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Corporate Media Setting Stage for New Cold War With China

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/17/corporate-media-setting-stage-new-cold-war-china

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Global climate change is going to force all nations to bring a significant portion of manufacturing back within their or their neighbor’s boundaries in order to minimize the use of fossil fuel (bunker oil) involved in seeking the cheapest labor markets. This should result in a flattening of many inequalities identified so poignantly by Piketty’s (2014) Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century. Sooner or later militarism has to play itself out as pure folly or the nukes will be released in a Dr. Strangelove moment. While most rational people prefer Star Trek as a guiding beacon, IQ45 ain’t no Captain Kirk. A cold war with China is a mere political game for show. The real war we have to fight is at home and involves how to live with one another despite the very effective divide-and-conquer techniques that have been evolving over the course of centuries now. Education is the best bet, but it has been pummeled at near every turn since corporations gained the right to eternal life. Corporations are people? No, they are superhuman and that needs to change.


All our lives, we’ve had ALL media constantly trying to pick new wars with: Russia, Cuba, China… everybody with oil, gas, rare-earth metals (NOT Israeli, Saudi or employed by Shell, BP or Total). Shit, we’re back to labling Vietnam as totalitarian for whupping COVID-19 too well! If two CA water kleptocrats want our kids to fight Iran over pomegranates, pistacios or plutonium… that’s ALL we get to hear about. Our minds are made up. Support OUR patriot warriors!

Funny, nobody EVER asks, “how are we ever going to PAY?”


This article is flawed by a complete lack of analysis of how Biden and the Democrats will respond to Trump’s whipping up of war hysteria against China. The virtual hegemony of Bush’s neocons over the Dems raises the prospect of a bidding war for war between the two parties. The Democrats’ record on Iraq means this discussion is essential.


Hi Unmentionables:
And the plot thickens----more weird news. Chinas rep to Israel arrived in Israel in February and was quarantined for 2 weeks. Last week pompeo was in Israel raging about China. This morning the man from China was found dead. Hmmm, there’s a movie in this spy thriller---- Pompeo tries to get wars going against China ----what could it mean?
Israel wants to wok with both China and Russia, and why not as everyone is getting tired of America’s Trumpish/ Pompeo threatening behavior. SO who killed the Chinese man? Did he die at 57 of natural causes? OR did he die of the virus ----and how did he get it if he passed the quarantine? Or did Israel grow tired of America and dissed the man from China hoping to make it look as if Pompeo did it? Maybe the only way out of this is if every nation closed its borders to every other nation.


From the US International Trade Commission:


U.S.‐based multinational firms have options
when it comes to deciding whether to offshore any of their operations. Increasing global competition and
profit‐maximizing objectives have led many
firms to offshore, and thereby lower operational
costs (e.g., mostly wages), decrease tax burdens,
reap greater economies of scale, secure cheaper
intermediary inputs, and/or gain access to their
consumer bases and growth markets.
China is the single biggest offshoring destination
for U.S.‐based firms. Of the nearly 14 million
workers employed by U.S. multinationals’
affiliates in 2014, more workers (1.7 million, or
12% of the total) were employed in China than
any other country (Figure 1). Moreover, about
half of those workers (753,000 or 45%) were
employed within China’s robust manufacturing

(Italics mine )
Goodness gracious me! Do you remotely imagine that any of those firms are owned by republicans? So, who is helping China build its “military capabilities”?

I know; it’s a bi-partisan thing.


I don’t see it so much as a ‘media’ problem (although, mass-media IS propaganda), as a problem with media allowing anyone a chance to talk out their blowhole.

Warmongers are just incredibly horrible people.


“The idea that China is a threat to Americans’ security is baseless.”

As was Reagan calling Nicaragua a threat to US security. As was Obama calling Venezuela a threat to US security. Same old, same old.


Your point that declining fossil fuels will result in manufacturing returning closer to home makes a lot of sense. However, I feel that this will also accelerate corporate America’s objective of bringing back slavery (as in prison labor), indentured servitude and locking in the $7.25 an hour federal minimum wage for another 25 years on the home front.
Also, shipping could still use nuclear power and even electric propulsion to move ships globally. While air freight would take a huge hit, other sea and ground based transportation could adapt to non-fossil fuel powered alternatives.
This is where our Congress is divided. Some corporations want to ramp up imports from China while other corporations wants to bomb China. If your Home Depot, Best Buy or Walmart, China is great! If you’re Lockheed Martin, Big Oil or Big Pharma, China is an existential threat to your bottom line. While neither side cares about the 99%, both sides of the corporate coin have their minions in D.C. waiting for their marching orders. China doesn’t pose a threat to U.S. nearly as much as corporate America does, but special interest groups must redirect American anger away from the culprits and project it onto ANYONE ELSE but them. Both sides of the corporate fence agree on this basic principle. Meanwhile, our misguided, heavily indoctrinated middle class makes a peaceful revolution next to impossible at the moment. Though wealth will continue to be concentrated into fewer and fewer hands, the blame will always be conveniently laid upon the “Boogieman du jour”. The perilous onslaught of climate change will only force the privileged to double down on maintaining their economic advantage, even if it translates into letting their neighbours starve to death. There are enough of the ‘middle class’ that are willing to risk their lives to protect the riches of the few and therefore any pushback will probably fall flat on its face… at least in the immediate future. As you alluded to in your response, corporate America has successfully undermined our educational system as well as our mainstream cultural norms and prejudices. It all comes down to taming the corporate beast, and IMHO without reining in this monster, humanity is doomed.


As an unreconstructed Media Studies\Mass Comm major at U.C.-Berkeley, where the program was an interdisciplinary more concerned with theories than current industrial conditions of mass media production, Gregory Shupak’s essay here interests me. I’ve also spent most of my post-undergrad years more involved in U.S. mass media reform activism, which I view as essential before any meaningful political change can deepen discussion of our body politic.

Moreover, there are no national mass media Public Interest broadcasters here in the land of Free Expression For Advertisers and Public Relations firms who are not levied any special tax (scholars like Dennis Mazzocco in his seminal book NETWORKS OF POWER estimate about 1% of Ad\PR Industry profits would support such a parallel national network of broadcasters) to maintain an independent Public Interest privileging system free of endowments and other vestiges of the Feudal Ages.

U.S. broadcasters who license what are still the “People’s Airwaves” under law to maximize shareholder profits have even had their content obligations and equal time access requirements shorn away in Market Uber Alles Neo-Liberal Neo-Con Political E-CON doctrines that the candidates of both parties must accept to maintain duopoly support.

For that reason any study of the shades of propaganda (White, Gray, Black) is left to Private Interests and scholars like Christopher Simpson at American U. who have no standing invitation to join our profit-maximizing mass media carnival’s Golden Rolodex of experts. Canada at least has an ADBUSTERS magazine and the CBC which may be boring but is also chartered to privilege the public interest. Albeit corporate endowments and Public\Private Partnership as part of the Neo-Liberal\Neo-CON E-CON Revolution That Was Not Televised have chipped away at the cookie cutter hierarchical structure of the CBC’s often glorious, more often banal experiment in creating a broadcasting system parallel to the Feudal or Market-based lowest\greatest common denominator models.

A vibrant analysis of educator Shupak’s essay here would account for and analyze his omission of China’s entry big time in the developing world, following the Robber Baron Corporate Caliphate\Feudal Model of economic Political Economy.

The last three decades with massive Washington policy collusion both tacit and implicit have been putting so many of the U.S.'s ‘client states’ in Central and South America along with Africa’s ‘developing nations’ on the hook for massive infrastructure projects that have created a new DEBT BURDEN to Beijing’s Emperor for Life Master Xi that will be more impervious to global do-gooder campaigns that have minimally attenuated Imperial Washington’s & Bonn\Frankfurt\London\Zurich\Geneva\Paris\Liechtenstein\Luxembourg\Cyprus Cold Warrior models for 'winning hearts and minds.

Along of course with Beijing or Washington’s or a non-aligned league’s access to natural and human resources’ for such U.S.-invested trans nationals as AT&T, Boeing, Exxon, Chevron, General Dynamics, IBM, GOOGLE cum ALPHABET, MicroSoft, RJ Reynolds, DuPont and before the recent acquisition by Germany’s Nazi-era Bayer Big Life Sciences and Huge Pharma of St. Louis-HQ’d Monsanto, they too could have been included as servants of the Kissinger & Associates New Mandarins who could declare upon any Public Interest privileging national government, no matter how democratically it was formed that "WE WILL MAKE THEIR ECONOMY SCREAM!!!" As the infamous Washington\Santiago diplomatic cabled dictates of the early 1970’s revealed after the democratically elected Allende-led government in Chile had the temerity to resist and was thus set in stone with the backing of off-shore U.S. Naval forces for all the silently compliant global Political Economy and so-called ‘Free’ Investor Markets to genuflect before.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
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ByeDone & His Pestilency are engaged in very public dick-measuring to gauge who’s been soft and who’s been tough on China. M$MBS just does their job in this nut-house, with little rulers.