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Corporate Pot Goes Down in Ohio


Corporate Pot Goes Down in Ohio

Harvey Wasserman, Bob Fitrakis

Official vote counts in Ohio indicate a major defeat for the nation’s first corporate-sponsored marijuana legalization referendum.

But it’s complicated.

And the ultimate issue is far from settled, as cannabis supporters are looking to 2016 to finally make pot legal here.


It was a victory of sorts for marijuana legalization advocates in the fact that they temporarily stalled corporate America from taking over pot sales. The referendum should have simply asked people if marijuana should be decriminalized in all aspects immediately. "End prohibition" should be the rallying cry across the country, but instead corporate fundamentalists are once again trying to stick it to the 99% while pretending that they have the publics best interests at heart. Ohio has had a long history of sucking up to corporations. It was nice to see at least a small victory for the citizenry.


Corporate monopolies with restriction of trade issues, led by rich out-of-staters and the bozo band boy Nick Lachay (sp); versus recreational and medical pot smokers and growers in the state of Ohio. Who, oddly, find themselves temporarily misaligned with family value conservatives and other reactionary religious groups. And, in a law and order state with a long history of crookedly run elections. In a year with no national elections, whatsoever. Hmmmm.... what could possibly go wrong? Better luck next time. I'd go with Plan B, though. And, try to get John Mellencamp and Chrissie Hynde to have a kick off concert with some friends, for starters.


"Amidst the usual “glitches” in vote counting, the state election apparatus says Issue 3 was defeated by about 2:1. Ohio’s electronic voting machines usually “break down” somewhere in the state during a major election, and the reporting of this year’s results were subjected to the expected delays. "

For voting on pot legalization and for every other contentious issue, the answer is to get rid of electronic voting machines. These machines have repeatedly proven to be easily corrupted and expensive. Incredibly, after Diebold machines changed Gore votes to Bush, the election apparatus is still using them. That is a seditious slap on everyone's face.

Using encryption for safety as Snowden recommends, encrypted online voting in conjunction with paper and mail-in ballots makes voting safe, easy and will greatly increase voter turnout. Together with automatic voter registration, this is our democratic future.


corruption on election day, thy name is OHIO.


Just Ohio?


"...a seditious slap..." is utterly correct.
How "curious" that this gets no attention; not then, not now.


a year ago we had 5 or 6 different proposals, Issue 3 being the only one with a "monopoly"; what happened to the others that were more egalitarian?! And, Issue 2 wasn't just about pot, it was PRIMARILY about limiting the rights of the citizens of Ohio to introduce legislation that our politicians are too cowardly or inept to introduce themselves. And, shame on the 68% or so of our citizens who didn't vote!!!!!