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Corporate Powers Holding All the Cards But One... The People


Corporate Powers Holding All the Cards But One... The People

Jon Queally, staff writer

Senator Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday told a packed crowd of progressive labor activists and community organizers from around the country that she agrees with their new demand which calls for "putting families first and good jobs for all," because while "big bank, powerful corporations, and billionaires" are "doing just fine" it remains average working people across the country who "are getting squeezed hard by an economy" that no longer works for them.


We must vote with our dollars. Buy local. Frequent the local restaurant where you and the owner will know each others for years. Find a mechanic who doesn’t have his labor siphoned off to corporate headquarters. When you do use corporations, and we all have to at times, insist on customer service as a premium driver. The corporations ONLY understand money. That is where we need to play.


Kind of a side topic, but what is this new preoccupation with LED signs, not just in this demonstration but in many others as well?
There is something comforting about a nice hand-lettered sign that shows that the people marching cared enough to make their own sign.
Somehow, these signs, like the mass-produced issue signs, detract from the movement and make it look like someone else is behind the scenes.

PS I love the way the two nurses are looking at their own sign in the picture wondering 'Why is that LED not lighting?"


I think it would be wise to focus all of this energy and attention on defeating Fast Tracking of the TPP Trade agreement-
If those agreements fly for Obama and the Multinationals the above wish list will be but A long lost memory-
God I hate election season, all of the broken promises and lost hopes- The People’s grievances get plenty of cheap talk but after all of the usual suspects gain office everything goes back to same situation/different year-
I do have great hope for this movement and strongly believe that it is high time for this all to be realized, but…


Better visibility in low light conditions? Personally, I like the HUGE laser projections on targeted buildings…


Elizabeth Warren says the effects of the TPP are built-in to last through the next two Presidential terms. We can do both. Fight the TPP and fight to get some representation for the people. Peaceful marches protesting the murder of young unarmed black men is a good example. Also shopping local and avoiding the same corporations that have destroyed workers and jobs in the US.


I agree, in their view of reality you use your $$ to vote and if we all keep doing things with our money that in essence votes for the Corp. way then we all get what we deserve.


Time to team up with Bernie Sanders, Ms. Warren. The two of you can pack a palpable punch to the 1%. How about it?


also - when something garners the public demonstration by members of a community - follow it up with engagement in local governance for reform.


ALL of the problems we face are opportunities to change the conversation, unite in diversity and creativity to grow sustainability.


“Our problem is that we are right…IT IS NOT ENOUGH JUST TO BE RIGHT”


Sorry i can’t help it. Keith Ellison is quoted:

“… the wealth created in this country is created by our people. And some people at the tip, tip, tip top horde it and we have got to completely revolutionize that system.”

Those at the top who horde, had better watch out for the angry hoards gathering with pitchforks and torches…


You were slyly poking fun at the misspellings/-usage, I hope (“who hoard”, “angry hordes”). But [pedant] the One Trew Way is to misspell something else (pitchfarks, torrches) while correcting spelling [/pedunt]


So true and when workers demand better wages they scare the wits out of wall-marts, banks, fast foods and their other partners in crime, they know that is a battle they cannot win. By losing the wage battle they will be opened up for all sorts of other necessary reforms including their breakdown to smaller more manageable entities.


They light up at night but you are right they are polluting.


I am delighted to see that we as a people are getting increasingly focused on the real issues and knowing our real enemies. It wasn’t the 19 passengers with plastic knives and forks that flew the Boeing into the twin towers, no need to look elsewhere the culprits are alive and thriving. The banksters planned the 2008 economic melt down that wasn’t an accident or a mistake… Our real enemies are the very small but very wealthy and powerful people right here at home and the folks are finally getting it.


Let’s make sure that a good job is a green job - That is, it pays at least a living wage, promotes health for both producer and consumer, that it protects and regenerates the environment, and that it supports the community.


TO: stubones49—
Yes, and LASER PROJECTIONS put the message out there despite officials who do what they can to deter dissent.


When she endorses Bernie, I’ll start listening again.


Let’s make it a Sanders-Warren campaign.
This might be our last chance to grab the country back from the greedy hands of the banksters, corporations and wealthy elite like the Koch brothers.