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Corporate Press Stoops to Absurdity to Balance Trump’s Border Wall Lies


Corporate Press Stoops to Absurdity to Balance Trump’s Border Wall Lies

Reed Richardson

Last month, FAIR (12/7/19) examined the absurd false equivalence that some factchecking sites, including the Washington Post’s Fact-Checker, sometimes engage in by comparing imprecise or accidental misstatements by left-wing politicians with the unprecedented and willful lies and conspiracy theories emanating from the current occupant of the Oval Office.


“I am proud to shut down the government for border security.”

Proverbs 16 for the full 1 - 33
and the best known:
16: 18 Pride goes before destruction,
and a haughty spirit before a fall.


If that comes to pass, I just might start going to church again.


Who will be pocketing the 5.2 billion if the wall is built?


The official story, by necessity, has become so improbable that no one but the low hanging fruit believe it anymore. IMO there isn’t a grain of sand’s difference between someone who thinks the Orange @$$h*!e is making America great again and one that believes Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Clintonites give a single fk about working people. The Vichy democrats demonstrated in the last presidential election that actually winning came in a distant second to maintaining the status quo. They’ve doubled down on it since the mid-terms and it’s not a good look.
AOC is getting rock star media coverage and she’s smart enough to make the best of it. She’s saying what lots of people see or perhaps suspect, out loud. That the war isn’t left vs. right, it’s the 1# vs. the rest of us.


He will- and even if he is impeached he will “make a deal” with investors.


President Shutdown
Humpty Trumpty or Dumbty Trumpty which?
…sat on the wall…


Surprise! Surprise! NOT! During GWB years with all the marches in local communities and some in DC or NY, I tried to start a March to Washington DC and NYC against the war, wall street and the media. I contacted and wrote and posted and ask progressive radio host to promote and the media (lamestreet media nbc, cbs, abc, and cable) was a big target

It has gotten worse since. The so called journalists (entertainment people) need to be held to account although they are just trying to keep their jobs and follow their corporate rulers (robber barons).


Same people that pocketed their inaugural fund. And where is the defense dept. putting the millions being saved by withdrawing troops? And they have only spent a portion of the first round of wall financing. Where is the remainder of that dough?