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Corporate Lawsuits Could Devastate Poor Countries Grappling With COVID-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/29/corporate-lawsuits-could-devastate-poor-countries-grappling-covid-19

One wonders why said poor nations don’t just simply sic their intelligence services on the law firms promulgating these suits? Or said intelligence services only really any good at repressing their own people?


The short answer, our Wall Street and American corporate musclemen would crush them, if they’re not already in the musclemen’s pockets.

Most poor nations political class are usually in the pockets of the world monied class. Not quite sure about corporate mercenaries though: they’ve shown themselves to be quite ineffectual when confronted by those similarly armed and not afraid of bullies (i.e., Fallujah 2004).

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The musclemen I’m referring to starts with a C and ends with IA. Their main reason for existing is what I explained above, “Intelligence” is just a side gig to legitimize them in the publics eye. Only 1/3 of their organization functions in the intelligence field, the other 2/3’s are the “Black Op’s” wing, to keep foreign governments in line with what WS and corporate leaders want, usually extraction of the foreign countries resources at pennies on the dollar.


From its’ days as the OSS to the end of the Cold War; certainly. Since then, they’ve been outsourcing a lot of their wet work functions to others (particularly since Dubya, Cheney, & Co.) including private companies (Edward Snowdon was working for Booz Allen Hamilton – who I ran into in my past employment as a corporate drudge – wholly different department though) or the services of other countries. There are also other countries with similarly fierce intelligence agencies, Russia’s FSB & GRU, China’s MSS, France’s DGSE, just to name a few, who are eager to compete with the CIA on multiple fronts.


Those of us who have fought against corporate capture of governments’ judiciaries disguised as “trade deals” during the last 40 years have been labeled “radicals”.

We are “radical” only in the context of George Orwell noting that “in an era of widespread deceit, telling the truth is a radical act”.