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Corporatist Judge Barrett–Two More Senate Abstentions Needed to Stop Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/17/corporatist-judge-barrett-two-more-senate-abstentions-needed-stop-trump


The headline is disconnected from the article.


The Democrats will do nothing to stop the confirmation of Barrett because they agree wholeheartedly with her Corporate mindset.
And they get two direct benefits:
(1) It is not our fault - it’s Trump’s doing. Our hands are tied by the evil Republicans. We get labeled as the good guys without having to do anything.
(2) Donate more money to us so that we can pretend to try to stop Barrett.


You’re the best Ralph Nader. Has been for decades and still is.

It is hard to find the different in R and D. Finestein is dipshit senator who is way past her time. Dump Fienstein!!

Talk about packing the courts repugs been doing it for decades and dems are idle.
But Vote Blue all the way down the ballot and hopefully we get a whole bunch more progressives. Yes I know it is lesser of two evils but that is what this country has become. I voted and campaigned in 2000 for Ralph Nader and hoping to get Green Party over the top so they would be included in the debates. Green Party dropped the ball since? or we the people did?

Thank you Ralph for your 60 years of service for “we the people”.


The Senate needs 50 Senators to make a quorum. The Republicans have 53, so it is unlikely the Democrats can stop it.

washingtonmonthly D O T com/2020/09/22/chuck-schumers-last-desperate-options-to-stop-a-supreme-court-vote/

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I second your words 100%, jujudahi. Democratic efforts to undo minority rule are pathetic and therefore complicit.


. . . and is one of the reasons that Webwalk’s post, below, is spot on:

With Feinstein poised to assist her 'Poop-Licken cronies in foisting korporate stooge Barrett on Amerika, at least three more Senators are needed to join those already opposed to her confirmation.

Drop the first sentence, and I will go along.  IMHO, Ralphie has become almost as senile as Feinstein and P’Loser, his maunderings filled with platitudinous “shoulds” & “oughts” and void of any concrete suggestions.  (See TPaine, below.)

I have great respect for how Ralph Nader has spent his life and I have voted for him to be president.


the situation is worse than he implies in this article.

I was taken aback by the assessment that there may be a 6 to 3 corporate court.

The democrats and the republicans would not have nominated anyone who was really left of center.

The supreme court members all come from the established order and they are all more conservative

of that order than they are able to substantively challenge the bipartisanly worshiped, so-called “free”

market corruption which elevated each of them.


Let’s remember that the stock market is OK with Biden. It had a “Not Bernie” bounce when his primary calculus was clearly a nonstarter. Progress, true Progress, that is, scares the hell out of Big Money and always will. In the Spirit of the season, I say “Boo!”


Nader is right on this, the Democrats were so disappointing, again, with the exception of the outstanding Whitehouse, who it’s good to see Nader recognize. The SC is trump’s legacy.


“The Democratic Party should have avoided all these losing nomination battles over Trump’s, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and now Amy Barrett. How?”

By the Democratic misleadership NOT deciding in 1985 that to win more elections they should be more like Republicans.


Trump’s legacy will be a bankrupt America.

Yeah, the writers of articles have no control over the editors slapping on click-bait headlines. Sign of the times I guess.


If Congress did their job, the Supreme Court would not have the power they claim to have. Before resorting to court-packing, Congress should immediately pass a Supreme Court Reform Act…

  1. End or restrict Judicial Review. Judicial review is not in the constitution but a power the SC decided they had.
  2. Make a 6-3 majority the necessary minimum to strike down a law, 7-2 would be better.
  3. Make at least 6 justices necessary for the court to accept a case or, better yet, create a review commission to select cases based purely to settle constitutional questions.
  4. The House needs to give themselves the ability to override the SC much like overriding a Presidential veto. Nine, non-elected, appointed-for-life, black-robed, eastern elitists should not have the power to dictate policy.

After passing the above reforms, they then pass legislation making the right to an abortion or join a union as federal law. If the SC strikes it down, then adding seats to the SC could be justified. If you try adding justices before reforms, it just looks like sour grapes.

If Congress had done their job then, the Hyde Amendment would not exist, the right to an abortion would be legislated federal law, everyone would be covered by civil rights laws (adding LGBT to the Civil Rights Act could have/should have been done long ago), card-check would end the anti-union, right-to-work laws, etc. Legislative cowardice and corruption are what gave the SC so much power. The People’s House needs to take back the power they too easily handed to the Judicial and Executive Branch.


Yeah but it’s been a bipartisan project for 40-plus years to hollow out the US economy. Trump is the perfect expression of the heartlessness that has always been necessary for the project.


Should, could, would.

You are correct that the congress has been a major player in driving toward disintegration.

You are wrong that they are also capable of doing otherwise.

The congress, the presidents, the supreme court are all under the control of the religion of

predatory capitalist manipulators - both inside and out.

“America” is a global agenda of domination by private money and it has no geographic limits.

Washington is just its main cathedral and access is restricted by the democrats and republicans

to those who can prove their devotion to impunity and predatory misrepresentation.

In a sense, those who do not participate in the sham democrat and republican elections are just as

likely to be our best chance at finding integrity - an integration of the futility which is what the

democrats and republicans reinforce.

What you seem to want will not be allowed to happen by them.

The clearest example is the gross failure of both Sanders campaigns. They were crushed by the

democrats in 2016 and 2020.

Seeking greater participation by republicans is the democrat’s priority.


Thank you, Ralph: for my surviving a head-on with a SUV in a rental Toyota; which crumpled to the firewall (we were both going 45mph) I came away with a slightly bruised knee and an embarrassing phone call to my boss. I was able to kick my way out and help the truck driver, after coming-to. Bags, shoulder harness, telescoping column, head rest, crumple zones, disc brakes saved my legs. No intrusion into the passenger compartment, no fire, nobody else plowed into us, in heavy traffic going quickly. I’d gladly vote for you again!

Just IMAGINE how ALL safety standards will deteriorate, with a Falangist Judiciary?


Well-said, Ralph!
You really should have been president.