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Corporate Lobby Spends $600,000 to Demote Chief Justice as Criminal Probe of Walker Campaign Looms


Corporate Lobby Spends $600,000 to Demote Chief Justice as Criminal Probe of Walker Campaign Looms

Mary Bottari

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC), Wisconsin's premier lobby for corporate tax breaks and low wage jobs, has unleashed a $600,000 ad blitz to strip Wisconsin's independent Chief Justice of her title just as the court prepares to take up the "John Doe" criminal probe of Scott Walker and the special interest groups that defended him against recall in 2012.

WMC's spending in the recall campaigns is one of key issues in the case. The case will be be considered in secret without oral arguments by Wisconsin's Supreme Court whose conservative majority was elected by WMC.


“The John Doe case will now go behind closed doors and will be considered by four justices elected by massive WMC ad buys, as my colleague Brendan Fischer has detailed. WMC has spent at least $7.25 million electing the court’s right-wing majority, based on its own estimates.”

This is but a taste of what the prior system of laws and rendering justice will look like once TPP and its trade “cousins” are signed into law. Bodies answerable to their corporate controllers will arguably decide what’s fair, how to protect nature’s irreplaceable assets, and what constitutes fair wages. Needless to say to the Deciding Entities, nothing trumps profit and that undermines every other would-be just clause.

As is common to top-down military-like “control states” and other autocratic nations, and as seen in our own increasingly martial-land, entities merely answer to themselves. The public and former binding laws in place to protect citizens are completely bypassed.

When torture can be merely renamed something else–like “Enhanced Interrogation” and get a pass; and when checks and balances upon govt. branches in place to guard against wars of choice are undone; and when soldiers who protest war must stand before military tribunals composed of those who make war their lifelong mission… then there are no offsets to what corrupt power can do. Most of the mainstream media merely repeats official stories these days, and few Academics feel ready to challenge the message hegemony which is to acceptable state narrative what propaganda was to the reign of the Nazis.

Since screws of this type are being tightened simultaneously in a great many nations, the blowback–only now in beginning stages–will be immense. In my view, the “war on terror” is mostly a pretext allowing for the arming of soldiering forces within regions that are apt to see citizens’ uprisings due to the way elites are rolling back laws, liberties, and livelihoods. (The evidence of the Piketty Study shows where the $ is going and in fact being engineered that way to turn the world back to feudalism, 21st century style).

Collapse is inevitable. Watch for falling debris.


And the governor of Wisconsin wants to be king/president …


This story is chilling in its own right and a harbinger of evil to come.

A clear example of how the rule of law can be corrupted and thus not in any way the same as or a substitute for justice.


Well said Siouxrose11. I enjoy reading your posts.

I might also add that what has leaked about the TPP will be a huge step toward the “feudalism, 21st century style,” since corporate tribunals run by corporations’ may overturn any governments laws by only proving that the laws are “costing the corporations’ profits.”