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Corporate Tax Dodgers Exposed, Debunking Trump Myth That Rates Are Too High

Corporate Tax Dodgers Exposed, Debunking Trump Myth That Rates Are Too High

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Undercutting President Donald Trump's assertion that U.S.


Huge thank you to ITEP for naming names and exposing the real rates that are being (or not being) paid. A copy of the report needs to land on the desk of every Congresscritter, along with a petition demanding tax fairness for Ordinary People, signed by millions of us.


Exposure does not equate to righting the ship, as it were, to make the tax dodgers pony up. Makes for headlines but the reality is nothing substantive has been or will be done to right the egregious wrongs especially with the current emperor and the GOP-controlled everything calling the shots. Heaven forbid that the AG or Secy of Commerce step up to the plate and call for investigations leading to changes. Nah.


We need to return to the progressive estate tax rates of FDR. Like sheltering profits off shore, they’ve learned to shelter it off generational. 90% top tax rate. Make those heirs pull themselves up by the boot straps. Rugged individualism, indeed.


We need to scrap the tax code and require corporations to pay income taxes based on pre-tax net income.


For those persons not hiding behind a corporate veil, Sanders and Schatz are, of course, right on the er money.

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How 's this for a balance, For every regulation that is removed two tax loopholes are removed. All tax records for publicly held corporate personhoods will be published and on public record after one fiscal year. Late fees are to be levied on delinquent tax payments based on the rate of inflation plus 2% for management fees. Companies in arrears for five years out of eight are subject to foreclosure and government control until such time as the companies can manage themselves at a profit. Since corporate personhoods are not considered to be adults the owners of the foreclosed companies are to be held responsible for their degree of ownership.


You mean like actual real persons do? Where do you come up with such bizarre thoughts?

Nancy Pelosi said on CSpan that “we all want to lower corporate tax rates.” What? We all want to? No we all don’t.

Pair Pelosi’s comment with another one where when confronted with knowledge that millennials are more open to socialism, she said that “we are a capitalist nation” so don’t bother to question that.

Dump all the corporatists.


I suspect somewhere our corporate masters are laughing at this even harder than at the idea of medicare for all. We exist to nourish them. Corporate citizens votes count more. Thats just the reality of it all.

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Thanks for reminding us, once again, that Duane and Debbie Downer are America’s perennial homecoming king and queen. Do you, for your next prognostication, want to tell us that a majority of white people voted for Trump and Sen. Sanders should just quit while he’s behind?
Are you a weather forecaster, as well?

Who will hear about it about us? The Choir. Hopefully, they will start their campaign for 2018 now and beat this drum with stadiums filled with people. So Fox New and Trump can’t distract. We’ve all known these facts for years but obviously the Trump and republican voters have not.

So, we subject these entities and their CEOs to the same intensity of stringent financial scrutiny and penalties that apply to the rest of us.

How can we get you into Congress?

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As a neoliberal Ms.Pelosi is a fiscal right winger with a heavy debt to the corporate sector She and the Clintonian faction are why so many see no difference between the parties. Except for civil rights issues there is no longer much difference in their thinking. This is what gives Sanders, Warren and the populist party wing of the party so much cachet and but for the strength in leadership of the neoliberals Sanders would be our president today…

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I know, it’s a stretch but it does seem reasonable.
Sorry, Congress is out, Thin ice over toxic waste pits have no appeal to me any longer.