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Corporations Complain Their Taxes So High, But New Study Busts That Myth


Corporations Complain Their Taxes So High, But New Study Busts That Myth

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Corporate profits are up. Wages remain low. And, as always, the richest are angling for ever-lower tax cuts.


“New Study” that will be suppressed as best the .01% can.


gotta grow, gotta grow, gotta grow, gotta grow
to what and where?
they won’t say they don’t know

exponentials built right in
cancer spreads
not a question of when

they call it a system
but its pure appetite
put it out there
and watch greed bite

trigger happy bingers
blind to all thats good
can’t gorge on the healthy
can’t see neighbourhood

taking always taking
never ever giving back
some call them cannibals
some call them hacks

embarrassingly simple
are the ways of life
adorned with elegance
of life without price

only one way to do it
in abundance for all
in health and happiness
is for all to make the call


Return to Eisenhower-era Pro$perity??   —   Return to Eisenhower-era Tax Rate$!!


Eisenhower prosperity wasn’t due to tax rates. It was due to the rest of the world’s industrial capacity still being rebuilt after WWII


The relative prosperity of middle- and working-class people was directly related to the Fat Cats & the major korporations being charged – and paying – their fair share for the maintenance of The Commons.  Today the rich are getting pretty much a free ride while the majority is desperately fighting to protect The Commons from korporate greed and supporting those made jobless by automation and rigged “trade” agreements at the same time.   IIRC, General Electric – one of the wealthiest Multi-NaZional Korporations on the planet – paid ZERO U.S. taxes last year . . .


Trump doing all he can to create more homeless for local government to deal with.


As long as the conservative poor continue to vote in the same representatives that are robbing them expect more of the same. The problem is not with the Congress it is with the voters.


And the fact it took a while to change the tax laws that were put in place during the war. Eisenhower prosperity had everything to do with what you stated and nothing to do with American productivity and work ethic. There is also a connection to the fact that US oil was not depleted until 1971.


I might add that GE actually dipped into tax revenues for a refund.
You are quite right Uncle.
And yet Corporate America uses our military machine to exact regime change or just plain gunboat diplomacy to extract profit from the 2nd and 3rd world, for free!
If regular taxpayers could stop paying for our military, Corporate America would collapse. IMHO


It’s all related to the cost of energy and the energy cost that the economy is based on. The “rich” have the power over congress and if maintaining their lifestyles in the face of an ever declining economy means they need to take more, then so be it.


Those were based on WWII necessity. Not going to happen today until the proletariat starts to stand up.


Eisenhower was the kind of Republican I respected and followed his wisdom. He made some mistakes, but overall, I would welcome another one like him.
Fat chance.


Radical reform requires radically changing the SCOTUS and the powers/prerogatives of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. The reforming of veto nullification of 1%er privileged legislation, ending the corporate courts strangling decisions on the little guys, etc., major campaign finance reforms and ending the racist crud of gerrymandered states would be some of the cures.

The necessary living wage would be over $17 an hour/40 hrs a week in Portland, now. If you read J. Hightower’s column you’ll understand some of what’s happening with the housing crisis, currently. Corporate House-Flipping by mystery men in Manhattan: the newest show on the Home Channel.
Should someone be allowed to own 200 rental homes in an area with 250K people? Own a vertical corporate ladder of property mgmt. systems based on a 10% annual rent increase model? And, get special tax preferences from the state? There’s very little progress being made for the middle class/working class in Progressive Portland, right now. We’ve become N. San Francisco without the ocean view, in many ways.


The house flipping couple on tv was run out of Portland iirc. They were trying to hold seminars on how to flip houses in a then sellers market and drew a lot of local flack. There is still a major housing crisis in Portland.


What constitutes a “fair share”?


Some of the " flippers " brought their business models from Seattle, Boston and Chicago. I’ve done some business with them, their remodels are often right out of Home Depot. Not much to say about their taste in materials, designs. etc. Pretty cookie-cutter stuff ( and I worked on homes on the National Historic Register, homes in La Jolla, etc ). You wonder if they have velvet paintings of the dog hanging in their living rooms?
Just another bunch of New Portland types.


b s
You can find the results every time tax rates are raised on the wealthy.
You seem to be happy to pay a higher rate than they do. Tell us why.


By “run out of” wasn’t meant to indicate they operated out of, but literally driven from Portland as a result of public outrage.
Most Portlanders were able to draw a parallel of housing prices and house flippers.
Their seminars crashed.


Yes, but there’s more where those came from. My point was their price point highly exceeded the product delivered. And. they brought their own crews in with them, etc. No wonder the Carpenter’s Union went for Trump, bigly endorsing him. " The battle is over but the wars go on ".