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Corporate Media Take the Trump Line on Trade

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/28/corporate-media-take-trump-line-trade


In Summation = Our Greedy Corporations packed up their Bags and Machinery and went in search of Slave Labor where they did not have to deal with Unions or provide Health Care Insurance to their workers.

Our Factories Closed, the High Paying Jobs went to China and Thriving Communities became Ghost Towns, now known as the RUST BELT.

This is basically the result of UN-Patriotic Greedy Corporations that care more about keeping most of the Profits for themselves instead of sharing it with Union Workers that originally helped make them great.

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If Beat the Press readers think Samuelson and WaPo are a problem, just imagine life without your home internet (no I don’t read from a phone…do you?).

Mine’s out due to snafus too involved to go into. And I made an amazing discovery—my stack of The Nation mags (2 yrs worth) are just as engaging as the single issues I used to buy in 1995.

Another thing becomes apparent though. Ralph Nader is right to critique NPR’s Fresh Air for its fluff. US non-net media focus on either bland trivia or home-based Kafkaesque conundrums (there’s no real position defended either side of Brexit either). The US is like a farmer try’n to plow a field while playing Fortenight on her/his phone. Slowly, slowly Prolefeed follows the arc-along-to-wingerism [howls of “no we aren’t” from NPR, right?]. To get a little light on matters MSM doesn’t go to Dean Baker enough, or to Yves Smith enough, or to Robert Kuttner, or to Michael Hudson, or Mark Weisbrot, or Jack Rasmus, or James Galbraith. So, when the trouble comes folks will have no clue from whence.

As Russiagate simmers down folks do not have (right now) a clue regarding how in DC it continues to march on (and DT holds one of his edges by NOT going in with…in tweets anyway…hawks on this score…OK for him to basically war on Yemen though, and Venezuela, and economically-on-China…3 nations which people know absolutely nothing about, and thus do not oppose his absurd positions germane).

No, our media can’t see that to understand the new “populist” [ha!] movements the world over you have to go for a wider angle. Economic news is not “good” around the world. NO ONE in mainstream will opine like…

> OK, give the populists/protectionists this much: Subsidize our own solar tech [or hand pollinating gizmos, or organic corn, or organic potatoes, etc, etc]. It’ll make jobs and maybe we can export a little (suvee vs chlorinated chicken). And, while you’re at it, subsidize Medicare for all.

No, because that would subtract [they believe adamantly] from the pork $s going to Raytheon and Lockheed Martin (whose tech seems to require “LIVE” testing, and who BTW get more and more contracts while laying off more and more workers).

And going to ICE and private prisons.

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“Damn it! I’ve told you a thousand times that Jeff Bezos has nothing to do with the editorial decision at the Washington Post,” says Martin Baron. “My staff is 100% committed to not allowing his name being on our paycheck to influence what we write.” Rachael Maddow tweeted her agreement with Baron’s stance and vowed that, “Comcasts ownership of MSNBC had no roll in my near constant promotion of Russiagate.” Even the Daily Beast was offended at the implication that having Chelsea Clinton on the board of their parent company, IAC, would effect their treatment of the news or the Bernie Sanders campaign.

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Not disagreeing with you.
But, almost none of this could have taken place without the direct/indirect complicity of the MSM over decades to portray organized labor as “crooks, corrupt, destroyers of democracy, anarchic etc.”
That tied to the almost total lack of public education of labor history.


A fair days work for a fair days wage.
Safe working conditions
Seniority rights
A Membership to pension fund board.
Quality health care insurance.
Dental, eyeglass and legal insurance was added at many places in 1960’s and 70’s

And we were competitive !! Shipping product to every corner of the globe.

In 2006, one union shop, 600 workers, in central Illinois exported more sales dollars and brought home more net profits than all of Hollywood with its movies, music and games.

Union has a big plus for workers.
Please note that Chicago unions are teachers, hotel janitors, ditch diggers, steel workers and Ford.

Bernie has a plan.

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Good one.

Once in a while I’ll check out what Dean Baker has to say about something in the NYT or in WaPo. But when lightening hit my cable [net only] I returned to serious NPR listening. Yikes!

I can imagine her tweeting it, but is that what she really tweeted???

Corporations exiting the US were also escaping pollution laws. But not with Trump! He’ll help fix that!

Up the page there I wrote this…

To get a little light on matters MSM doesn’t go to Dean Baker enough, or to Yves Smith enough, or to Robert Kuttner, or to Michael Hudson, or Mark Weisbrot, or Jack Rasmus, or James Galbraith.

But I left out Thomas Palley https://thomaspalley.com/

other ramblings possibly germane, last para From Trump Tower to Dictatorial Power

and more, the quote being pretty “bedrock” AFAIC Revealed: Americans Care More About Social Needs Than Deficits

Heard Richard Wolffe today on “Loud & Clear,” and he’s pretty right on too.

Let’s us use smart tech instead of IT USING US [how to pay for the transition? in part maybe type-in
$4 trillion like they did in '09 to bail out investment “banks”?].

Let computers plan trade. Let them plan what to trade. And let them decide who might be capable and willing to apply for jobs with firms doing the exporting, and/or who might be prone (willing) to apply for a decent UBI instead (first back off the nuclear brinksmanship, develop some trust, and then put everything in open source code). If a company like Apple wants to move offshore, let Apple computers themselves calculate the environmental cost of torn down factories, and the human costs in terms of jobs in America GONE.

It might seem like you should let computers, for instance, decide the pace of smart phone production [I mean, where is the sanity in the whole system if some virus grinds the world’s economy to a halt because smartphones don’t roll off the line fast enough??]. What if the pace of Chinese firms’ production is too fast? [even if contracted to Vietnam] What if, for instance, the latter must rely on extraction of lithium according to Eramet/FMC/Posco’s schedules? Or ditto regarding a schedule of production Elon Musk happens to personally favor? [Tesla autos] That of course entailing multinationals must step up their domination of politics, and spit on ever LARGER sections of polities…ie Evo Morales supporters. And also means (as databases could/would easily calculate) too many valuable water sources trashed. “What if” is it means CHAOS for humans and the entire Earth habitat.

If calculations with many variables aren’t performed as suggested above, seems to me the default neoliberal paradigm continues prevailing. And to me that opposite logic is based on a cause-&-effect frame plus given “LAWS” which are more and more non-relevant:

7/29/19 “This QE policy has made financial engineering much more enriching than industrial engineering. But it has painted the U.S. and European economies into a corner. At some points interest rates will inevitably begin to rise back up. Some countries will have to increase rates in order to borrow to stabilize their exchange rates when their balance of trade and payments falls into deficit.” Michael Hudson ttps://braveneweurope.com/counterpunch-michael-hudson-the-coming-savings-writedowns

On lithium mining companies see “After Morales Ousted in Coup, the Lithium Question Looms Large in Bolivia,” Prashad, ttps://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/12/after-morales-ousted-coup-lithium-question-looms-large-bolivia