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Corporate Power Doesn’t Always Win: Remembering the FTAA

Corporate Power Doesn’t Always Win: Remembering the FTAA

Aldo Orellana López, Thomas Mc Donagh

In retrospect, it sounds like a dream come true: a mobilized population, intercontinental organizing, cooperative left-wing governments — all culminating in the downfall of a major corporate-friendly trade agreement that would have covered a large chunk of the global economy.

It wasn’t just a dream. The proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas, or FTAA — meant to span all of North and Latin America — went down in defeat in 2005.

Wise words, and an excellent analysis.

Similar whack-a-mole endless battles occur in the realm of women’s reproductive rights, too. I just watched Democracy Now with Amy Goodman live at the Sundance Film Festival. One of the films she showed snippets of is about the way that abortion may be legal, but its opponents use stealth to pass laws that make it impossible for clinics to stay open.

There’s nothing done by the right, and/or big business that conforms to honesty, transparency, or fair play.

They just battle on since they have the resources (and related lack of conscience) to do so.