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Corporate Media Egging on Trump's Divisive—and Lucrative—Braggadocio



The entire "selection" is a product of the massive wealth and power at the top. All the candidates, other than Bernie Sanders, are earning millions. Scott Walker quit with many millions in his political fund thanks to his massive support from the Kochs who are spending a billion dollars on this "selection". While Trump preaches fascism based on racial and religious hatred, he provides the entertainment for the corporate/FOX media pushing the years' long "selection". Much of the fear comes from Bushco's invasion of Iraq for oil profits and massive profits from running the war. Now that there is blow back from the destroyed massive areas of the Middle East having been bombed for ten years they blame the Muslims and their religion. The US empire is a corrupt empire that can not call itself a respectable nation anymore.


You are SO right. Corporatists control government in the USA except maybe at the local level (hopefully). Theirs is a godless belief system that only worships Mammon. We are taken in by the MSM... But, will the Cards beat the Vikings tonight?


" the unlimited political spending corrupting the U.S. political system " is the best straight line I've read this year. Really, I couldn't re-type that with a straight face. After almost 4 decades of the " selling out and off " of this country by the financial and political elites of both parties; do we really think there's more that could be corrupted nationally in our various systems of gov't.? I can't see much more that anybody with billions would pay much for, actually. And, why should they pay when the advertisers selling boner pills, $50K automobiles, all inclusive white resorts ( in other people's countries' ) and adult diapers are eager to jump in on the white hot action, anyway? Mr. Moonves, and his ilk, are being remarkably honest in creating and nurturing a New American Brand of disaster capitalists ( amateur racist politicians, with microphones, spoiling for a fight ). And, disaster capitalism; with its' catchy slogans like " carpet bombing ", a " well-armed citizenry " and " regime change " spewed across the airwaves, unrelentingly. With 55-60% of the entire U.S. citizenry ready to pull the trigger....er lever, in 2016; for a Neo-Facist or a Neo-Con the real excitement hasn't even begun in earnest, yet. Just wait until one these looney sides loses in less than a year. I can hardly wait to see the exploding heads and more skyrocketing gun sales: S/ Then Mr. Moonves will have more great news to tell his stockholders: " political hate and economic disaster really sells well. We'll definitely be creating more of it, for sure. "


"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power."
Benito Mussolini


Everything is MONEY in the Last Capitalist Empire, otherwise known as the United States of Amoralism. The culture is so corrupt there are people who would have been happy to make money covering Nazi rallies in Hitler's Germany. Every new act of Nazi barbarism would have been treated as more "opportunity for investors." Auschwitz would have been an absolute windfall for the profit-making news corporations. The audience share would be excellent as the networks broadcast live footage of the most terrible place that has ever existed on earth. Shareholders would be happy. The management would pay themselves handsome bonuses.


THIS is what it is really about.
Making Money for the media and establishing name recognition for the fascist and for the token non-white, so they can keep coming up later and whore themselves for more money.

The establishment monkey and the Koch pet are already in for the nomination.


Always the same, show me the money greed is good.


Three years ago a friend who has worked for major city daily newspapers for four decades told me that political campaign advertising is essential to keeping 90% of the major city daily newspapers from going out of business. You can bet they will fight tooth and nail to keep big money in politics and keep elections as sensational as possible.


"We're happy as hell, and we want to take more and more!"


The corporate media making $5 billion on our presidential election is unexceptionable. No body should be allowed to make one penny on our elections. Television stations have been given a privileged to broadcast and transmit. With that privileged should come a responsibility. They should be required to put aside time slots to be used for the public good. Any candidate who has enough support to be on a ballot should be given equal amounts of air time to advertise their candidacy and present their platform, without charge. They should have public debates without sponsors or advertising. They should not use their privileged position to endorse or represent any candidate. We need this as well as campaign financing laws if we are going to continue to have a democracy.


How could anyone be surprised the MSM are profit vultures? They are Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns. Where are professional journalists when we need them? Gone the way of
politcians who want to serve for the good of the people...........extinct


Minds dominated by the profit motive will rationalize everything always. Since capitalism has no commitment to, nor room for integrity, truth, and other human virtues, whether it is media, military, business or government we see the same stories endlessly. Quite clearly, it is this ignorant anti-human ideology that needs castration. Putting band aids on the daily exhibitions of human debauchery merely perpetuate the corruption. Our thinking is sick, so "new" ideas just continue to manifest the illness. The contagion is rampant.