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Corporate Tech Giants Invited, But Consumer Advocacy Groups Shut Out of Senate Hearing on Data Privacy

Corporate Tech Giants Invited, But Consumer Advocacy Groups Shut Out of Senate Hearing on Data Privacy

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While representatives for Apple, AT&T, Amazon, Charter Communications, Google, and Twitter are all slated to testify at a Sept. 26 Senate hearing about safeguarding consumer data privacy, the nation's leading consumer advocacy groups weren't invited—and they're not happy about it.

Heckuva Exceptional country.

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From the article:

“…the Senate ‘is first and foremost a public institution, accountable to the people.’”

That’s what it says on paper. There may even have been a time when it was true.

This isn’t one of those times.


The letter will be completely ignored and possibly laughed at.
We need a new country slogan, United States of Fascism or United Fascist States of America, something along those lines…I’m open to suggestions.

Shows how little power these so called Groups really have. What do they do all day, make up new cardboard signs using crayons with idle threats? We have no Resistance or any real leader.

The congress of the United States does not appear to represent the people of the United States, if it ever has. Now - it is time for the charlatans who pass themselves off as representatives of the people but are actually front people for the private sector - to pack up and leave. We are tired of paying for these frauds and are ready to send some new people who truly represent the best interests of the people of the United States and the world.

Hi ReconFire: how about:

Feudal Corporate Lords of America

United Elites of Serfmerica

MINDbook of America


Corporate Raiders of Serflandia

United States of Testosterone : )

Kingdom of EverReady Military Rental

Exceptional States of Futility.

Hey stardustIBID,
I really like you’re last one, “Exceptional States of Futility”, that just rolls of you’re tongue.

A small silver lining is that there are a lot of different people, including the original creator of the internet, that are working on more protected alternatives to today’s internet.
It is in everyone’s best interest to keep an eye out for such projects, as they will inevitably require massive public support to become viable.

This article is further proof that the coup by the plutocracy referenced in the other article today at CD was completed years ago. The bad guys won a long time ago.

Hi ReconFire yes that was fun! : )