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'Corporate Influence Has Won': House Passes Anti-GMO Labeling Bill


'Corporate Influence Has Won': House Passes Anti-GMO Labeling Bill

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed legislation that would block states from requiring the labeling of genetically engineered foods, or GMOs—a move that consumer rights groups decried as corporate power defeating Americans' right to know what's in their food.

The bill, H.R. 1599—dubbed the “DARK Act” (Deny Americans the Right to Know) by its critics—passed 275-150.


Well said JonnyJames.

If there is a “free market,” then we could all start a car company if we wanted. Also, socialism would not bail out the banks and other companies.

Think about this; we now have a system that if you are rich enough, when you make money you get to keep most of it without paying your fair share of taxes and when you start to fail, socialism from the 99% bails you out.

It reminds me of the Roman Empire in its later days.


Interesting to think that standing on the beach not everyone can recognize the dynamics of a rip-tide before jumping in and getting caught in the undertow. This cuts both ways. If the system of governance at the highest levels will not protect the right to know then its time to show REAL growth from the majority roots from the soil right on up through society. Make the action of choice for the bloated profiteers to break themselves up and release the energy and beauty of what life is all about.


There is a food co-op in town that specializes in NON-GMO Organicaly grown food, much of it locally grown. In this town anyone who wants NON-GMO enough to pay extra for it, can find it fairly easily. The question is can they afford it? We also have a soup kitchen that relies entirely on donation of money and of food.


The truth you don’t need the truth so shut the “f” up.


Good point. Food companies that want to pursue this niche market should start labeling their products “GMO free”. No law required for that. If the products start flying off the store shelves others are gonna follow suit.


All domesticated plant and animal species are genetically modified. The only way you can refrain from eating genetically modified food is to hunt wild game and gather wild roots and berries and eat these non-genetically-modified foods.

So, it is much more reasonable to label wild animal flesh and wild plant species: “Not Genetially Modified.” But good luck trying to find anything wild in your local grocery store.

Do you really want to label every single item of food in a grocerty store as geneetically modified? Or do you think that using molecular biology to genetically modify an organism is fundamentally different than using selective breeding (what humans have been doing for thousands of years)? If you do, you would fail an introductory biology course.

Since the domestic dog is a genetically modified wolf aare you going to hang a label on your pet dog?


Gibbon said that Pax Romana (the empire from Augustus, when Christ was born, to 200 CE) was the happiest time in history.

You would not have liked the Roman Republic because it was a plutocracy. The elite ruled. LIke the US after the Revolutionary War, only Romans who owned property could vote; women and slaves did not vote.


Are you aware that the Democrats called Lincoln a tyrant because he used his war powers to issue the Emancipation Proclamation and suspend habeas corpus?

If you think Barack Obama is a tyrant, at least he is in good company with Lincoln.


This “argument” is truly nonsense. It is also corporate apologist boilerplate, straight from corporate PR strategy sessions, designed to confuse and play off ignorance. i’m not even going to honor you with a refutation.

Everyone (except shills for corporate control) understands the difference between traditional natural crossing and breeding, which has been practiced for millennia, and the very recent technology of creating GMOs by inserting DNA that would not have been possible through traditional crossing and breeding.


When he signs the DARK ACT Obama (who claimed he would be the most transparent president) will, by any metric you want to apply, become the least transparent president.


Excellent analogy! Protecting mass ignorance of corporate-controlled food is just like the Emancipation Proclamation!


If you are not earning boatloads of money from the oligarchy, you missed your calling.


You really should read some history before pontificating about Rome. The empire lasted from the time of Augustus (when Christ was born) until Constantinople fell to the Muslim Turks in the 15th century CE (1500 years). The empire under Augustus was no less corrupt than the empire before it fell to the Muslims.

It is a myth that the Roman Empire fell because of corruption and that we are somehow like the Roman Empire today. The pagan Roman Empire of Augustus simply evolved into the Christian Roman Empire under Constantine. Mass movements of barbarians throughout the empire caused it to cease to exist as a defined geographic location.


By backing consumers, farmers, and activists into a corner of enforced ignorance, the corporatists who run politics in this country are setting the stage for more direct action resistance.


Have you ever bought food from a truck farm? This is hardly corporate-conttrolled food.


Nice ad hominem argument. Not try making a reasoned argument supporting your a priori assumptions.


I find it unsettling that I am able to find out what’s in the kibble we feed our pets but am prevented from receiving that information on what we feed our grand kids.


Again JonnyJames, I couldn’t agree more. The proof is in the rights that are being given to Corporations over the individual; for example the bankruptcy laws. Now giving Corporations power over states, for example what has been leaked in the TPP and other trade rules.


Another line straight from corporate PR strategy sessions! You are on a roll!

Any normal human understands that patenting of seed confers corporate control, no matter where that seed ends up in the corporate-controlled seed market.

And this proposed new law blocking the consumer’s right to even KNOW if the food they are buying comes from such seed, is simply another element of the metastasizing corporate control of food, from lab to fork.