief's nominations, DeVos stands out as the greatest example of in-your-face pay-to-play corruption. She's also the poster child of this group for the lowest ratio of knowledge to power for the subject matter of her proposed job, what I guess you could call the Dumb-Sh*t index.

To makes matters worse, failure on her part adversely impacts the futures of our children -- it is immoral and grossly negligent to put her in this position of power.


If (the collective) we were to wake up and agree that no more will any individual or corporation be able to buy politicians of both parties, then ludicrous, time and money wasting charades like this would simply cease.


"Pushback"...hell, PUSH HER OUT AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE! Send her back to Michigan so she can pick up where she left off promoting her fuzzy little fundraisers and attending her elite women's club luncheons...which is all she is fit for.


America's public schools have their backs against the wall. Teaching, which was once a noble career choice, has been made futile by "teaching to the test", a lack of funding in poorer school districts, insulting salaries and ridicule by charter school proponents. DeVos' kids would attend the best private schools available. She could care less about the education of the 99%. She would do the country a big service by just paying her share of the taxes. No American should be allowed to be that rich.


You have a good point there--although there's still a difference in degree, and there are still a few Dems who truly look out for people and the planet, but the swamp is pretty bad on both sides of the aisle. For example, how could Michael Taylor of Monsanto and rBGH infamy be Obama's food czar? And then Vilsack at the USDA--ALL the GMOs that sought approval got approved without any regulation or testing. That's not asking foxes to guard the henhouse--it's allowing the foxes to design the henhouse for their own benefit. Iceland managed to put bankers in jail, but we couldn't swing that level of moral seriousness. It's neither democracy nor capitalism in operation anymore, it's simply a corporatocracy. Not that they were all ever saints, but the Dems loss of their moral compass led to what we are seeing--one party in every nation must stand for people and the planet and in opposition to the naked ransacking of society, and here the Dems are supposed to play that role.


Unions are as American as apple pie--they build into the workplace the same checks and balances that our Founding Fathers built into our government.

A healthy federal government is crucial for protecting our freedoms and equal opportunity, which is why the first thing our Founding Fathers did was not to start a corporation but to build our federal government to do that important work. Yes, the 1% and large corporations have corrupted the government over time, but the source of corruption is big $$$, and that's the source of corruption we must rein in. The billionaires just train the people to blame "big government" so they take away more of your freedoms and paycheck.

As the old story goes, there are none cookies on a table. A billionaire comes in and takes nine of them and then says to the average American--"Hey the government (or that union guy) is trying to take your cookie." What needs reining in are the 1% and the big corporations, and then you'll find the federal government works just fine, as it does in other countries that haven't allowed corporations to take over so much.

BTW, The deepest structural problems with our public schools is that they are based too much on the logic and values of markets and manufacturing, not based on what we know about how children develop and learn best. But that didn't come from teachers or unions--it was built into the structure of schools since the early 1900s.


What is/are the true reason(s) this white privileged POS has put public education as her focus?


Just saw this comment, which I am paraphrasing, on another website.If Trump wants to make public schools more locally-controlled, why would he propose a voucher program that would do the opposite? Wouldn't this place education in a situation where multi-national organizations like Gulen Schools, and/or churches, and/or corporations via charter chains, and/or Big Tech via virtual schools would have dominance over our schooling system?
As regular public schools are defunded and closed to pay for these options, the present public schooling infrastructure evaporates (and tuitions will rise due to competition). Less good choice schools will come and go, open and close up shop, as they already do. Most of the time vouchers don't cover the full cost of tuition to "choice" or private schools in the first place. Nor do vouchers cover or provide transportation in most cases. So more and more of the price of an education will be falling on parents. Ultimately, this increases both class and racial segregation again as families in poverty and the neediest students cannot afford a decent education, or possibly any education. How does that help society as a whole? What's the plan for those kids and families? It's not like they can easily go into the workforce with a serious lack of jobs.
Nor are there any real options for choice in most truly rural areas, except home-schooling and 100% virtual education through charter chains after their public schools are closed. Bear in mind that religious schools would include madrassas and other non-Christian religious schools, too, and they would be legally competing with charters and other choice schools for the tax dollars. Be careful what you wish for.


Do you work for Amway? The only part of your post I can relate to, is top heavy administration in public education.
Betsy Bedstain DeVos is a bought and paid for incompetent. She can't wait to dismantle the DOE and destroy public schools. Profit before people. Students are widgets to be squeezed for private corporatists profits. Education be damned.


In fact, qpro4inc is likely just a right-wing troll, perhaps even a paid troll or a moniker used by a number of different people as a front for a common misinformation campaign funded by wing-nuts on the right. This moniker appears in a number forums spewing all sorts of right wing nonsense -- totally divorced from facts. Google the name for more info.


IT IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!! There is a whole lot of money to be made privatizing education. DeVos comes by the privatization push along the lines of the private military operatives (militia and other contract services like transportation, commissary, etc.) by her brother, Erik Prince (with the blessings of GWB and Rumsfeld) ala Blackwater...which brings in billion$$$ with the major portion from government contracts. In the end, it is the American taxpayer that carries the financial burden.


And how many Klansmen do you personally know? From your comment, I would guess that your favorite costume is white with a pointed hood. You seem to support segregation to the detriment of minority children. Abject poverty deprives many minorities of any choice when it comes to education, housing, jobs, and right liveliehood...especially in North Carolina. NC may have taken down the Confederate flag (under threat of major loss of revenue...not because of any moral motivation) but many in that state seem to believe that the South shall rise again...in all its ignominy.


I agree, and the only reason they are that rich is that they funnel their money elsewhere, and do not want their remaining taxes to be used for any public program except a public ed is included in our constitution.


It still IS a very noble profession, and good teachers do administer tests but they do not do all of the teaching to the test. That is pure nonnsense!


What is a POS?


Maybe the Southern redneck states should secede , and the ignorant can raise their flags and have their right to work for less states.


Good schools are well rounded and even include after school programs. They include arts as well as tech. and very good Sped programs. Teachers do not make a lot of money compared to what DeVos makes.


If DeVos wants to go after teachers, she should first be made to get by on what they are paid.


Good one! Someone should also ask her what kickbacks she's getting from Wall St.