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Corporate Giants' "Sustainable" Palm Oil Revealed as Sham


Corporate Giants' "Sustainable" Palm Oil Revealed as Sham

Nika Knight, staff writer

Child labor and forced labor are fueling profits for global conglomerates including Nestlé, Colgate-Palmolive, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Kellogg's, and others, finds an Amnesty International report published Wednesday.


In addition, industrial palm oil produced by these corporate giants is fueling the destruction of Indonesia's and Malaysia's rain forests, fueling climate chaos and global ecological breakdown. They burn down the indigenous complex forest ecosystems and destroy the habitat and kill the animals and release the carbon, to plant "sustainable" monocrop palm plantations operated with forced child labor.

And this phony "sustainable palm oil" is in thousands of consumer products, not just food but also huge numbers of cosmetics.

JUST DO NOT BUY IT. And all other corporate industrial products.


The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, is actually The Roundtable on Lies and PR to Protect Corporate Domination.

Don't believe the lies. And EVERYTHING coming from the corporate industrial sector is lies.


Apparently we are beset by post-truth 'truthiness'.


As has been said many times; "Nature bats last". In Ecuador where I live there is a substantial palm oil industry. In the last few years over 50% of the trees have been lost to viral infection. I see it wherever there are palm oil trees. Monoculture does not work anywhere with anything for long.


We can surely look forward to genetically engineered "sustainable" palm trees...


As you said in your earlier comment it is all lies. The corporations and the .01% that run them are psychopaths and have no conscience. They look at the 99% as another species due little consideration. Their exalted position justifies their actions.The modern equivalent of the divine right of kings.


Nika Knight, and this article argue on a false premise and fallacy that "all Sustainable Palm Oil is a sham". It is deliberate misinformation to serve certain selfish agenda like domestic protectionism and erecting trade barrier against palm oil:

  • Palm oil can be produced sustainably and since 2014, over 20% of all palm oil that's conflict-free Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) was produced, but unfortunately only half was bought.

  • One of CSPO producer state is Selangor in Peninsular Malaysia -- South East Asia's ground zero for oil palm pioneer and subsequent expansion. Rubber plantations were converted into oil palm when rubber price crashed in the 60s. Further, many companies and small farmers plant oil palm on idle and denuded land, or inherited from their ancestors. There's no endangered orangutan, tiger or elephant there, whatsoever -- not even annual forest fire or child labor.

  • While in Indonesia, the World Resources Institute (WRI) has identified 14 million hectares of "degraded land", and will be suitable for palm oil expansions over the next 20 years, without even touching high-conservation-value, peat-land or primary forest areas.