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Corporate Media Condemned for Handing Trump Megaphone to Spout Racist 'Stream of Lies'


I can’t believe anyone here watched this dolt deliver his dog and pony show. Just gives him badly needed credit, and the networks more advertisement dollars. Anything thing important will be reported the next day, so it’s not like you’re going to miss anything. The media has a right to broadcast this dipstick, just like we have a right not to watch it.


I refuse to watch that fascist excrement…


In my opinion, the networks " did not fall for it" and had to know better that Trump would use the major networks to appeal to his base for campaign funds.


Exactly! And, IMHO, that’s were we citizens should focus our attention. Remember, “Trump’s bad for the country, but he’s great for CBS.”


I remember very well how the media refused Obama the power of the presidency ----to give a national speech to the American people------I wonder if Bernie had been elected would the media do the same thing?-----THE REAL ISSUE IS THE CORPORATE MEDIA!

And Sanders was to gentle with the corporate media in 2016. Any person running in 2020 should make this a prime issue in their campaign-----THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN THEIR GUTS KNOW THEY ARE BEING FED BS.

I watched Sen Brown of Ohio call out Chuckie Todd ------the expression on Todd’s face was priceless----its like your not following the script.


Never forget it was corporate media who help gave us Trump with their constant showings of his rallies and the complete absence of coverage on the only candidate who could beat him. Expect the same thing to happen in 2020. Les Moonves might not be with CBS any longer but his joy with Trump in office carries over to all of MSM. They have never gotten better ratings before he came along. They want to keep that golden goose, even as it shits all over the rest of us.


What is going on is very ugly, but nobody can deny that Americans deserve it. With each passing day, the time when the US becomes the same type of dictatorship Americans had been shoving down the throats of much of the World inches ever closer.
Those of us who can afford it will move to better places, and the ignorant racist white blue collar trash will stay and enjoy their third world status, with their low-IQ inbred descendants living in a country increasingly populated by sub-par humans.
But not all is horrible, there is a silver lining. Trump is utterly revolting, but his white trash worshipers are nauseating beyond description, and in Trump they’ll find precisely what they deserve.


I thought they should show it with a laugh track.


This was a campaigning fund raising ad that appeals to his base. So no, it won’t fail. His base will eat it all up. He is already laying the groundwork for running again.