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Corporate PACs Cling to Relevance Amid Rise of Progressives Refusing Big Business Donations

Corporate PACs Cling to Relevance Amid Rise of Progressives Refusing Big Business Donations

Julia Conley, staff writer

The rise of progressive lawmakers who have refused to accept corporate political action committe (PAC) money has not gone unnoticed by big business, and corporate interests are mobilizing to save the outsized influence they've had on Washington, especially since the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision in 2010.

Until the unlikely time that politicians are running on zero outside funding, the campaign fairies will have to do. Or candidates will have to spend their own money whether it’s Beto bucks or fairy dust.

This week we are tired of trashing democrats, it’s time to move on to progressives I guess. Next week it will be those weak greens.

Well they couldn’t have picked better clowns from the Dem party to further their agenda, than the two they have in mind.

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When he finally dies and is dissected for study, science will find a taxi meter where Schumer’s soul used to be.


A little known fact is that one of our better angels has a fatal flaw. Very few know that, in spite of all the great things the libertarian ACLU stands for and does in the name of freedom of speech, it considers money to be speech. It is opposed to spending limits on corporations and the wealthy. It has given in to very modest limits the last few years, mostly in the area of transparency. It is very proud to say spend as much as you want, just let us see it. It was not in favor of Citizens United but otherwise is guilty of fueling our plutocracy by endorsing the idea that “money is speech”. They obviously are not the only ones who believe this but most don’t have the the huge shield to hide behind, the reputation for standing up for the poor and the underdog.

Pathetic PR from PAC rats

We vote for new and uncorrupted representatives knowing representative democracy is itself an attribute of capitalist management of society. A sudden switch of personnel will buy time, even so, the history of the US is never ending war. Partisan representative democracy manages that.

Political campaigns should not be allowed to spend any private money, such should be a disqualifying and felonious crime. Each campaign should be limited to only using equal amounts of public funding.

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Agree 100%