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'Corporate Greed, Plain and Simple': Sanders Leads Senate Letter Calling on Delta to End 'Demeaning' Anti-Union Campaign


'Corporate Greed, Plain and Simple': Sanders Leads Senate Letter Calling on Delta to End 'Demeaning' Anti-Union Campaign

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the union attempting to organize Delta employees filed a federal complaint accusing the company of unlawful and far-reaching interference—which has included literature encouraging workers to spend their pay on video games instead of union dues—Sen.


When there is no Union to represent your interest … you would gladly pay twice as much but can’t because you make half as much.


The far right drools at the possibility of reliving the 1920s because, you know, that ended so well. With SCOTUS in their lap all they have to do is to get rabid Jesus to stay on board and recruit more scared white males and the women they can oppress and presto, history repeats itself or at least rhymes indefinitely.


I with Joe Biden with this one. We really have to meet in the middle and make sure that video game is authentic and not some Chinese knock off. Now that’s courageous leadership unlike that crazy commie stuff that Bernie keeps talking about.

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Delta’s anti-union thing is already a meme and its been out maneuvered by Homer Simpson.

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Often see your comments as relative, with due respect, not sure this one is rhetorical, irony or plain bs.


WTF are you talking about? Bernie a communist? He is a democratic socialists which is only a bad because media has made it bad.

You don’t hear corporate media denouncing corporate socialism which we have now. They (corporations) behave badly, recklessly and they get bailed out. They get taxpayers subsidies yearly (not all) but many of these corporate greedy scophants i.e. big ag, fossil fuels, airlines, et al check it out for yourself. The amounts they get annually is more than social programs for communities and we the people.

What we are witnessing is reverse robin hood (socialism). Without strong regulations capitalism runs amok. Inequality is what we have and societies/nations die when inequality reaches the levels it is reaching today.


I was browsing various websites when looking at the History of Unions and comparing them Country to Country. At the same time I came across a health report issued on the behalf of health insurers that was studying the state of the peoples health across the nation in the USA.

The first thing that struck me was that here in Canada, the Province with the least amount of workers in Unions is Alberta sitting at 23 percent. This number over twice as high as in the US overall. Texas by contrast was at 4 percent.

So what has this do do with the health report? While correlation is not causation this report was very interesting. The report determined that the health of Americans as a whole was declining. The age of 27 years finds Americans at peak health and after that it declines. After 27 health issues start to occur across the population with greater frequency. There a double digit increase in these illnesses over those that reached the age of 27 only a few decades ago.

Added to that this was worse in various regions of the US. As example people fared worst in the Southern States and higher in the Pacific Northwest or States bordering Canada. The States where the people worst off tended to be the same states that have low rates of unionization.

I do not think it any great leap of faith to suggest that Unions , in garnering better health care benefits for their workers , generally have healthier workers which in turn means less dollars need to be spent out of pocket for health care. Union dues of around 700$$ a year strike me as a bargain.


You can always tell how stupid people are by their attitude toward Unions. Just as dummies support Chump trump they are anti-Union mostly because they are peabrain right wing bass turds.


Dear Mr. Bastian of Delta Airlines:
You know, when CEOs disparage their one employees, that’s bad enough-----but the working people know that by dissing your own employees— the People know that you treat the flying public customers even worse. YOU just outted your own awful self~ : )

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700 BUCKS??? Per year??? OMG, that’s quite the bargain!!!

I’m a retired union electrician from southern Michigan, and living in northern Michigan where union jobs are scarce, the majority being by non-union contractors, paying about a third of a union wage, and often with no bennies; no pension plan, no healthcare, no representation if the contractor decides to terminate you because you wouldn’t use a ladder that should have been taken out of service long ago and replaced.

If I was still working, I’d be paying around the $700 figure per year. But jeez, I’d be making a living wage. That $700 provides me union representation and financial and job security. I never had to beg for better wages or bennies or job safety or security. Even my apprentice training was only a fraction of what tuition at a college or university would have cost for training for lesser paying jobs.

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If the lying corporate media would only tell the public how Bernie supports workers’ rights, the election of 2020 would be essentially over.


You do know his campaign staff recently agreed to representation? That says a lot about his concern for the welfare of working people in this country, possibly everywhere.


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