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Corporations in Politics Are Like a Tractor-Trailer Drifting Into Your Lane


Corporations in Politics Are Like a Tractor-Trailer Drifting Into Your Lane

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy

When I attended an FEC hearing on possible new rules to prevent foreign-owned U.S. subsidiaries from donating to U.S. campaigns, I was struck at how each side was talking past the other.


Corporations are people. That was the most insidious ruling that any US court ever issued.
Corporations are not people.
Money is (free) speech. That was the second most damaging and undemocratic ruling made by any US court. Ever.
With those two court decisions the American people were placed into the condition of serfdom.


Failing to break up the too-big-to-fail banks in 2008 has already resulted in them increasing market share from 25% to 50% with no end to that growth in sight. Meanwhile, Main Street banks continue to be the cars being run over by these tractor-trailers drifting into their lane as they rapidly lose market share to the banking monopolists that would be the envy of the robber barons of the gilded age.


The author's simile in the title resulted in an 'ah ha' moment. Imagining a tractor trailer (d)rifting on my lane in the highway of life - it finally struck me (pun intended) that corporations had to be made 'people' in the abstract because there is law of physics that states the obvious: two physical bodies cannot occupy the same space.
Virtual reality MUST be made entertainment because its application in real life drags the basest of human failings into a suffocating blanket over the entire living paradigm.


I like your simile. Hopefully it will gain more traction than mine, which is: Corporations in politics are tantamount to asteroids.


Am so tempted to add an "s" to asteroids.


Corporations have economies of scale. When we fight corporations, we may be fighting the wrong battle.

Isn't the source of our corporate problems the undemocratic way their profits are distributed? That their concentration of wealth and power leads to oligarchy dictatorship?


Americans were warned from the start to keep restraints on the rich (corporate powers). When those restraints were weakened, the nation suffered. To prevent another Great Depression, FDR implemented a range of policies and programs, and this agenda took the country to its height of wealth and productivity (far from perfect, still a work in progress, but much better). Then came Reagan, ushering in deregulation mania. America looked at the agenda implemented from FDR to Reagan, and spent the next 20 years reversing the policies, ending the programs, and the inevitable happened. But this time, there is no FDR to get the economy/country back on track.


So, it's not corporations, it's what corporations do?


Coporations make money. Politicians decide who gets it.

Direct Democracy


"Corporations make money. Politicians decide who gets it."
Corporations make money, and they decide who gets it.
And, isn't it more that corporations decide who gets the money?


Once corporations find out whose skids need greasing to get laws changed to let them run free, set about it diligently and intentionally.....Judges are worst of greedy assholes the ones who side with these corporations without so much as a whisper of care....You can tell the crooked justices in states who are appointed by republicans...They always rule in favor of money over reason and common sense....Money has no morals or principles and those who take the money but work for us have no morals or principles or integrity.....They are just greedy little fkrs looking out for their masters.. It wasn't hard for the corporations to take over our Government without firing a shot....Most or even all of our politicians work for these assholes and when they leave their elected office they go immediately to work for these same assholes as consulting or lobbying big money jobs big money for speech events...Who would want to listen them assholes speak. But doing the corporate business in office sets you up nicely for your future and your family.....You get you sons and daughters to run for office or go directly to work for these same corporations.....It is a merry go-round of corruption and graft and now days they throw it in our face...No one hides their greed...And when they get caught like the recent GOP governor who had an expensive corporate lawyer get him out of going to jail...It is like nothing happened..Let citizens break some law and they are prosecuted to full extent of the law....But politicians always get to walk away or not even investigated.....Look at Trump he skirts the law and nothing happens why? Money.....Laws are created to keep us in place.....They dont always apply to corporations.or politicians because they are the ones who write the laws.