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Corporation and Nation


Corporation and Nation

Robert Reich

So it shouldn’t be surprising that even though U.S. economy is doing well by most measures, the benefits are not trickling down to most Americans.

"For years they’ve been cutting the jobs and wages of American workers in order to generate larger profits and higher share prices."


One must be felony stupid, felony evil, or felony combo platter to be a Republican in this day an age.


“…U.S. economy is doing well by most measures…”

What measure is that, Reich? The yardstick of the wealthy “haves”? I look around and don’t see that in the “real world”. I see struggling to pay bills while getting decent food on the table of a house that might not have a payment made next month because the baby needs a doctor that the parents can’t afford but must see to.


OR a corporate-owned damnocrat.


In his 2007 book, Supercapitalism, Reich advocated for completely eliminating the tax on corporate profits.

I’d argue that corporations are now supranational entities and that the only way to rein in their power is through supranational labor organization and consumer boycotts.



Tax cuts to restore the ‘competitive edge’ for U.S. corporations? Where have you heard that before from Republican politicians? The answer is: you have not. Today’s Republicans (with a sprinkling of exceptions) are no longer bothering to explain their support for a corporate tax cut. They cannot. Their billionaire masters told them to do so, and they did.

We have long since slipped off a rational discourse of why and whereof. Late night scribbles in the margins of a 500 page tax bill preclude rational discourse, or haven’t you looked? Pity the old school economists still trying to debate the issues on their merits. We have turned the page, my fellow citizens. Our new order of business is to bundle up our meager resources, and follow that one leader who is doing battle at the emotional level. It is them or us, 1 vs 99. It is Bernie or perish, take your pick.


Agreed. In a society with such an extreme spread between the haves and have nots and the income so concentrated at the top, measures of economic prosperity mean very little. The average between extreme heat and extreme cold is comfortable.


As long as politicians must rely on corporations to fund their campaigns, nothing will ever change, as we have clearly seen since Citizens United.
Why isn’t Prof. Reich lobbying for that?


With this statement, Robert Reich sums it up nicely! Large investors, demanding high short-term returns, are the driving force behind nearly everything that the Republicans are doing, as opposed to what they say. Now that they have the power, they will do what they’ve always wanted to do. They will do it with Trump or without him, but he has been useful so far in his ability to distract the media and the public from the gutting of the social contract, which is just beginning. No one below the 80th Percentile matters at all to them, except as consumers, debtors, cannon fodder and prison labor.