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Corporations Running the World Used To Be Science Fiction - Now It's a Reality


Corporations Running the World Used To Be Science Fiction - Now It's a Reality.

Aisha Dodwell

Imagine a world in which all of the main functions of society are run for-profit by private companies. Schools are run by multinationals. Private security firms have replaced police forces. And most big infrastructure lies in the hands of a tiny plutocratic elite. Justice, such as it is, is meted out by shady corporate tribunals only accessible to the rich, who can easily escape the reach of limited national judicial systems.


To paraphrase The Beatles "All You Need is Ca$h"


One wonders where Aisha Dodwell has been for the past 40 years. Check this out from the movie Network made in 1976:


What ultimately runs the world is money. The more money concentrates, the more power centralizes.

Direct economic democracy.


NAFTA and the TPP are instruments for Corporations to use to eliminate the power of Governments. You know what will happen if Corporations (who really are run and owned by a very few), achieve Global Domination. Imagine a World run by the .001 richest people. Rupert Murdock leaps to mind. Very soon a Dictator would arise, someone like Trump, with gold furnishing and marble palaces and a Global Military of Mercenaries, like Black Water, to protect what little food and water is left. Because Climate Change is already here and there will be millions and millions of refugees, with diminishing resources. It is pretty obvious that the elite do not plan on trying to mitigate the increase in temperature and decrease in food and drinkable water. They think, erroneously, that they can ride it out with their fortresses and control of resources. Meanwhile they try to distract the attention of the rest of us from the obvious, just a little bit longer, just a little bit longer. By the time they figure out that they made the wrong decision by going it alone, it will be too late for the Earth that we know. We will be lucky, this time , if 10,000 humans and a few animals survive. Last time only one pair of Cheetahs survived.
Perhaps we understood too little of what the Mayans were predicting when they said that the end of the World would be in 2012. Perhaps 2012 was the Tipping Point and we missed it.


All these organization across the world need to unite. First in each community and each region, state, nation. The corporate oligarchs are united in their stance to take over the world as almost all the politicians.

We the people are to scattered with thousand of groups doing the same thing and making baby steps that are torn down within a few years.

I am so disgusted with my fellow man and so called friends denouncing black lives matters and one agreeing with hatred saying amen. They pretend to be Christians


How can we make corporations work for all life instead of its death?

Direct democracy.


This is a very clear and present danger to all people globally.Not only do they operate above the law, they will be able to control who get what(resources) They are behind the redistribution of wealth from the many to the few. We are dealing with a money machine. That has no morals and who is not a part of society. that takes and takes and doesn't have to give back. No respect for equality and a lack of environmental impact awareness . It is has gone unchecked. We have a manufactured economy for the rich.