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Corporate Power, E-Commerce, and the World Trade Organization


Corporate Power, E-Commerce, and the World Trade Organization

Deborah James

Ahead of upcoming summit, the world's most powerful tech companies are angling to maintain their dominance


The World Trade Organization has been a disaster for the people of the world for decades. They almost always end of screwing the people of the world while the rich are free to rape and pillage the world. Disgusting but since 1990s when I first learned about how corrupt they were nothing has been done to curtail this institution.


With the passing of Ed Herman, I was watching some videos of him. Here is one from 1993 with Noam Chomsky, which I must say is really pretty good. He (Chomsky) just decimates the claim of free-marketers…


Excellent article. I wish that more people would appreciate the trend and implications which Deborah James highlights. This is a very complex phenomenon. There are so many inextricably linked technologies, industries, laws and regulations, etc. This is why not too many people are aware of what is considered as the goal to establish various multi-purpose infrastructure and cross-platform communications and interfaces among government, marketing, social networking, financial industries, law enforcement, health services sector, etc.

In the final analysis, it is about developing the precursor setups for portals through which to implement more effective systems of total information awareness. It is happening in slow-motion, piecemeal fashion among seemingly unrelated entities.One really needs to be extremely well read concerning concerning these developments in order to truly appreciate the prescient nature of the instant article. And,they must be able to have sufficient analytical and critical reasoning capabilities to be able to connect the dots.

Consider how the top companies mentioned in Ms. James’ article can provide advances and steer the direction of the usage of such technologies. And, the real foreboding mention is AI. For,it will be used not only for predictive analysis and implementation, but also to control, manipulate and suppress.

Many of the nascent systems which will be used to implement total information awareness do scale up from local to regional to national to global. And, yes, we can thank various advances in computer, communications, and high-tech manufacturing capabilities, as well as globalization. For these are dual-edge swords,i.e., multi-purpose, but with nefarious applications, as as well as beneficial. Shhh… Think about those nifty voice-activated devices that Google and Amazon provide people to use in their homes. Why, for the sake of security, or simply curiosity, folks can even monitor their homes and watch video-camera footage, in real time, via the internet. (Nice!)

And, what about all those retail outlets offering discounts for those who are a member of their “club?” Think about all of the data that they are collecting about you. It is not too difficult to contact a few of the major entities which purchase that information, along with travel history (not just vacations and business,
Even your cellphone is constantly collecting and storing information: who you call, how long you talk for, the location of photos which you shoot, all information related to text messages, etc. Even your automobile is constantly collecting information about your routes, locations, accidents, etc.

There are a few major players who are purchasing this data from the diverse multitude of companies which initially collect it. And, those shadowy entities have the capability to aggregate such data and then slice and dice, and analyse such data. The end result is to be able to present relevant and useful information about an individual person or a particular group, depending upon the needs of the end-user, be it a governmental, military, law enforcement, business or educational entity.