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Corporate Interests Nervous as Progressive Democrats Surge Ahead of NY and Kentucky Primaries

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/22/corporate-interests-nervous-progressive-democrats-surge-ahead-ny-and-kentucky


Slip slidin away.
We need to elect good peoples who have education, ethics, work hard, well traveled, and listen.

At every level: ;oca;, county, state and federal.
Then, the bad guys do not have the majority they enjoy now.


“Corporate Interests…”

Read: Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, McConnell, etc


I remember when Shirley Chisholm was elected.

All sorts of dire apoplectic stoke apocalyptic premonitions.

It all turned out ok, we were better because of her

I miss Shirley


“If you see all three of them win, it’ll be like lightning struck a house on fire in the middle of an earthquake,”

That wasn’t lightning, that was Bernie.

Remember Bernie, the winning candidate in '16 and '20 that the democrats would not let have the nomination come hell, high water or an earthquake.


I was a precinct delegate for Dr. Chisholm many years ago.


Corporate interests are seriously dependent on corporate welfare which will not end with either of these presidential candidates.


One way to interpret this headline is that the corporation itself is opposed to anything that would be generally deemed progressive. Not a surprise, simply business as usual.

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Of memories: The first campaign in which I volunteered was George McGovern’s.
Even with all the negatives known about Nixon by then, he won by a f*cking landslide.
Never underestimate the mendacity of Republicans.

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This is reflection of the sad truth that money controls the world. The only answer is for all of us, everyone, to stop putting so much damned value on money and material wealth. It’s the answer too many people don’t want to hear, but there is no way for a just, fair, humane society to exist as long as there are human beings who can be bought. Money is meaningless and inconsequential. It doesn’t make you more important than someone else. That’s a lie you’ve been indoctrinated to believe. As long as “everyone has a price” no one will be free. Let it be remembered that this is how this nation fell and how we will wind up in the nightmare world waiting just around the corner.


Concise snapshot of the machinations of Mitch McConnell:


So . . . if Booker wins (all fingers crossed), how to face these obstacles and take action (forceful action---- with the help of the momentum gathering throughout the u.s.) between now and November in spite of what McConnell helped put in place to maintain his power?

Corporate pirates lobby and corrupt government on different levels to serve private profits over public health and safety - profits over people and planet, over the Common Good and a just, equitable society, with public taxes going to serve the war machine and militarized police, Wall Street and fossil-fuel conglomerate, NOT things like clean water, air, healthy food and other atrocities!

"How can it be that in the midst of a pandemic, children living in the richest country in world history are being poisoned by tap water? For decades, our government has put corporate profits ahead of guaranteeing its people the right to clean water. We have neglected the most basic public investments to keep Americans healthy and safe. Now, as America battles an unprecedented public health crisis, we can no longer continue along a course in which companies have been allowed to buy up, privatize, and profit off a basic human right. The solution is not more privatization – Congress (must) end decades of neglect and immediately invest billions into our public water systems so that we can finally guarantee clean drinking water to everybody." The ugly reality of racism is central to many forms of pollution and poisoning of neighborhoods that sicken and kill, while Congress evades responsibility! ENOUGH!

“The American Society of Civil Engineers gives our drinking water infrastructure a “D”” The obscenities of

This is a scandal of massive proportions giving vulture capitalism and greed the freedom to victimize the public - to steal the future for millions to serve wealth and corrupt power - modern serfdom, wage and debt/interest slavery, usury on a massive scale, in addition to a health=care system that is a criminal enterprise - the human rights for sale to greed-driven corruption served by our now absurdly corrupt Congress, down to local governments turned into business interests robbing society!

"Socialism"? or common decency, a truly strong nation and sustainable future? Its clear the “dirty word” SOCIALISM is reflective of human values and rights!

~https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/commentisfree/2020/jun/23/clean-water-should-be-an-american-human-right-not-a-government-profit-machine” - The water scandal of America!

~https://www.resumen-english.org/2020/06/why-there-are-no-george-floyds-in-cuba/ - Why Are There No George Floyds (and thousands others) in Cuba?


Corporate interests lie in maximizing profits and that means keeping the share of corporate gross revenue going to labor and the Middle class as low as possible, and it means getting the highest market share, displacing us smaller competitors as needed.

This means that corporate interests are generally in conflict with the interests of most of us. Yet corporate interests and corporate money dominate both parties.

The only way I can see out of a corporate control that is against our interests so that we can move toward having government of the people, by the people, and of the people (instead of, by, and for corporations and the their major owners, the uber-rich and their aristocracy), is a progressive takeover of the Democratic Party, starting with the primaries.

The primaries should be our focus, rather than the following elections (which gets the dominant focus now) - when it’s actually too late.

“Outside groups like the Democratic Majority for Israel have invested $5 million into protecting the seat and keeping the centrist hawk in power”.

There is something very wrong with being a Democratic for Israel (or any foreign country, friend or foe). Being a Democrat for Israel means in any conflict of interest situation you would prime facie take Israel’s side rather than the side of the competing US interests, major, or minor such as funding.

Placing a foreign countries interest first is not what we need. A good example would be Israel’s former PM’s call for a war on terror even on the day of 9/11 (leading GW Bush) and powerful push by Netanyahu and democrats for Israel for a war against Israel’s adversary, Iraq, and it’s persistent lobbing for us to “take care of” its adversary Iran - look where that has gotten us (and the Middle East in general). We need Democrats for the US rather than some foreign power. The conflicts of interests we have with Israel are too significant to be glossed over.

That was because of something called the “GATS” that they should have, but never told us anything about.
Know anything about it?

Bernie is a threat to the ruling class because he represented change. They don’t want change, period.

You’ll have to be more specific, treaties can be broken, modified, or simply ignored. We’ve done it before.

From 1778 to 1871, the United States government entered into more than 500 treaties with the Native American tribes; all of these treaties have since been violated in some way or outright broken by the US government, while at least one treaty was violated or broken by Native American tribes.

List of international treaties, agreements, etc Trump has broken:

You misunderstand you’re assuming we dont want to obey it, but we do, as its a good excuse to not do what people need or expect.

The reason they wouldnt want Bernie to win is that they all lied to us in one way or another. This particular treaty is basically something the US was more responsible than any other country for. It isnt just a treaty, its a plan, or maybe an alliance by the global oligarchy of thieves, to steal the entire world from its people, of whom we are a part.

I know that sounds a little extreme, to say the least but that is clearly what it is. Theres no way around it.

the acronym stands for “General Agreement on Trade in Services” It makes almost everything we need FTA-illegal. We need to leave it, as its poison to democracy.

Here is some reading on how its privatizing water specifically and all services generally. The second non-video link is particularly good.


Stealing our Water - Implications of GATS for Global Water Resources - gats_stealing_water.pdf

GATS and Public Service Systems

You misunderstand you’re assuming we dont want to obey it, but we do, as its a good excuse to not do what people need or expect.

No, I’m not. I know good and well how the deck is stacked against ordinary people, particularly in this country. That isn’t going to change until more real progressives are in Congress and the White House, probably not in my lifetime. This is, after all, the reason so many support Bernie (our last best chance for change). Bolton said he is voting for Biden, this is how interchangeable the two parties are and how worthless Biden will be.

Don’t discount the youth, minorities, the poor and the disenfranchised. They’re in the streets demanding change. It won’t happen soon, but it will happen – one way or another, someday.

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Hopefully soon!

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Actually, Bolton said he wouldn’t be voting for Trump, and then in the next breath said he wouldn’t be voting for Biden either.