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Corporate Influence Threatens Human Rights in Communities Nationwide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/28/corporate-influence-threatens-human-rights-communities-nationwide

Between Clinton and Scalia, Buckley v Valeo - the rogues gallery of smarmy greed for power by those whose methods are so convoluted that they must constantly “externalize” all efforts of the demos to get a fair shake. Hence the necessity for this excuse for a system to resort to rapacious practices in 100% denial of any and all consequences.

The regressions institutionalized by “social media”, as a result of the premises advanced by the above model are now in the process of setting thepolis up for being exponentially Zucked
From the wayback machine:

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“Confessions of A Economic Hit Man,” and “The Shock Doctrine.” There is a crack in everything. That is how the light gets in. But people are too jaded to recognize. Wake Up Everybody time to start a new day.

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What about a kind of complacency where well educated persons with discretionary funds just give up to local municipal manipulators? When this “successful” citizen genuflects to power the battle is lost for those with less discretionary funds. When you can comfort yourself with an exotic trip or an expensive glass of wine the status of our situation is rendered powerless. I have seen persons join a climate committee to combat rapid climate change but give up just where the battle begins. Example: not fighting local township regulation against putting solar panels in back yard when rooftop panels are not appropriate because of location of house and trees. They just give up. Not my idea of a good citizen on a rapid global warming committee. Is this cult behavior? Are we still bowing down the cult church and cult business practices? Lateral power and a lateral economy is where the battle should be moving. Making your home a mini power unit is lateral power and a lateral economy and fights rapid climate change.

Two decades ago when Enron was manipulating a deregulated energy market and was Wall Street’s darling, there was a Wall Street Journal article about Enron’s upcoming profit center that would be fueled by buying up water rights in the US and abroad and manipulating water markets.

Although the subsequent Enron crash delayed those efforts, hedge funds, tribes and other entities are now following the Enron model as they scoop up water rights throughout the western US. The October 27 and 28 editions of the Seattle Times includes informative articles on water rights capture in the Pacific Northwest.

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