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Corporate Team of Rivals: Harris Now in Top Tier with Biden to Prevent a Progressive Nominee

…and another point, Pelosi has a net worth of $120 million. Most of that came about while she was in office while she was making about $193,400 per year.


Willie Brown?


“Bernie and 'Beth” (in either order) certainly trumps (no pun intended) “Harris and Biden” (in either order).  As for my writing-in the former vs your voting Green in protest should neither Bernie nor 'Beth win the nomination in 2020 – as the utterly corrupt DNC is committed to ensure – who’s to say whose protest is more – or less – irrelevant?

Like you say, a quick death under Tweetle-Dumb may be more merciful than a long, slow death under Harridan Harris or Wimpy Wind-Sock Biden.

My real fear is that even if Bernie & 'Beth do win the Damnocratic nomination, and then win the subse­quent general election by anything less than an overwhelming 20% or more, that Tweetle-Dumb & his minions will declare it all ‘Fake News’ and they’ll refuse to vacate the Executive Branch on 01/21/21.

Then the fun begins . . .

It will be ignored.

Progressives, and any Democrat loath to made a fool of, should be grateful for the required reporting of campaign donations. In these reports, the real sentiment of the presidential candidates are revealed. A neo-liberal fails to raise money from ordinary folks because their messages fall flat, whereas Wall Street big money will pay only those whose hearts are in the dark places where they dwell. So who are the big recipients of billionaire largess? Why Buttigrieg, Biden, Harris, and don’t forget Pelosi and Perez.


‘Pulling for Sanders’ means not deflating your side before the evidence is in. Also, a third party vote in 2020 is a vote for neo-liberalism. Perchance you are a neo-liberal shill?

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i think he said, “fall back”, not “jump on”…:wink:

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'journalists who ride with the US military for 500, Alex?"


You’re in over your head, friend. Meanwhile, enjoy that LOTE strategy, it’s obviously working well, right?

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Kim Iversen hits the nail on the head:

If you bring up the factionalization of the Democratic party, you are accused of being a Russian troll.
It is worse that talking to a Trump fan.

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Very true, but we do have to admit that the fake opposition Party does a great con job of fooling so many people that they will reform. In 2020 does anyone really think Bernie has any chance at the Democratic nomination for POTUS? Even if Bernie wins all the primaries? Just like in 2016, in 2020 the Democratic Parties Super Delegates are saying: ANYBODY BUT BERNIE!

pretty much the word “Russian!” guarantees an auto-tune-out on my end these days. If that’s all that person has for neurons, they have bigger problems than my bot-hood.

I’ve sadly become accustomed to even intelligent, educated persons behaving like organic Rachel Maddow pull toys. It’s mostly just depressing.