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Corporate Media Hope Labour’s Corbyn Loses Election—and Badly


Corporate Media Hope Labour’s Corbyn Loses Election—and Badly

Ben Norton

Millions of people across the United Kingdom are voting in an early general election on June 8.

For the first time in several decades, voters have the possibility of electing a staunch left-wing prime minister, Jeremy Corbyn. The popular and subversive Labour leader, a longtime anti-war activist and party outsider, has pledged to boost public spending, to nationalize utilities and railroads, and to halt imperialist military policies abroad.


An excellent article confirming with statistical evidence what everyone has always suspected. Pity the supposedly impartial BBC wasn’t included in it because they have been anti-Corbyn since day one of his election as leader of the Labour Party and increasingly they resemble the propaganda wing of the Conservative Party.


Corbin and Sanders give the people hope and distraction. Without them, the oligarchy would have a harder time controlling and fleecing the public.

Direct Democracy


The good news here is that the media being referred to in this article are having less and less influence - especially on the opinions of young people - as time goes on. At this point it seems that there was a strong Labor turnout and the Conservatives will probably not get a Parliamentary majority.


The NY Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post ; " all the Center-Right propaganda fit to print, and worse ". ( And, PM May is an incompetent stooge. How anyone could endorse her is gobsmacking after her sloppy work on security matters. Condi Rice looks on par with her, as bumblers go. )
These rags don’t appreciate their readers, they abuse them. Since the Reagan & Thatcher years.
Here’s to Corbyn and Labour’s upseting the British version of The Uniparty. We need to take a breather from this Washington-London-New York City triangulation, slow motion strangulation.


I have little hope that Corbyn, like Sanders (“socialist” must always be placed in quotes with both, if we’re honest), will prove truly worthy of this vitriol, but I dearly desire to see him afforded the opportunity to prove me wrong.