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Corporate Media Team With Trump to Disparage Public Health Experts

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/12/corporate-media-team-trump-disparage-public-health-experts


Science: Every precaution is a worthy precaution, we’ll sort out which ones are the most effective as we learn more and proceed from there.

Faith: We don’t believe this is a big deal so let’s just do business as usual and watch nephews and nieces make a killing going into the undertaking business burying their aunts and uncles.

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I usually dig these Media Matters round-ups, but this one seems to miss the mark.

No matter what the reason for the protest is, public health experts called for a lockdown, Period.

I’m with Greenwald and Chatterton on this one.
And I support protest in general as an essentially Constitutionally guaranteed right.


Make the media pay. Like Nancy Reagan told us all, "Just Say No."



As Mark Twain (who had previously been a newspaper editor) told the world suring the 19th century: “People who don’t read newspapers are uninformed. People who do are misinformed”.

Although I haven’t lived in the area for more than three decades, I just happened to be visiting Butte County , California in November 2018 while the Camp Fire was burning the Butte County town of Paradise.
I started directing traffic on one of the three exit roads and noticed lots of people wearing masks. In the following days and six months later when I visited again, lots of people were wearing masks working on clean-up. The upcoming Ron Howard movie Paradise Rebuilding (I got a preview) shows hordes of people wearing masks.

Despite Butte County having been a red county from its founding more than 150 years ago, and Trump visiting there after the disaster, no politician or media has ever made a single comment about masks, confirming that the mask issue is just another example of devisive GOP hypocrrisy.

In the desperate collective cry for the murdered not to be forgotten, for Justitia to reappear at last as she momentarily showed her face here and there in the 1950s and 1960s, before the fog of hate and divisiveness nce again closed on the US, we find of all people, Greenwald, unable to comprehend?

The hardest truth in all this is the Wernicke-Korsakoff forgetfulness of those who reside in the US.
The city streets and public grounds of governance,m are all the oppressed still have.
Masks and distancing were clearly adhered to in all the demonstrations recorded. Had Greenwald lived in the time of lynchings and closeting before Stonewall, he might have gained some understanding., s he has been dissociated from the oppression of LGBT which in his life had not been personally, existentially threatened.

His principled actions in release of Snowden’s incontrovertible evidence forgotten?

The obvious railroading of (admittedly socially inept, shall we say) Assange, forgotten?

Even the very real existential threats of Greenwald by Bolsonaro and proxies, subsumed in Glenn’s eagerness to give atuomatic mass-murdering weaponry-brandishing psychopaths and racists, a “both-sides” cognitive cleanse.

Now, the human mind functions pretty situationally - I have gotten pretty nasty in response to attempted institutional violence (I was imprisoned anyway, but being on this side of the Pale, I did less time than highly principled citizens of African descent) - so perhaps we should excuse those of us who have merely dipped toes and expatriated to whatever environment seems to be more amenable to our personal persuasions.

Like Comey’s famed Niemoller, Glenn was perhaps inherently too safe in early life. Niemoller, grew up, originally desiring the unstained lutheran whiteness as identity with Nazis.
Glenn took some time following the Obama prosecution of whistleblowers - more than ANY other president or administration precious, to get to the “then they came for me” part, erroneously believing that his profession was somehow sacrosanct, until Risen and perhaps others who were disabused of that Santa Claus tale.
That, no doubt, is when he lit out for the territories at last, not knowing that the venom, present in all power, of paranoia was flowing around the world and into the hearts of all the vengefully resenting of our species, who chose to abandon morality and consideration for any life outside that whihc they imagined pulsed in their personal bank accounts.

We ALREADY KNEW that vilely malignant Trump would use EVERY tragedy, every vulnerability or frailty in ANYONE, to take belated revenge on the father through imitating his mercilessness.

We hand these things down - culture is in reality that which is modeled, NOT that which is formally instructed. The latter, from Inquisitions to prayer and cozening of the hoi polloi, is constantly demonstrated as fraudulent deception - a hallmark, the true Imprimatur, of our species.

Glenn’s sensory perception appears crippled and diminished. WHile he may misconstrue the human norm as including memory, in relaity, our brains only hold salient associations, often actively avoiding any cognitive dissonance in the desire to crown oneself as socially acute and desirable.

Neither Bolsonaro nor Trump is dead yet, Glenn, which means that after coming for those from whom you inaccurately or speciously divide from yourself, either , or both, feeling the positive feedback that drives hierarchy and atrocity, WILL come for you.

THIS truth is as unrelenting as any parasitic virus, and as implacable. Your weakness is your forgetting , and turning your back , for ANY moment, to the knife.

Make NO mistake. the named are not less lethal if allowed freedom from constraint.