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Corporate-Friendly Democrats Mobilize to Drag Party Rightward


Corporate-Friendly Democrats Mobilize to Drag Party Rightward

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Afraid "a sharp turn to the left could prove disastrous in the 2016 elections," factions within the Democratic Party more closely aligned with Wall Street and other corporate interests than with the progressive left are "gathering their forces to fight back against the 'Elizabeth Warren wing' of their party," The Hill reported Monday.


“[A] sharp turn to the left could…”? Since when has this country ever done such a foolish thing?
Oooh, they’re “gathering their forces to fight back…” What’s to gather? They’re in almost total control of the party, and are barely distinguishable from the scourge that is the Republican Party. Even if Bernie runs as a Democrat, he won’t stand a chance against the Clinton machine. Other, much smaller countries have many political parties. We have two, and any attempt to change that has failed miserably. Next.


Progressive is as meaningless as all natural or new.


Just what we need, more Dems trying to act like Repugs. When will people learn that if you run two Republicans in an election, a Republican will be elected to office? We need some Dems brave enough to run against Wall Street.


Note that the MSNBC pseudo-intellectual elite were doing high fives for Pelosi for her use of democrats to pass a wacko conservative bill to fund Fatherland Security. As though the nation needs more cops, and this version of secret police are above the law - that is the Constitution for these United States. What else can we use to illustrate the one party system?

The republic is in tatters. The federal government is positively functioning outside the limits of the Constitution. What’s left of the republic is being ruled by men - not law. The patriot act was bad enough in relegating the Constitution to the trash heap, but the democratic leadership taking a conservative’s controlling role to sustain a Nazi patterned institution like the Motherland Security police state, is mind numbing.

Is it safe?


“Afraid “a sharp turn to the left could prove disastrous in the 2016 elections,” factions within the Democratic Party more closely aligned with Wall Street and other corporate interests than with the progressive left are “gathering their forces to fight back against the ‘Elizabeth Warren wing’ of their party,” The Hill reported Monday.”

And the “moderate” Dems are doing so well in elections that they have lost control of both houses of Congress and now are in the majority in a minority of state governments.

Afraid is a good word for these types of Dem - afraid to stand for any principle and of their corporate benefactors.


The Third Way stands for the corporate way.

Progressive Policy Institute is a misnomer worthy of the Orwellian repub Frank Luntz. In no way is anything they do progressive.


“The public is presumably much more interested in solving its problems than it is in demonizing wealthy strangers.”

Eskow continued: "In fact, the entire ‘envy’ and ‘vilification’ framing is counterproductive. "

The public is much more interested in imprisoning the wealthy strangers that rob, imprison and kill them than Eskow lets on. That’s solving the main problem of high crimes in high places.


Yay … I take this as good news. The people are outraged. Please do continue to stopper all legal remedies for the disgusting systemic corruption that is now killing the country. Please do. As the Boomers’ accounts run dry, those millenials living in their parents’ basements will bring out the pitchforks. It’s high time, seeing as the elites are giving the mass of people no alternative. I don’t understand why they’re taking the path of destruction rather than reform, but there it is. Coming soon …


We’ve seen this game before… The last time it was ‘Blue Dogs’, in 2010. The time before that was the was 2004 w/the party split ‘ousting’ Howard Dean for the nomination, when the Grass Root voters KNEW Dean was the very BEST candidate we could conceivably have fielded that year, prolonging the nightmare by four years & ushering in a 2nd economic Depression of the last 90 years. In each case, the evil hand of outside money made the difference. It’s time we came to our own understanding on how we’ll go about selecting candidates on our own - apart from party preferences. The American people are hungering for Progressive, Populist candidates - w/their head screwed on tight & can’t be bribed! What we’re seeing is the power of cash, as guaranteed during past era’s, to upset & overthrow our Democracy, when not closely managed. This is, after all, the problem, if in the absence of adequate management by citizens & zero self-management by the office holders themselves, by cutting out the ‘middle-man’ (rich funding source), we’re able to stay connected to such candidates after taking office & the more of them we can gather, the better the chances of ridding money from the system - PERMANENTLY! This is the 2nd time in 100 years we’ve had to deal w/this. The stakes are far higher this time, since Global Climate Change isn’t waiting for us to get this right, the urgency must be felt now, or there won’t be a next time…


… that in itself is the problem now, isn’t it? The “Labeling” of things, people, concepts, we don’t have opportunity enough to get familiar. I feel I have a ‘personal’ relationship w/Ms. Warren, in reading her materials, books, speeches, keep up w/her engagements & her focus on issues, as I do w/all the prominent figures in my ‘ideological’ circle of interest. Here ‘labels’ are meaningless, as those ‘affixing’ them are definitely NOT in my areas of interest. This, I think, is how we need to separate that which we consume & that which is only fit for garbage. Anyone discussing anything other than putting the will of the citizenry back front & center of conversation on repairing our Civic Culture is only ‘lip-servicing’ the rich, corporatists & those Jesus described as the ‘money-changers.’ Their interests are only themselves & their wealth. OUR interests, on the other hand are ourselves, our neighbors & why they’re w/out homes & jobs & quality education & after just getting home, facing the prospect of going BACK to the war theatre. Being bombarded w/chaos leaves little time to spend in thoughtful contemplation. This is why we elect representatives who understand our lives as being intense enough already. If while at the ‘office’, their only concern is campaign cash & if & which portions of the membership align w/it as well, we do have a problem that only a tidal wave of Liberal/Progressive voter-interest can solve - again - once & for all…


More than bravery, you’re talking about funding and institutional barriers to participating in debates, being seen on TV or heard on radio. Bravery is turning the matter into a personality issue. The realty is entrenched structural barriers to access… only those who prove their loyalties to today’s innermost circles of power get to pass GO.


Oh, this is rich! “centrist” Democrats warning about the effects of a “leftward drift”! Ha!
THEY are worried about losing THEIR piece of the pie, that’s all.
There has been no such “danger” for a loooong time — in part because THEY made sure it couldn’t happen. They made sure all critical voices were silenced.
• So, NOW that some folks fed up with the takeover of the nation, with the war on democracy, have maybe made a bit of headway, and an Elizabeth Warren (pretty mainstream herself) DARES question the Ripoff of the Entire Nation by the Banksters — and, BOOM! The “left” is threatening the Democratic Party … !!! Oh, yes, you would not want to question that Cozy Relationship with Wall Street. How ELSE could you win elections, right?? Soooo sick!
~ ~ ~ ~
Let’s be straight here. “Corporate-Friendly” does not exist as a sub-category of Democrats. They have been the same traitors to critical analysis and Working America since … the McCarthy Era. Despite occasional appearances, THEY HAVE NEVER RECOVERED. They are but Flavor B of the Oligarchy. WTO, NAFTA, FTAA, etc. Now, TPP.
• Dems helped shove this crap down the throats of Unions even as they allowed worker organizations to dwindle in size and scope. They didn’t “notice” as Outsourcing rid the nation of decent-paying jobs. Over DECADES! Their Political Litany (“lesser of 2 evils”) leads but to Powerlessness and new forms of Slavery.
~ ~ ~ ~
So. This whole discussion is rather ridiculous … if you are really watching.
In Europe, the Democratic Party at best would be a center-right political party.
Thanks to Bushes, McCarthy, attempted coups on FDR, assassinations, etc. etc. in the U.S. most wouldn’t know “left” from “right” if their lives depended on it.
Today’s world with the interrelation of Social Issues with Sustainability make this distinction a bit fuzzier, but the recent book by Naomi Klein clarifies the inability to continue down our arrogant “market-driven” road (and THAT is all a big lie, anyway) and humanity’s survival on the planet.
• All this article does is repeat the same 'ol, same 'ol internal BS the Dem leadership uses to hide Reality from its constituents, and pretend that we still are in some meaningful debate/dialog with Republicans that we must somehow win “in the next election.” As IF we had real elections, thoughts and debates in the USA. Ha!
We should no longer give room to this useless waste of space.

Either a new growing Alternative changes radically the Vision and Debate of the Nation, or we go down babbling the kind of BS discussed in this “article.”


There is only ONE main party in the US and that is the Business Party.


You got it, IPrayForRev,

This whole government is a front for Wall Street. We have no government anymore. I don’t even trust old Bernie since he’s Mr. F-35 (military pork) and he’s been in there too long.

I refuse to participate in this Charade any longer. I will not vote until dirty Wall Street money is banned from elections.


There are only two political parties in the USA. One is a far right, fascist, almost nazi party made up of corporatists and religious fanatics that want to see a free market Christian dominionist nation. The other party is a center/right Conservative party made up of old moderate republicans and the ever growing “blue dog” democratics. They are pro-business, but have more moderate social views.
You notice I didn’t mention a party representing liberals. That’s because outside of the young and still impotant American Green Party, there is no longer a party that represents old school FDR, LBJ liberals. The oligarchys plan form the 1970s has come to full fruition. In 1968 the counter culture movement was destroyed in Chicago (ironically by the Democratic Party). Then the civil rights and equal rights movements were kneecapped in the 1970’s. The ball was now rolling downhill. The unions were than evicerated, taking with them the political organizing power and financial base of the working class. Supply side economics was instituted, deregualtion and militarization became standard operating procedure, and now you live in a nation that more resembles 1890 than 2015.
If liberals start working today, in about thirty years we may be able to be a major player once again in US politics and society. But by then, we may have to meet in smoke filled back rooms and dark basements and sewers, as we will most likely be living in some Orwellian Christian dominionist country. All the while the earth warms and the oil and water run out. Have a nice day.


I like your Marathon Man reference.


I though the third way meant three strikes and you’re out. Same thing I guess.


"The American people are hungering for Progressive, Populist candidates - w/their head screwed on tight & can’t be bribed! "

If they can’t be bribed, they can be assassinated. The greatest mistake the American people make is to keep depending on candidates instead of going to a direct democracy with no politicians to bribe or murder.


In an op-ed last month, Richard Eskow responded:
“But there are ways to address that quandary. One is to recognize that
struggling Americans want and need economic reformation, not personal
vilification. The public is presumably much more interested in solving
its problems than it is in demonizing wealthy strangers.”

You are in fact presuming, Mr. Eskow, to speak for me. I’m actually very invested in demonizing the banksters and the Koch brothers and all the other plutcrats that are ruining this country, with pitchforks if that’s what it takes to get this ‘economic reformation’. I’m good with personal vilification too. Past ready for some good old shaming tactics and discussion of the absolute immorality and selfishness of that sort of extreme wealth. And hungering to see the lot of them marching off to a maximum security prison for the rest of their lives for robbing me and my husband of almost half of our retirement, just when we needed it most.