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Corporate Media Give Trump Powers He Doesn’t Actually Possess

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/15/corporate-media-give-trump-powers-he-doesnt-actually-possess


When Saint Ronny ascended the throne in 1981, the military industrial complex quickly morphed into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC). Hollywood joint ventured with the military to produce TOP GUN and RED DAWN (propaganda disguised as movies) reporters became imbedded with military units and developed new euphemisms like “collateral damage” just in time for the Gulf War.


Great point on this article. The fucktard-in-chief has been enabled far too long because “he is good for CBS”. Well how in the hell is that going for US so far? Almost everyone I know is well beyond wanting to pop the Orange Pustule once and for all. Damn, I want boredom. I dream of it.


i try to never watch or listen to the turd, but my partner just had t.rump on Facebook livestream via PBS, in GA with fake governor Kemp, talking up some new executive order to block environmental review of projects, supposedly because you know those evil “liberals” and environmentalists just want to destroy America which is why we can’t do anything anymore but we need to just go build lots of freeways and pipelines and skyscrapers and get the economy roaring, etc.

Pretty sure it’s a similar situation, and he is asserting authority he does not actually have. i’ll wait for the analysis here at Common Dreams and at Counterpunch.


Oh and he was speaking in front of a UPS logo, because you know the USPS is evil and wrong. Obviously.

I recall one press conference with George W Bush from some factory. There a pile of boxes behind him and all of them had a “Made In USA” sticker on them. As it turned out the sticker was taped over top a “made in China” emblem.

To either side were “workers” in hard hats that were applauding after every sentence.

It all a farce but the public eat it up.


So, has any corporate outlet corrected their initial coverage in the wake of Hemel’s and others’ record straightening

And if not, is that still due to “credulity”

Or something a mite more sinister?


“Washington Post, 5/4/20) offered a valuable corrective to media inflation of Trump’s powers.”

Yay! Of course that must be because the ‘Washington Post’ is not ‘corporate media’ as it is privately owned by Jeff Bezos.

What should be talked about is ‘commercial media’. That is, news and information services that operate in order to make a profit. Noting that national, publicly funded ‘not for profit’ news and information services in other countries (e.g. Australia, Canada, and U.K) are ‘corporations’.

Maybe its time to be be ‘de-mesmerized’ by the word ‘corporation’.

There also seems to be a general mix-up with commercial entities with shareholders and the economic theory of ‘corporatism’. For the curious, start with these:

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The mass media is owned by international corporations like Mickey Mouse so they are not journalists and we know this. Martha Raddatz censors truth for every military story, every one. They are hired non-disclosure statements.
Where OH WHERE did RUDY GO? Rudy is the president’s lawyer and being investigated and has dug himself a big hole. We got a gopher. NOBODY knows more than Rudy. Rudy knows TOO much about NYPD, about 9-11, about Russians and Saudis and Iraqis and lots of stuff so I got a bet Rudy is going to run like a rabbit. Run Rudy Run. Israel might be nice this time of year for the elusive Rudy.

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That is why i regularly focus on the “limited-liability, investor-owned” corporation. Which i call for to be abolished!

I think you just explained my catholic education to me, including the notion of carrying out the duties of your state in life, which terrified me because I realized, even at a pretty tender age, that this was not about doing a good job but about class.

Good point. Greed is the problem

You won’t see corporate media correcting their reporting until the lawsuits happen and the statue-destroyers and egregiously endangered meat processors win in court.

The media and the Republican-led Senate have enabled this administration for 3 1/2 years. Many of the people who own media outlets are not journalists, but business people who want to make a profit. I don’t trust any main stream media source. They report the lies as though there is some truth to them.

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Look at Russia and China-----both now have in effect dictatorships----remember a guy named Smedly Butler--------The Corporate Overlords would love to have a dictator-----

We need to end the POLICE STATE!

Healthcare Centers in every neighborhood

Start calling campaighn donations what they are----BRIBES—