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Corporate Media 'Culpable,' Say Women's Rights Advocates, for Bolstering Trump's Abortion Lies


Corporate Media 'Culpable,' Say Women's Rights Advocates, for Bolstering Trump's Abortion Lies

Julia Conley, staff writer

Women's rights advocates were relieved late Monday when Senate Democrats blocked an extreme anti-choice bill from advancing to a floor debate—but were soon outraged by President Donald Trump's lies about abortion care, as well as the corporate media for enabling his blatantly false characterization of the bill to stand.



Small-government Rs—gotta love 'em.
(sarcasm alert)



“Corporate Media is Complicit.”

Make them pay.




These people are pro-birth, not pro-life. They don’t give a damn about you once you leave the womb, especially if you are not white.



Yes—or as somebody once called them, fetus fetishists.



Pro-breeding is more accurate.

Crank out more impoverished potential terrorists and defacto slaves.



We need gang warfare. There are more congressman on the left than the right. When do the all join together to denounce the crap that comes out of Trump’s mouth. Just a daily, “Trump you’re an ass, or Trump, you lied again.”
Where is the truth to power? Are they all cowards, or do they think Trump deserves some modicum of respect?

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Absolutely. Right-wing-nuts are pro-birth, not pro-life, in many ways.
Also stated wrongly is, liberals are pro-abortion. Wrong.
Liberals are pro-choice, and whether they are pro- life or anti-abortion is secondary.



The Fourth Estate is therefore also culpable for enforcing society’s ugly stain, misogyny…

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Respect isn’t to be just given, it must be earned.

In my opinion, the only thing Trump’s earned is a cold cell.

Without the Media’s cooperation, our cries of outrage go unheard.

Unless millions rise up.



Exactly, until the GOP passes legislation to protect and take care of the babies they want born, they can piss-off.



This has been the mainstream media’s SOP throughout the Trump era: Take dictation, report verbatim,
whine about being called fake news, and hail the guy who helps you sell papers and airtime.



They bleep out “dirty” words on network TV so why not Donnie’s lies? His dishonesty is much more offensive to the ear and more damaging than someone saying f***.



They will gladly pass such a law. And it will be a child support law.



Yeah, now the MSM seems so intent on allowing Duopoly politicians to express on camera, their outrage at Michael Cohen because he’s a convicted liar, and how can anyone believe anything he reveals in this three days of testimony in Washington DC.

And, on the other hand, we have the most prolific Pathological Liar who has lied to the American People virtually every day for over two years, and the MSM for the most part, never even acknowledge this one simple fact.



The lies about abortion continue to pour from the GOP right wing propaganda machine.

Notice that in “late term abortions” the term “THERAPEUTIC” abortion was erased.

These are difficult decisions which women and men make - sometimes alone and sometimes
as a family – where they elect to terminate the dependent life of a fetus or developing child
on the HOST, the female.

These abortions are RARE – about one in every county in every state every year.

In New Jersey, we have 21 counties – which means about 21 problem pregnancies every year
which threaten the life, health or future fertility of the child.

The stories are just as rarely told – though quite a few women did testify publicly to Congress
at one point stressing the need to protect the right of women to third trimester abortions.

In some cases the head of the child is so large that it would prevent a vaginal delivery.
Thus a Cesarean could be forced on the mother versus removing the fetus by other means -
means which preserve her health. But what we see over and over again, the right wing is not
at all interested in the health of the female – it is interested in stopping abortion – and stopping
birth control which interferes greatly with their need for cheap labor and higher profits.

In other cases, the placenta is greatly enlarged threatening not only the current pregnancy
but any future pregnancy of the female.

In still other cases, very young girls who are victims of incest by fathers, grandfathers, brothers,
uncles and male friends of the family would be forced to bear a child and to suffer the pregnancy’s
effects on her own still developing body – all to deliver a life she cannot and does not want to
have and cannot be responsible for. In other cases, these young girls from other countries are
threatened at home not as victims of incest, but as having encouraged incest.