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Corporate Media Ignoring Puerto Rico's 'Shock Doctrine' Makeover


Corporate Media Ignoring Puerto Rico's 'Shock Doctrine' Makeover

Reed Richardson

Nearly five months after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, more than a hundred thousand U.S. citizens there still lack clean drinking water, and almost one-third of the island has no reliable electric power. As initial life-sustaining recovery efforts still grind toward completion, Puerto Rico’s Gov.


This is no surprise, the corporate media are part of the effort of the Doctrine.


Beat me to it, Trauma Tech !

From 9-11-01 to the 2008 meltdown to every natural disaster between and since, Murkin oligarchy does not let any crisis go to waste…always making sure that acceleration of wealth transfer from the 99% to the 1% is the hub of all crisis “recovery” programs at home and abroad.


A good article about something that has, to a great extent, dropped off the radar. It is important to pay attention to what is not being done for Puerto Rico, as well as what is being done to Puerto Rico.

It is not unreasonable to assume that Puerto Rico is a dress rehearsal for future plans for the rest of us.

Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine is certainly proving to be an accurate analysis of what is really happening, and why!


Exactly. A central part. To expect them to not play their social role is childish. More importantly, what is the lib/prog and left media doing with this and what organizing is going on? Democracy Now! has pretty good coverage because of Juan Gonzalez who is an actual journalist with deep roots in Puerto Rico.


Disaster capitalism did not start with 91. I’d suggest the rapacious behavior of the U.S. slave-holding planter class as one example. Capitalism is designed to squeeze profit for its owners by any means necessary. Most wars are more a function of disaster capitalism than their stated “causes.” Humankind and the Grandmother Earth be damned!


Like China may be proving, the only way for the left to compete with capital is to have more capital than your competitors. Would PR suffer the Shock Doctrine if it was not bankrupt?

Which raises the question, does having more of the root of all evil make one more evil?


6 major Corporations own virtually all the media outlets in the USA. Investors in these Corporations also own shares in all of those industries that are being touted as potential targets for Government contracts to take over the rebuilding efforts under the privatized model. Added to this these same Corporations do very much what they do with the Politicans they influence via Campaign donations , that is is by paying off the media via advertising dollars.

There should be no surprise here. It big business as usual.


You are exactly right, here is a recent example:


Why am I not surprised this came out of V.B.


In most cases, but not all.


I wonder what the Governor’s price was.


Funny, well not exactly, that you say, “Grandmother Earth.”

Senior abuse is on the rise.

I reckon her Social Security checks are not enough to pay for her care, and her kids are about ready to dump her out on the sidewalk.


“Corporate Media Ignoring Puerto Rico’s ‘Shock Doctrine’ Makeover”

What, you expected different? Time to get with the program Reed.


Yeah Reed.

Corporate welfare is only for those, “Too Rich To Care” about the little people(the masses) and their petty needs that they should be taking are of by themselves.


I used to say “Mother Earth,” then I heard a Native American woman refer to the biosphere as “Grandmother Earth.” It seems more appropriate somehow. Larger and timeless. Anyway, I’ll stick with it.