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Corporate Press Fails to Trump Bigotry


Corporate Press Fails to Trump Bigotry

Chip Berlet

The outlandish rhetoric of Republican presidential wildcard Donald Trump has left many journalists at a loss for words—words such as bigotry, xenophobia, racism, sexism and demagoguery.

Some media outlets raised these issues. Yet many reporters (or perhaps their editors) still seem reluctant to move past the aphasic and simplistic sports-reporting model, in which ideological content analysis is renounced.


Trump, master of the first personal pronoun, understands the totality of this country about as well as he does Einstein's theory of general relativity. However, he understands the audience all too well. There are real issues at hand in the country and CNN gave us its ratings-rousing sideshow. How disgraceful. Political theater at its worst for the citizen.


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Trump should be held accountable on a moral basis by the media.
When I read that I realised that this is another article which to some extent looks at the world through rose-tinted glasses. In a perfect world maybe - but meanwhile at the other side of the universe on planet Earth...


This campaign is especially helping me identify progressive v. regressive media. Now, how do I keep from only staying in one bubble?


Just as important the media fails us on all issues, women i.e. Planned Parenthood and Hyde amendment forbidding federal funds going to abortions, Bush's war i.e. Aug 6th memo prior to war warning us and Bush,Cheney,Rumsfield so Bush did not keep us safe lied Jeb, Trump calling a liar? if media does any investigational journalism they would know, and on and on and on. This media of the 1% wants the status quo not the truth.

They are to big to fail and they already have failed the people and they should not exist. Break up these conglomerate monopolies.


Meanwhile In Europe Charlie Hebdo won an award from a German City for its commitment to free speech and freedom.

One cartoon recently published shortly after the drowning of the Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi showed the image of Jesus walking on water as a baby boy at his feet was drowning. The tagline read words to the effect of "Christians walk on water while Muslims drown". In another cartoon this Champion of free speech showed the image of a drowned boy in the sand with a line drawn just past his head and the tagline reading "He almost made it to the finish line".

Those that promote bigotry and racism will always hide behind the words "free speech and liberty"


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Bigots might have the monopoly on the bully pulpit - notice when progressives pipe up the trolls usually mob up and shut them down. While progressives don't like taking to the same tactics to get things across, there needs to be a stronger counter movement to hate speech than what passes for polite discourse and resistance.
I like to think the tolerance progressives uphold and espouse is a virtue. Sadly, when situation becomes so dire that resistance appears to be futile, there must be some other tactic one can take without having to stoop to the level of these fascists who appear to be gaining ground. Too much tolerance and "freedom of speech" can be too much of a good thing - allowing bad ideas to take hold in the populace. I am not advocating totalitarian crackdown on certain ideas - slippery slope - just saying that progressives tolerating this $#!+ really aren't doing much in the service to the freedom of those being persecuted when they allow this to continue unhindered.


Lunatics on the loose! If one did not know this was a debate he would be inclined to think this was a show about people who had escaped from an insane asylum!


Is the oligarchy angry because they can't control one of their own?


"Christians walk on water while Muslims drown".

...drowned boy in the sand with a line drawn just past his head and the tagline reading "He almost made it to the finish line".

Both those remarks were intended to be deeply sarcastic and ironical - not racist - in the way the old "Mad" Magazine was in my teen years in the 1970s.

Are you fluent in French - both linguistically and culturally? A Louisiana-Acadian, now Canadian, brother in law of mine, who mostly only watches the Quebec channels on TV, has explained that the Charlie Hebdo humor style is largely misunderstood by Anglophones - so that much of the accusations or racism toward the magazine are really not valid.

As someone who knows virtually no French, I have generally withheld my criticism of C. Hebdo Mag.


Sorry, but the clearly ironical "100 lashes if you fall down dead with laughter" (that the right translation?) spoken by a clearly cartoonsh character on the left, is NOTHING like the quite serious monkey-like human depictions and the caption "The Jews are our ruin!", on the right.


In the place of honestly taking in the right wing tendency towards aggression on the part of America's white males, you conveniently invert the evidence of this article's scholarship to support YOUR particular prejudice. Zionists are not the essence of the problem of American racism, xenophobia, or the klan. Those roots go way back and it's those roots that are being stirred by people like Trump.


This article hardly looks at the world through rose-colored glasses. It accurately portrays the progression of hate speech into acts of violence aimed at particular demographics--or ethnic groups.

I was quite pleased to see--almost verbatim--an insight that I have published in this forum's comment threads on multiple occasions. Here it is:

"Trump feeds the resentment felt by many people who are white, male, straight or Christian who feel displaced by “Others” taking over “their” nation. These people see themselves as the real producers of value in the United States, and consider the disparaged “Others” to be parasites."

Angry, conservative, white males (typically Christian, by the way) are the ones who gravitate to imbeciles like Trump and the rest of the right wing circus squad.