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'Corporations Are Literally Going Wild,' Says Trump as He Signs Tax Bill Most Americans Hate


'Corporations Are Literally Going Wild,' Says Trump as He Signs Tax Bill Most Americans Hate

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President's remark came just moments after he touted the GOP plan as "a bill for the middle class"


Of course corporations are the ones going wild over this!..It was crafted just for them.


YO! You awake out there yet??? THIS is what Fascist Oligarchies look like!!!
Revolution would be a natural reaction but all I hear are crickets and the wringing of hands. So…I guess we sheep will continue bleating and being herded along as usual, eh?!


Corporations: Created out of thin air. Operated by humans who bleed when cut, just like the humans not shielded by the corporate veil (legal term of art). Not an immutable law of nature. Yet running roughshod over everything in its path, because other humans will not stop it.


Woohoo, let’s increase the amount spent for the imperial war machine to continue murder around the globe, and cut domestic social programs which will likely increase the death probability in the US.

“Pro-life”? For whom?


Might we suggest a razing party? The Corp’s are killing us…any other qualified suggestions? We need a defense or a huge offense…We need to make them eat their own cake.


Afraid so ff. As long as the sheeple have their soap operas and new gadgets nothing will change. Only when there is no food the worms will turn. But it will be far too late then.


Admirable study of Monty Python by the Trump administration - b[e]low: a quick review of the deja vu sense of the system


“Corporations are literally going feral,” almost says Mr. Trump,


Fascism knows no morals. Fascism knows no mercy. If not stopped now, when…




Christmas Eve-cubed Massacre 2017.

What a great time in the news cycle to bury such a pile of shit.


Pro life for the unborn; but pro death once they are born!


It truly is a Merry Christmas for the rich. Safe in their gated communities, protected by their militarized police and with the knowledge that they are above the law, they don’t have to see the bodies of the poor and disenfranchised, the broken detritus in prisons or homeless, the elderly having to choose between their medication or food as the celebrate in the banality of their evil. One day there will be a reckoning. A terrible reckoning.


The people are still ignorant or in a denial so great nothing can break their delusions. The long and short of it is this country is doomed. I see no rational reason for hope at all. None.


The dominant global economic system is broken. It is producing a world where a wealthy few control 90 per cent of global resources.
Of growing insecurity and grotesque levels of inequality within and between nations, where more than $100-billion a year are estimated to be lost to developing countries from corporate tax avoidance.
Where $1-trillion a year are sucked out of the Global South through illicit financial flows. This is a global scandal.
The most powerful international corporations must not be allowed to continue to dictate how and for whom our world is run.

We need Genuine corporate accountability that must apply to all of the activities of corporate subsidiaries and suppliers. Impunity for corporations that violate human rights or wreck our environment, as in the mineral-driven conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, must be brought to an end.
Jeremy Corbyn



The GOP love sheep, as do the Dems.


There is much more to this than meets the eye because of trade agreements which lock in all “deregulatory” changes in innumerable areas. All these changes will be occurring in a context of huge job losses caused by “progressive liberalization” and liberalized cross border data flows.

But, people will be happy to know that we will not discriminate against foreign financial institutions and services firms.

As we did not prosecute large US banks for mortgage fraud, Foriegn banks now will get to do the SAME to us scot free. Equal rights!

Americans foreclosed out of their homes by large scale mortgage fraud you can do your complaining to the wrought iron gates in Geneva.

This is an insane situation but the corporate masters of the Internet are not ones who like any truth being spoke about their pet agreements. So this news will likely go unseen. Gats and Tisa are bad bad things.They are the real real news. Too real for US media, even progressive media.

You can read it in the GATS and in the leaks though. A bizarre parody of the civil rights struggle, except for corporations.

We are meat on their tables being carved up. The coming years will be hard. Both parties were in on this. Bernie lied. he told us everything was up to us. Just vote more and vote often. But, he didn’t want to win. He didnt tell us about GATS. It was rigged, and he was part of it… Pray.


Yeah, but Trump forgot to innumerate what is his interpretation of middle class. Trump being a billionaire, has no conception of the middle class. REMINDS ME OF THE QUOTE BY LEONA HELMSLEY: “ONLY THE LITTLE PEOPLE PAY TAXES”.


“[H]is accountants are angry with him for backing it?”

How is this possible? He told us he’d essentially divested and he wouldn’t lie to us, now would he?