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Corporate Media Filled With Nameless Voices Attacking Progressive Democrats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/21/corporate-media-filled-nameless-voices-attacking-progressive-democrats


Mr. Cho has got it exactly right. And, these are just the latest examples of a several decades long process. Uniparty, anyone? Thanks, Mr. Cho and CD.
Progressive hammer meet Corporate nail. It feels kind of nice, actually.


Lets be blunt, only cowards attack someone in the press anonymously.


Whomever said, " politics is the last vestige of scroundrels had it wrong, it’s the first " should of included America’s MSM to be completely accurate.


That’s Entertainment!

…while the real deals happen behind the scenes.

While I decry the anonymous flame-throwers, the out-in-the-open establishment Dem crybaby mouthpieces like Neera Tanden are worse. Why are they worse? Because they continue to badmouth progressives even after their style of politics brought us Trump.

I mean, Jeebus H Christ, they’re still blaming Bernie Bros, Russia, Susan Sarandon, Jill Stein, or basically anyone/anything except their own stupid choice of a nominee for 2016. And now they’re hyping Joe ByeDone – damn!


You don’t have to believe in the divinity of Ocasio-Cortez and company to know that those dissing them are dab hands at devilry.


Many of that time still do that here suggesting that if the “purists” had voted Hilary there would be no Donald.

The closer reality is that had the “centrists” voting Hilary voted for Sanders instead, there would be no Trump and you would likely be well on your way towards Medical for all , action on Climate Change and policies that out the worker ahead of the Corporations. Those that supported Hilary lost the election to Trump.


Don’t forget, % wise, more Sanders voters cast ballots for Hillary in 2016 than Hillary voters cast ballots for Obama, in 2008.
Oh, the irony. Oh, the hypocrisy.

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Gregory Meeks cares more about Manhattan than Queens.

Direct Democracy

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Headline for headlines: The corporate duopoly and media unite against progressives and democracy and a livable planet and a living wage and heath care and health of people and the rest of nature and clean safe renewable energy fast enough to natter and…

“Why the Democratic National Committee Must Change the Rules and Hold a Climate Debate
Having a habitable Earth is not a “single issue”: it is the single precondition for every other issue’s existence.”

“Saving the Planet Means Fighting Bipartisan Corruption:
Major donors to both parties are trying desperately to get more fossil fuels to market”

“Corporate Media Filled With Nameless Voices Attacking Progressive Democrats
Here’s a question: Why grant anonymity to a partisan source making an inaccurate attack—unless giving cover for a non-returnable attack on a progressive political figure was the point?”

Progressives are the only ones who support solutions to the climate and larger ecological crisis. If the corporate duopoly party and media keep them out of office for another 5 years civilization will almost certainly not survive.

Join the general strike and other actions in September, led by the Sunrise movement, Extinction Rebellion, school strikers, and taking its climate plan from science and The Climate Mobilization.

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blame the speck in someone else’s eye–can’t see the boulder in their own–because they r the 1% and don’t give a d— about you and me


Or, in other words: “don’t trust mainstream media, period”.


OMG - the last few days have been absolutely ridiculous and its proof that there has never been a desire on the part of party centrists to ‘work together’. It has always been and will always be about making as much money as possible via the vehicle of politics. The gloves are off and there is no pretending anymore. They will do and say anything to attempt to take out progressives who are in politics to do right by the people.

Neera and her Twitter buddies can go to Hell.


I love AOC, we are so fortunate to have her voice in the house . Chuck, Nancy and the rest, get the hell out of the way !

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