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Corporate Team of Rivals: Harris Now in Top Tier with Biden to Prevent a Progressive Nominee

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/08/corporate-team-rivals-harris-now-top-tier-biden-prevent-progressive-nominee


Strongly agree that Harris should be considered the same incremental change status quo candidate as Biden. The fact that she has a better stage presence and is not prone to foot in mouth gaffe disease like Biden, makes her a better spokesperson for the establishment. Big money is making her the backup candidate for a failed Biden run. That, and she’s far more acceptable to the DNC and party neoliberals than Sanders. (All the more reason to vote for Sanders, of course.)

Yeah, like Solomon, I’m pulling for Sanders and will vote for him in the primary, but, at this point, I think his chances of becoming the Democratic nominees are only marginally better than me getting the nomination. One thing for sure, if it’s Biden or Harris, I’ll be voting third party, as always. Sure death with Trump or a slower sure death with another establishment Democrat is not a choice.


Clearly, the powers that be are not all that upset with Trump’s maneuvers and do not seek their reversal, which is what Bernie has told the People he would do. And he would and TPTB know it. Yes the fix is in and perhaps the most we can expect is #NotTrump rather than #Progress to which we aspire. The knob twisters really have this country by the cajones. Owning the significant messaging systems as they do, they will continue to define “left” and “right” according to the bracketing of what They find as acceptable. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


It is very disappointing talking to ‘Liberal’ friends who are not interested in hearing anything bad about Uncle Joe. They like Harris more because of her sex and age. Their main objective of course is to get rid of Trump. Even if that means supporting one of these two who will offer nothing in the way of health reform, ending wars, debt reduction…
The Dem establishment has done a great job of keeping their base in the dark.


The left-wingers may wake up after a good thrashing at the polls some day. Then a lot more people will put voting at the bottom of their list of obligations. Many will no longer show up. I don’t see much in the line of cajones among democrats.


Cajones? No. Capitulation? Yes.


Worth a read on this topic of maintaining the status quo:


If everyone does a write in when they run yet again a corporate shill the message will be clear.


Neither of these people belongs remotely near the Oval Office.


I agree, but hope it doesn’t come to voting third party or leaving the top of the ballot blank. Voted Green last time and would every time if it was not just symbolic until, or if, the party can grow large enough to be competitive. I am one of those dreamers who would have loved for Bernie to run with Jill on a green ticket after he was cheated of the Democratic nomination. Think that might have been a winner, but I see his reasoning that they would have been crippled by Congress and there was not yet enough popular support to force change.

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Sad that even Norm Solomon has fallen for Warren’s hackneyed old line, even as she perfectly emulates the classic waffling, sun/moon-promising politician, with a history of betrayals in her wake.

Here, Warren describes herself to a “T”…

“Some Democrats in Washington believe the only changes we can get are tweaks and nudges. If they dream, they dream small. Some say if we all just calm down, the Republicans will come to their senses.”

“When a candidate tells you about all the things that aren’t possible, about how political calculations come first . . . they’re telling you something very important—they are telling you that they will not fight for you.”


The Democratic Party will NEVER reform. It’s function is to make sure any kind of functional left-leaning movement dies in its cradle. It’s job is to facilitate & normalize the right-wing plutocratic war-party agenda. All else is theater & deception. Looking for anything good in the Democratic Party is like trying find Bible verses advocating humane treatment for Pagans.


That’s what I’m seeing in this field of “centrists” (Biden, Gillibrand, Klobuchar, Harris, and “Mayor Pete”). And as Shaun King says, Sanders is the “real deal” with the same ideals and politics since he was Mayor of Burlington. I was for Sanders in '16 and will vote in the Primary again next year for him.


The left-wingers? Good thrashing? You sound like a George Wallace, born-again, Southern Demo/Dixiecrat.
What; come on, no " pointy-headed bureaucrats " in your comment? Your slip is showing, btw.
You can do better than that, even if it is Monday.


Biden and Harris both strike me as Politicians first and foremost. They will say whatever they believe they should say to help get them elected , changing that message dependent on the audience they speak to. From my perspective both are motivated more out of a desire to “win” for the self rather then ensure it the people that win. Bidens record and words speak to his true nature and it my opinion Ms Harris , much like Ms Clinton before her just wants to be “The First Female President” more than anything else.

Sanders on the either hand is motivated less out of self interest and more out of what he feels will help the working class first and foremost. His message remains the same no matter the audience he speaks to.


I wonder if Kamala Harris was ever anybody’s “fall back” chick?
Well, if she wasn’t, she is now.


Still, never say die. I will keep pushing for Bernie, and hope others will do as well. There’s no predicting what may happen by the election. So let’s not give up.


I’m going to fight for Bernie. Period.
I’ll send money, door knock, phone bank, whatever it takes.
I’m talking to my nearest and dearest as to the why of a Bernie presidency.
I’m pretty tired of the Eeyore complaints of ‘oh, he can’t win’…and
I am already sick and tired of the 24/7 ‘horse race’ patter.

Fight for what you really want folks.


When you’re part of the same team with the same goals and getting paid by the same people…
is it still capitulation, or something else?


still the same old idiotic party. rank and file still not figuring out that you have two fundamentally incompatible wings of the party trying to “get along”. The corporate–or, the KCmanynumbers wing–and the actual centrist liberal wing of New Dealers. They shouldn’t agree on anything, because the reality is that they want very different things. Our corporatist posters are perfectly happy with the status quo–it’s been good to them. They want more velvet with the glove, maybe a bit more fairness in this issue or that issue, but otherwise, they got all day to wait for incremental crumbs.

The rest of us don’t have that luxury. Many of us are fighting for our lives, so the casual approach of some of the Dems in this community is a death sentence for us, something these clowns refuse to even acknowledge.

It is, in the end, two parties masquerading as one.