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Corporate Media Condemned for Handing Trump Megaphone to Spout Racist 'Stream of Lies'


Corporate Media Condemned for Handing Trump Megaphone to Spout Racist 'Stream of Lies'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After President Donald Trump exploited the enormous free platform he was needlessly granted by America's major television networks Tuesday night to deliver an immigration address replete with the same disinformation and dehumanizing rhetoric he has deployed since stepping foot on the campaign trail, critics denounce


Hopefully, with Trump lies on full display, this obvious ploy backfired.


Donny Dump is a cash cow for the corporate media. What we witnessed last night can best be summarized by the word “investment”.


Well said.


So Jake Johnson you are so embarrassed of the highest elected officer in the USA that you do not want the public to see him speak through the national propagandist media. Well sorry this is the highest elected officer in our land. He is a rather good example of who Americans are. Consider looking deeper into our leadership to find the heroes you are looking for. Consider Pompeo, Bolton, Haspel, perhaps they would be better to show the world what America has become.

You media people particularly at CD avoid any news of our foreign policy as it is so drenched in unmentionables. Illegal wars in many countries, over throwing democracies, bombing hospitals, water treatment plants, food production facilities or staving people into submission. All hidden away by the media or spun till the bearings freeze.

Now you wish to hide from the people that horror which is America. The lies, the hate, racism, hide it all. We are losing face and honor at an astounding rate and must stop showing the world selfies of the real America. In fact pass a law to prevent any politics domestic or foreign until America can get the monkey off its back.


Here is an article that looks at what has happened to democracy in the United States:


We are living in a post-democracy oligarchy.


Patients in the dementia ward will regularly spout (1) racially insensitive comments that a normal dog-whistler wouldn’t want to say in public, and (2) rather nonsensical statements in general. The staff learns to mistrust all of these particular patients’ statements, with exceptions.

Mr. Trump honestly believes that the Democrats are fighting for the steel fence, while he is holding out for the concrete barrier. Um, er,… Yesterday would have been an appropriate time to invoke the twenty-fifth amendment to the U.S. Constitution.


Trump is the drowning man reaching his arm and hand out of the water the 2nd time as he proceeds to sink.


Good post. In NOT broadcasting this message , the media would have in fact been acting as a censor helping to preserve the myth that the Government of the USA is concerned with peace and justice , equality and human rights , when it is not and when it has never been.

The question is now, given that through Herr Trump has exposed the rot at the core of the US Government , what will this media do about it? Will they keep reporting on Russia-gate and will they keep reporting on all of those heroes going overseas to blow up another village?


Two things tell me things will continue to spiral down in the media. First is the crazy idea that American elections are a contest between the lesser of two evils as yes you end up with evil as demonstrated. Second it is hard to tell the American public that what they have already reported is a lye. For example Obama said that Assad must go because he was undemocratic and gassed his own people when it was actually about using American lives/soldiers to get control of the Golan heights for Israel. As the heights have enough oil to make Israel an exporter.


Quick throw him a bag of silver dollars,which he will surely grab.


If we’d known he was going to bore us to death with the same old immigration and wall lies (I switched channels after 30 seconds), I’d agree that Corporate Media should be condemned for broadcasting his ugly face. But many people including me thought he was going to announce a “national emergency”. Who the hell knew he’d get free media time for his first campaign speech? If we’d all known that, our viewing might have been very different with an enthusiastic refusal of the MSM of his speech.

What an ass.


The Fundamental question all persons calling themselves Journalists must ask is “are the people better served by seeing the unadultrated truth or is it the medias role to pick and chose what should be reported on and act as gatekeepers to the truth”?

Herr Trumps racism was broadcast for all to see. Imagine had he said these very things ano no one was made aware of it. Would that be better?

Your links to Global Research is just the tip of the iceberg on things the media will NOT report on because they do NOT want citizens to see the truth unfiltered.


I had much better things to do — talking to homeless people about how to eat healthy given their circumstances…


Corporate media gave Trump an easy ride into the White House. Republican Party totally loyal. Last night’s speech was written by a Jew whose relatives were killed by Hitler named Stephen Miller. Miller prefers to be on the winning side of fascism which is the racist hatred the “Wall” represents to Trump’s base. Trump has massive power in the US to be a Dictator as he was set up to do.


. . . giving the MSM a good excuse to charge Tweetle-Dumb the going rate per minute for a prime-time advertisement the next time he tries to make a “speech”.   OTOH, they’re already raking it in from their
existing advertisers:

If Bernie had gotten 1/4 the free air time on the nightly “News” that Tweetle-Dumb got in 2016, he’d have beaten Krooked Hilliary by 50% in the DamnocRatic Primary, and Tweetle-Dumb by 3 to 1 in the General Election.

May we presume by “lye” that you are referring to Tweetle-Dumb’s base?



Wait — you actually expected something else?


…you actually expected something else?

As I said, I thought he might tell America that he was declaring a “national emergency”. That would have been a change, and he said he’d thought about it. I was ready to go tear up weeds in my back yard, but he was just boring.


Johnson sez:
“… critics denounced the corporate media’s continued role in amplifying Trump’s speeches despite knowing they will be full of harmful lies.”

Perhaps the ‘critics’ should peruse those corporate charters. Those lies are ratings gold; it would be a disservice to shareholders to deny them to the public.