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'Corporate Mercenaries': Trump-Allied Firm Slammed for $1 Billion Suit Against Water Protectors

'Corporate Mercenaries': Trump-Allied Firm Slammed for $1 Billion Suit Against Water Protectors

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In what environmental justice groups are characterizing as legal harassment by "corporate mercenaries," the company that owns the contested Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) has filed a lawsuit against Greenpeace, Earth First!, BankTrack, and individuals who oppposed and protested the pipeline, claiming over $300 million in damages.


Time to separate the scum from the beer…for every atrocity the trump regime commits we will come back 100% to overturn all the POS is doing…get hip to payback R’Con swine!


Am I a bad person for wishing all of these Ethically Challenged Elites would stop breathing?



Pompeii to Privilege ePie August 23, 2017

From Pompeii to privilege
from borders to mana hoarders,
We slither on the words of destiny
the empty hope words
the words that pump our merit
as we sit on golden thrones to dump our excrement,
the caste of class
the mooney ass sages of silver spoon deceit

The wordsmiths of the wiliest wankers deposit our entities
on the idea of self, as we the deluded denizens gaze at our reflections flipping the left and right, so we can goose step on left then right moving ever forward to the future, the non entity future, with broken dogmas leading the charge to the abyss as we tag along pining for lost opportunity as our spaceship home turns from privilege to Pompeii

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Time to file a Counter Suit charging the law firm with filing a fraudulent lawsuit using Libel & Slander as the base for their complaint.


The "…187-page complaint (pdf), claims the groups “employ patterns of criminal activity and campaigns of misinformation to target legitimate companies and industries with fabricated environmental claims and other purported misconduct, inflicting billions of dollars in damage.”

Sounds like Trump-like fake charges to me. I say bring on the lawsuit which can be easily defeated one claim at a time, exposing ETP’s own criminal behavior.

Aw shucks… they’re upset because their opponents are using the same tactics they do…

Environmental activists met behind closed doors in January to coordinate on how best to get government prosecutors to go after ExxonMobil for allegedly misleading the public about global warming, according to documents obtained by The Wall Street Journal.

“A key meeting in the new push unfolded in January behind the closed doors of a Manhattan office building,” the WSJ reported Wednesday. “The session brought together about a dozen people, including Kenny Bruno, a veteran of environmental campaigns, and Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org, two activists who helped lead the successful fight to block the Keystone XL pipeline.”

Environmentalists want “to establish in public’s mind that Exxon is a corrupt institution that has pushed humanity (and all creation) toward climate chaos and grave harm,” according to a meeting agenda obtained by WSJ. The whole point of this closed door meeting was to come up with ways to convince the Justice Department to follow the lead of state attorneys general and investigate Exxon. Activists want the DOJ to go after Exxon using the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO — an anti-mafia law.

“Their hope is to encourage state attorneys general and the U.S. Justice Department to launch investigations and lawsuits that ultimately will change Exxon’s behavior, force it to pay big damages and drive public attention to climate change,” WSJ reported.

When you use a weapon don’t be surprised when your opponent uses it too…

This is what rankles me the most; the overuse and mis-use of the “militant” and “terrorist” labels
when applied, as they increasingly are, to those who try to protest environmental damage, to those who try to create more humane conditions for the animals in “factory farms”, to those who march and
protest for practically any social issue. When threatened with anything that might offend the sacred gods of profit, they falsely label their opponents as “militants” or “terrorists”, words that the public has been conditioned to automatically react negatively to. It’s like McCarthy in the 1950’s
calling someone a “Communist” when they weren’t.


If you are, then there’s a whole helluva lot of us. Allow me to share my latest fantasy with you … I want to tie their wrists and ankles to stakes in the desert, cut a small strip in their torso and pull a section of their intestines out, then drive a stake thru it to bring the wild creatures in to feast!


Mni Wiconi ~ Water is Lifeđź’¦
Resist and follow the lessons of The Red Path!
The only hope for America is patriotic resistance.


No! not at all.

The militant, terrorist groups were the police/ and paid corporate terrorists using rubber bullets, tear gas, water cannons and all their other toys of destruction to harm our first nation people and friends peacefully protesting on their own land. I’m thinking that we the people need to incorporate so we too can take advantage of all those laws our government have made to protect their corporate donors.


That sounds like a great deal of pain and suffering Wolfess.

I’m glad we’re friends. I certainly wouldn’t want to be on your shit list.

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I concur. When I posted I was weighing nationalism vs patriotism. While I love the people of this country, I fear and detest it’s government.:v:️

We need to tie this to the false flag attack in Cuba using those sound cannons used on the water protectors.
Our own government injuring our own consulate workers to be blamed on the Cuban government using a weapon beta tested on protesters at DAPL.
Let the personal injury lawsuits fly.

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This tactic is as old as lawyering.

With all the hype about the first amendment right to free speech lately, it’s easy to overlook the corporate hijacking of the 14th amendment, which has made all this possible. The 14th amendment was passed to protect freed black slaves, but it has been used very effectively by corporations to gain constitutional human rights. Except for the individuals named, this is a case of corporations suing other corporations.

Of the 150 cases involving the Fourteenth Amendment heard by the Supreme Court up to the Plessy v. Ferguson case in 1896 that established the legal standing of “separate but equal,” 15 involved blacks and 135 involved business entities.

The analysis (below) concludes with:

One hundred and fifty years of investing wealth in lawyers and using those lawyers to flood the courts with the corporate perspective on the law has led to corporate culture defining the world through law. The provisions of law corporate lawyers argued for in U.S. courts in the 19th century they now write into international trade agreements. The U.S. economy’s colonization by corporations serves as the model for the colonization of the world by multinational corporations.

This is an issue of class and systemic racism. Those with the money win. We the People lose to corporations every day, and little corporations lose to bigger corporations every day.

Once again our government and its operatives have acted unconstitutionally with respect to US treaties with the sovereign indigenous nations. Their near genocide, which is barely acknowledged and has never been rectified, is a crime the size of (and perhaps larger than) the Holocaust. That alone should require extra sensitivity in dealing with First Nations, along with consideration for a culture that moves in rhythm with Mother Earth.

Had the loss of profits, both earned and unearned, not been the primary reason ETP plowed over the water protectors, rather than negotiating with them, ignoring the white NIMBYism and following the original route, or just plain old not building it and investing that money into wind turbines, solar panels, or battery technology, then perhaps this whole conflict could have been avoided.

Thanks to the Supreme Court, corporations are driven to make profits at the expense of all else and, it appears, to sue. The tactic of corporations suing each other is over a century old, and provides great fundraising opportunities. ETP just did Greenpeace a huge favor. (I hope Greenpeace wins.)

I hope enough Americans come to the aid of the “individuals” named in the suit as they did to the call for support at Standing Rock. They are just people with limited rights and money–not corporations–and are likely to get lost in the shuffle. Those individuals, whomever they are, are poised to be run over by the system for expressing their first amendment right through assembly to petition the government for redress of their grievances.

Should ETP win this case, it will have a very chilling effect on issue advocacy and civil disobedience, one of the most effective tools against the abuse of power.

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I wonder if the original tea party protesters were sued for the tea in the harbor? This practice shows how $ trumps the first amendment right to protest.

I raised the issue of the use of those sound weapon cannons used on the water protectors exactly for this reason.
If ANY of them are showing signs or symptoms like the Cuban consulate workers (headaches, blurry vision, memory loss, confusion, etc
) , I think they have grounds for a countersuit and possible criminal charges against all parties involved in the illegal suppression of a legitimate right to peacefully protest
There is no indication Cuba has developed this kind of weapon. But our military has put it on display and beta tested it on innocent American citizens.

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You’re safe – I could never harm a fellow guillotine[r]!:sunglasses::panda_face:

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Thanks, I feel better now.

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it, and since you are so enthusiastic about it, I’m glad it’s you.

Carry on my wayward sister!