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Corporations Win Again as 'Toxic Mega Merger' Wins Approval From Trump DOJ


Corporations Win Again as 'Toxic Mega Merger' Wins Approval From Trump DOJ

Jon Queally, staff writer

Green groups and opponents of the powerful corporate interests that dominate the global food system expressed dismay on Tuesday after the U.S. Department of Justice announced tentative approval of a merger between the U.S.-based agro-chemical company Monsanto and the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer.

Dubbed the "merger from hell" by critics, Trump's DOJ reportedly mediated and approved a deal in which the two companies agreed to shed portions of their businesses as a way to alleviate monopoly concerns.


Did anybody here believe that this wouldn’t be rubber-stamped?

“Money doesn’t talk
It swears…”
–Bob Dylan, “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”


There WILL be a reckoning for all trump & co’s crimes and crony co-conspiracy that harms citizens and the environment, and poisons other business and public interests! This and other criminal collusion cases will make their way thru the courts…yeah, I know, they are corrupt and complicit as well… but somewhere there are people of conscience and moral compass that will step-up to challenge the corruption, greed, and madness!

If that POS and his sociopath cabinet, Of, By and For big-money profits think they can just skate on all the filth they do, they are (hopefully) very much mistaken!

That day, when they all must finally “Pay the Piper”, will be a great day to celebrate…a day they think they can avoid…let’s hope and work hard to make sure they are dead wrong!


They don’t call Monsatan t"the most evil corporation on earth" for nuthin!

“Of all the mega-corps running amok, Monsanto has consistently outperformed its rivals, earning the crown as “most evil corporation on Earth!” Not content to simply rest upon its throne of destruction, it remains focused on newer, more scientifically innovative ways to harm the planet and its people.”



Not that this is the biggest issue, but I thought I would just throw in the idea that this is the exact opposite of what “free market” economists call a “free market”. Their models often assume something like “perfect competition”, where producers have no impact at all on market prices, and if they charge anything above what is or would be the “free market” rate, they lose all of their customers to their competitors. This economic system doesn’t, of course, exist in reality, and it anything like it died around the end of the 19th, if it even existed then. The free market, according to classical economists like David Ricardo, was free of economic and land rent. That is why Ricardo was against protectionism. He said that agricultural protectionism benefited landed interests, and since wages were indexed to the price of food, raised wages, which squeezed profits. Industrial protectionism in other countries did the same to British profits. In other words, you didn’t make money because of how big you were, how much you could bribe politicians or because of making money in your sleep through land rent. Modern free market economists claim that large companies like this monster would cut back supply and raise the prices for their products far above the costs of production. And, as you probably know, economists on the left strongly critique monopolies, oligopolies and capitalism in general. So, there is no real economic argument at all for this, it’s just corruption and robbery. There is something called “Lauderdale’s Paradox”, which says that private wealth comes at the expense of public wealth. You can have a situation where a private interest gains control of something, jacks up the price and people have nowhere to go. So, private riches grow, but at the expense of the public at large. Well, here we are. This country is toast, unless there are radical changes, and quickly, cause we don’t have tons more time. We could just create public enterprises that use tax payer money to do research (we already pay about half the R & D costs of drug manufactures), create life-saving medicines and then sell them at cost. We also should re-write the highly protectionist intellectual property rights regime that is the norm at the WTO or within investor rights agreements like NAFTA. But short of radical changes, there is no coming back. Those in power simply have no answers to our biggest problems, and they now don’t even feel the need to pretend that they are providing solutions to our problems. It’s looting time, and there isn’t much pushing back, certainly not the fucking Democrats.


The government is using the rights the Supreme Court gave corporations to cancel the rights given to human beings by our constitution. They are turning the constitution into a “god damn piece of paper.”


There it is, yet again.
We are, in effect, helpless before the corporation per se. It is an entirely artificial construct, not an immutable law and yet that is how we receive it. In law, there is a term of art known as “the corporate veil.”
In effect, this veil shields from direct responsibility certain people who own/manage the corporation .
Then there is the “Limited Liability Corporation” (LLC) and the “Limited Liability Partnership” (LLP).
Right there, we know that U.S. states literally allow a corporation or partnership the availability of literal limited liability.


JR-excellent post, as usual. What is your view of the role of the corporation itself in our country?


we have no AG…trump has got to get rid of sessions the only thing hes good at is immigration


Corporate governance? What corporate governance?

The slow slide into dystopian hell corn-tinues.

We’re clucked.



Thanks. Yeah, I have long been a proponent of and took part in research on worker owned cooperatives. I also like public enterprises, which have a long history of doing well relative to private oligopolies. I think that there are far better, more democratic, equitable, place based, as well as environmentally and socially conscious institutions than traditional corporations. I agree with Chomsky that they are internally authoritarian institutions that are not accountable to the public. I realize that I am painting with a broad brush, but I also realize that the same tendency would not be there with cooperatives and public enterprises.


Suggested edit…“crony co-conspiracy” change to “corny corn-cornspiracy”. Thank you.

Cluck. Pecking around in the dirt for any humor to lighten my mood.


As you like it, Psy-Chick…please take good care and try to maintain some joy within the filth of today’s superficial idiots and political scum! Keep some faith…we all need to…listen to good healing music.


Cue ‘Biotech is Godzilla’ by Sepultura.


Great post. Thank you!


People will eat anything that sickens them quicker without any regard for the truth of the danger which includes the majority of what is for sale at the supermarket.


" to alleviate monopoly concerns", corporations will appear to alleviate monopoly concerns. Government will appear to alleviate monopoly concerns. Monopoly concerns will remain unaffected, dominant, just as before the last set of policies that appeared to alleviate monopoly concerns.
Meanwhile, the market continues to be dominated by undemocratic forces which demand and force conformity necessitated by buying their products to survive.
The toxic merger of the day deeply buries the toxic politics that is normalized day after day, decade after decade.


" There WILL be a reckoning" Maybe not. There may not be any humans around to deliver that so called reckoning. If there is a reckoning it may be delivered by the planet , not by humans. But that type of reckoning takes everyone, guilty and innocent.


I love your comments. I only wish there was a way to give them wider dissemination, razor sharp with no fluff.


The Dems would have approved this also.